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Saturday, September 19, 2009


K: i actually saw that before it was a sight to see
dejanae411 : were u scurrrrred?
dejanae411 : lol
K: naw it was a picture but this girl was wearing those stripper shoes and she had to bend completely over to get in the door it was crazy

dejanae411 : haha
dejanae411 : i think i saw that one
K: lol then you can only date basketball players but on the upside you could actually get the condo for your birthday
dejanae411 : fuck u
dejanae411 : with a 5 foot pole
dejanae411 : lol
K: lmao
K: hahahah
K M: yeah yeah
dejanae411 : i'll just sleep my way to the top like every other successful woman
K: lmao
K: who did oprah sleep with?
dejanae411 jean: the devil

K: lol
dejanae411 : she had to
dejanae411 : shes got too damn much
it's not natural
K: thats funny
dejanae411 : it's the truth
dejanae411 : i got it on video
K: the oprah satan porn?
dejanae411 : u know u wanna see it
K: i don't want to burn my eyeballs out i'm good
dejanae411 jean: u lie!!!

K: lol
K: i'm gonna let you finish but i just wanted to say that beyonce had the best...

dejanae411 : lollll
dejanae411 : the jackasses
K: i've been saying i'm gonna let you finish all week its still funny
dejanae411 : uh
dejanae411 : u might wanna let it go
dejanae411 : lol
K: lol i'm real happy for you
K: hahaha
K: ok i'm done i'm done
dejanae411 : die
K: i'm dying to walk up to somebody on the street having a conversation and do that
K: jokes
K: sigh ok i'm good i'm good
dejanae411 : u sure?
dejanae411 : u need a minute?
K: yeah i'm done

dejanae411 : smh
dejanae411 : im lookin for employment cuz like i mentioned earlier...
dejanae411 : i might be out of a job soon

dejanae411 : i need a drink
M: of?
dejanae411 : anything
dejanae411 : lol
dejanae411 : when ur sad u aint picky
M: i feel like some hot chocolate
dejanae411 : yuck
dejanae411 : never liked that crap
M: gasp
M: werd?
dejanae411 : to big bird
M: snap
M: but its hot and chocolate how can you go wrong

dejanae411 : becuz it sends a signal to my brain that tells my stomach to get it the hell out as fast as possible

dejanae411 : lol
M: lol you don't like chocolate?
dejanae411 : i like regular all american chocolate not that liberal hot chocolate namby pamby shit
M: lmao
M: my chocolate has real american values
dejanae411 : suuuure
dejanae411 : ur hot chocolate probably endorses the killing of millions of unborn marshmellow babies every year

M: yeah i have no snappy reply for that one lol
dejanae411 : of course u dont
dejanae411 : im special
dejanae411 : lol

K M: yo whats up with the blog updates you got me reading again and then poof it stops
dejanae411 : i's lazy
dejanae411 : sigh
dejanae411 : n boring
dejanae411 : lol
K M: lol
K M: smh
K M: i like the party blog that was funny
K M: and i like all the fashion stuff
K M: shrugs
dejanae411 : that night was hilarious
dejanae411 : wish i had video
K M: i know it was funny just looking at the pics
dejanae411 jean: hey if anything interesting happens tonight, ill post it
dejanae411 jean: tho i did get propositioned by a pimp 2 days ago
K M: whaaaa?
K M: its the shoes girl
K M: lol
dejanae411 : shut the hell up
dejanae411 : i was working
dejanae411 : lol
K M: lol so what happened
dejanae411 jean: no that that type of work
K M: see this is blog worthy
dejanae411 : i was too lazy to type shit
dejanae411 : i was speaking to registered democrats just reminding them it was the primaries
K M: and you say your boring this is exactly what i come to the blog for
dejanae411 : n lazy
dejanae411 : remember that
dejanae411 : LAZY

dejanae411 : L
dejanae411 : A
dejanae411 : Z
dejanae411 : Y
dejanae411 : lol
K M: lol
dejanae411 : so he's like he's the pimp on the block
dejanae411 : im like " really? u might wanna look into another line of work
dejanae411 : he laughs
dejanae411 : tells me im pretty
dejanae411 : extra long side eye
dejanae411 : i tell him wat im doin n hand him a flyer about the primaries
dejanae411 : he tells me he could get the whole block to go out n vote
dejanae411 : im like: that nice its important to get their voices heard yada yada yada
dejanae411 : then he basically says he'll do it if i become one of his hoes
dejanae411 : sigh
dejanae411 : i couldnt take it
K M: jokes
dejanae411 jean: so ofcourse i laughed in his face
K M: thats rude as hell
dejanae411 : why'd he have the nerve to look offended
dejanae411 : lmao
dejanae411 : i cant with stupid people
dejanae411 :
K M: lol
K M: well at least you know that a pimp thinks you look good
K M: shrugs
K M: silver lining?
dejanae411 : uh no
dejanae411 : they take anything
dejanae411 : thats not a compliment
dejanae411 : i saw somea his hoes

dejanae411 : lol
K M: lmao
K M: ok thats even funnier write this out girl
dejanae411 : i might
dejanae411 : folk think i be making this shit up
K M: that story has jokes for days in it
dejanae411 : i swear
dejanae411 : the idiots find me
K M: and he sounds like a fool
dejanae411 : u dont know that half
K M: lol
K M: damn
dejanae411 : n he wasnt the only pimp i met that day

K M: this happens every day?
dejanae411 : lol
dejanae411 : no
dejanae411 : just that day
dejanae411 : i came across 2
dejanae411 : this older one
K M: oh i was about to say where the heck are they sending you
dejanae411 : i was looking for a specific guy
dejanae411 : asked folk on the step if he lived there
dejanae411 : they pointed to this guy in some car
dejanae411 : told me b careful. he's a pimp
dejanae411 : i laughed. they didnt
dejanae411 jean: lol
K M: lol
K M: damn
K M: they worried you going to ask for a job wth
dejanae411 : lol
dejanae411 : the pimp didnt wanna vote anyway

K M: i don't find that shocking at all
dejanae411 : neither did i
dejanae411 : but i tried

Thursday, September 3, 2009

hello. Anybody there?

wat yall been up to?

lemme see
went to a bootleg house party where i proceeded to attract all manner of crackhead
so that 'u r wat u attract' crap... straight bullshit
Told the bastard i was fuckin gay but of course what he heard was "Oh yes. I'd love to fuck you in every position imaginable"
I can't

me: I'm here with my girfriend to have a good time. Leave us alone
him:*in whiny ass bitch voice* don't be like that. You discriminating againt me. Why u discriminating against me?
me: I don't want your ass. Get the fuck away
Him: I know u aint really gay. ur bisexual. i can share
Him: Aren't u a lil too big for her.
(the fuck this nigga just said?!?!?)
wouldnt u rather have the real thing?
I don't care what she does, what she use
i mean a dildo...come on. The real thing is much better . She can't satisfy you
(At this point i'm beyond fuckin pissed but this nigga is still smilin in my face with his dumb self)
I push him the hell away and threaten him with bodily harm
Dude smiles and walks off
I'm thinking: ok it took a while but now he's got the picture the thirsty ass crackhead lookin piece of shit

fastforward to me n the girl walkin out the party

here comes lil fella tryna start up again
follows us from the backyard thru the house and to the trainstation
Marisol-" my girlfriend" aint havin no more of this bullshit and she bout to fight his ass
all 4'8" of her.lmao
her: You don't fuckin understand english dumbass.
leave my girfriend alone.
Him: It don't make no sense. you can't satisfy her
*dude looks at me* It's not natural gal. You can't handle that
MArisol: You dumb fuck. I can satisfy her just fine.
Me and Fiona and Zorina are just dyin
i dont recall what happened next exactly but Zorina called him a lil bitch and that was his cue to flash us
the horror yall
the horror
We had a good laugh that night
the memories

This post wouldve been accompanied by pictures of dude but for the fact that my camera was actin an ass
i might putem up later tho
cuz zorina's friend took pictures of the gremlin