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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Oh daddy dear you know you're still number one


Oh daddy dear you know you're still number one

It's the ole haitian immigrant's bday

So yeah
i love the ole bag

like me, he's a straight shooter
He laughed his head off when i announced my plan to go on American Idol
(now i was joking but his black ass aint know that. ida got my feelings hurt if i was serious)

I don't know how good an idea it is to tell your kids that they were mistakes, but my dad always let me know that he took his role of father seriously but it wasnt a situation he went into willingly.

He asked my moms to get an abortion
She refused
He left
I came
He came back
and the rest as they say
is history

Theirs was never a love story
and pops was sure to let me know that
not out of any sense of cruelty
just to let me know that raising my black ass was something that had to grow on him

I was a few weeks old when he came back
(he wasnt there for my birth)

he aint want no damn babies
but he also aint want to have any of his damn babies running around not knowing their father either
he resigned himself to his fate

The home life was uh
riddled with colorful language

Those two bastards definitely did not need to be together
My dad left and came back atleast 10 times that i can remember

Despite all the drama, i always knew that he loved me
even though he refuses to jump in front of a moving car for me
refuses to take a bullet for me
refuses to pay for my future wedding
and refuses to pop and lock when i ask him to

but since he cried when i got in that car accident, ima give him a pass

one of my dads fave shows?

aww man
the memories

The pops..
sometimes i just dont get him

We (the lil bros, pops, and i) went to go see Bad Boyz II when it came out in theatres
figured his black ass would have to stay awake thru an action packed film right?
i kept having to elbow him awake

I finally gave up and just enjoyed the blasted film
then towards the end, he bursts out laughing hysterically
fuckin scared the bejesus outta me
apparently he found the scene where Martin ask the daughter's date if he's a virgin hilarious
all the shit u done missed snoring all up and through the movie but u gon blow out a lung over that?

His nickname for me is Danounou
I hate for anyone else to call me that
but from pops its all good

Ive always called him by his first name
infact he said that was my first word actually
ima bit skeptical on that one

i get my height from the pops
he's 6'5"

His pops wasnt the kindest of folk
real strict and unmoving

He made sure he was the opposite with his kids

He's only whooped me twice that i can remember
One was for calling him stupid
that was the angriest he's ever been with me

i get my sarcasm and wit from him
(the movie star good looks

i'd say: "i hate u"
he'd say: "yeah. until u want money" (he knows me so well)

i'd say: "i wish you were dead"
he'd say: "yeah. until you want money"

i'd say: "you're ugly"
he'd say: " yeah well. i got it from u"

i'd say: "im going to run away"
he'd say: "what's stopping you"

fastforward to today

i say: "i love you"
he says: "u need money?"

he says: "i love you"
i say: " no thank you. u can keep it"

he says: "(some crap that gets on my nerves)"
i say: "that's why you're not married"

he says: "Diana. can you iron this?"
i say: "That's why i need to marry you off"

i say: "pops can u hold this?"
he says: "ima progressive feminist. carry it yourself"

Can't you just feel the love?

he's not just the sperm donor

he's my dad

our relationship may not be family friendly sitcom worthy
but it's real
it's special

it's love

and he can beat up your dad any day of the week
im serious
dont make him get gangsta