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Thursday, January 29, 2009

wait. what?

this is laticia nigel's wife, do not give him any delivery work
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Date: 2009-01-28, 5:54PM EST

he uses the money for crack, he may also steal from you, his numbers: 609 742 3878, 347-416-0172 and 718 753 9256 we've moved to Trenton NJ recently

craigslist is amusing

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy Nappiversary to me

So i thought i had posted this crap but apparently i cant even do that right

around this time 3 years ago i decided i was gon be a nappy head
January was the month i mentally transitioned
I had been goin thru some hair blogs for a coupla weeks
From January to May i decided to let nature take its course
got fed up with the straight ends
got conditioner
cut the crap out
aint looked back since
the second after i cut the shit off i thought; "what the fuck did u just do?"
got over that quick enough
other folk however...
suffice it to say they werent very supportive

moms definitely wasnt feelin it
when i asked the ole haitian immigrant wat he thought, he told me to ask my brothers
theyre pretty much over it now
the force of the flyness was too much for them

the naps do get on my nerves sometimes but its all worth it when i'm havin a great hair day
for the most part i let it do what it wants to

u know im already sayin fuck you to all the folk who have the nerve to ask when ima do my hair
it's already done bitch!!!

that will be all
for now

guess not

i present to u
me in all my pre-bed prep glory
dont hate
still killin it with the side eye and the crazy twists

yall do know im not above leavin the house like that right?
u better ask somebody

if u look really closely u can see somea my underarm hair
just for yall
no need for thnx

Monday, January 19, 2009

tell me something good

Just been busy with life
lazy with bloggin

I went to a church revival this weekend that Vanessa invited me to
Saturday and Sunday
the services were really good
music was good
the message was one i really needed to hear
i coulda sworn the sermon was written especially for me
i was blessed

Tell me something good

Thursday, January 1, 2009

See u Later Ole Haitian Immigrant

Happy New Year!!!!!!!
from my folks to u n urs

The pops left for Haiti this morning

insert sad face
ima have to deal with the two bastards that are my brothers for 2 damn months sans the intervening force that is the ole haitian immigrant
I already told him if he comes back and i aint here, dont believe any bullshit that comes out their mouth
he knows to check for my body