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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

trail mixin it

Tell me why my 20 year old cousin did not know that Egypt was in the continent of Africa. I stared at him like: Motherfucker no u did not!!!!!!!!
wonder how many other folk don't know that

Did anyone else watch the Untouchables?

What you know bout Duncan McLeod?

(That's Highlander for you uninformed)
one of the loves of my life


this shit is no holds barred
so ima use the death grip to start
one hand grippin life's balls
the other seizing his heart

Near-death-looking old men in red pimp suits complete with cane have no business tryna talk to me. Apparently they haven't figured this out yet. What the hell ima do with your old dried up ass?

speakin of old dried up ass

Not that it was in my plans or anything but after seeing what these crackheads be doin for a hit....WTF???!!!!

that shit has grown men sneaking into back alleys to give blowjobs for an ounce of powder. That'd scare me straight (no pun intended)FUCK that shit.

still single
i'm fine with that but if i'm writing the same shit 30 years from now .....
it's gon be a problem

I Just Want To Be Close To You-Maxi Priest has been stuck in my head all week

My jam right there

"In passing, also, I would like to say that the first time Adam had a chance he laid the blame on a woman." —Nancy Astor (British Politician)
*giving Adam the side eye*
Aint that the truth

All this Eve was the downfall of Adam mess
ole boy coulda told Eve to go kick rocks

I always wanna dance when i hear this joint
primal beats and stuff

My microphone is actin up
so that momma thing is gon go up tomorrow

36 public opinion:

The Jaded NYer said...

So many things to comment on...

1- my daughter didn't know where Bora Bora was, and when I said, "Over by Fiji, you know, the Polynesian Islands" she looked at me as if I sprouted another head. The curriculum these days sucks azz

2- Duncan McLoud... there can be only one...

3- um, that um, crackhead... yeah, I'm gonna have nightmares for weeks!

4- Adam was a punk-ass, no backbone having, small-dick tattle-tale is what he was! that said, I had a very nice tattoo inked on my back of an apple with a serpent through it; I'll be adding the branches and stuff this summer...

Anonymous said...

Eve blamed Satan, Adam blamed Eve, God blamed 'em all.

You'd be surprised how many people don't know how many states there are in the U.S.

1/3 of what I used to be said...

LOL you'll be surprised what supposedly grown people dont know. But Egypt ummm get ole boy a map ASAP lol

LOL @ crackhead pic. I dont even want to know what he was thinking lol

Eve was made of adams rib right? so eating that apple probably was something he wanted to do way before God sculpted his wife Eve. Ever heard of the saying the apple doesnt fall from the tree. You would thing philosphers or howeva came up with Eve was a temptress would think about just saying tho lol

Oh I'm soo putting maria maria on my playlist! I used to love that song:-)

Eb the Celeb said...

OK -- you need ya azz whopped for posting that crackhead pic... I'm bout to lose my job over here laughing so damn loud

Anonymous said...

Your cousin not knowing Egypt was in Africa is not surprising bc plenty of black people don't know a thing about Africa.

I threw up a little in my month after viewing that crackhead picture. Ewww

Suite B said...

Your cousin needs to sit in the corner I think you should join him for posted that pic of that crackhead...that was wrong...all wrong

Still_Pocahontaz said...

I love the song "i just wanna be close to you"....and do all the things you wannnt me too...loves it!!!

Pajnstl said...

I am such an Badu fiend...

Your cousin needed to be slapped upside the head. smh

Eve had influence like a mug... and thousands of years later... women still have influence like a mug... Now whether you choose to use yours for good or evil is the real question. :)

Anonymous said...

WTF Girl My friend J and I spent THE WHOLE day today talking about Highlander and how we're having us a marathon this week of everything Highlander

OMG UN-fucking-Canny

Umm Maxi Priest

Roddykat said...

Look here, man. He puts one of yours in the Hospital, you put one of his in the Morgue. What!

And you do know we have bunches of folk that don't know ish about Africa, remember Ja Rule and believe 50 ignant asses?

Despite going temporarily blind when looking at the crackhead, I'm reminded that I've been calling people Crackheads left and right lately. Figuratively, they were, but still...

Highlander *SMH* :)

And in case you didn't know, Bob Sagat sucked dick for Crack!(hope you know where that came from).

t.r.b said...

deja, some people don't even realize africa is a continent! sadness.

"....and do all the things you want me to..." that song is hella screw, love it.

adanm was the first recorded case of bitchassness. obvs. it's still rampant today.

oh, i forgot to congratulate you on the 100th, keep writing though;)

Opinionated Diva said...

I'm not mad at your cousin. I work with a few folks from Egypt and they HARDLY want to be told they are Africans even though they clearly are!

I'm cold...that's neither here nor there, but I felt like typing it anyway.

The pic of the words!

karrie b. said...

pic of crackhead: loves it.

pull out ur boobies...that's really what its all about.


Anonymous said...

lol @ ur cousin

men i am feeling your blue outfit with d red band picture!lovely

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

RIF - the same reason they think malcom x is malcom 10

Keli said... that a he, she? or a he/she?

And I peeped you "chirping" around my blog.

Ms Sula said...

Dej... Remember my post about that Egypt mess? Ok, so I can't blame your cousin...

The crackhead, the crackhead... no words.

Make the audio thingy work! *grins widely*

Don said...

looking @ the picture of the dude with breast enforces my belief that life is hard.

adam could have told eve to go and kick rocks...lmao.


swag_ambassador said...

duncan mcleod of the clan mcleod went hard. my momma was in love wit that white man..

crackhead:.. what....

Ms. Behaving said...

WOWWWWWW!!! That is one confident @ss crackhead [SMH]

soumynona said...

(really just came by to listen to playlist) Europeans hate the fact that Egypt is in Africa so they just say "middle east" like thats an actual landmass...
"...You in the game but you offsides and gotta an extra man(ning), i'm the coach doing your reprimanding..." that lil brother is heated!!!!
I used to love highlander until I started slicing random ish in half.

Guys adjust frequently, its like women and their bras

Im sure a dude will swoop you up by then, but if not you can always get cougar on 'em

Im with 1/3 on the adam and eve, it was in him before he even bit bc we want what we are told not to have

Those beats are WHO We are, not simply primal but mandatory genetics - you can't sit still and listen =>

Nicole said...

I just lost my dinner on that crackhead picture.

Duncan! He was hot but the acting was bad. I would've watched with the volume down but he had that accent.

12kyle said...

Crack kills
Crack is wack
Crack is deadly...

That picture had me rollin!!!

Desy said...

i'm sorry, i was done at the crack pic.... ROTFLMAO... where do u find these things dej *smh wipin away tears*

Mel said...

To the crackhead: Didn't Whitney tell you that crack is wack?!

Carpe scrotum... ROFL

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

i am now blind from the pic of the crackhead....can you imagine seeing that in real life?

dejanae said...

i dont know where Bora Bora is
How badly did the tat hurt?

actually, dont think i'd be surprised at all man
not with the things i've seen

true true
let's blame it on that turncoat motherfucker
Adam and hid
Gon head and add it. good stuff

only if Duncan Mcleod is doin the ass whuppin

@thoughts of a southern girl:
ewww@the visual of u throwin up in ur

haha.u know u loved the visual.

see u got good taste

we do have the power don't we? *sinister grin*

im comin over

aaaah. love it man
u came with a
hey. i call folk crakheads all the time. dont go stealin my lines
why u hatin on highlander?
smh@that last comment

bitchassness. yep
done passed it on down the line
thnx 4 the congrats, ill try

yep. it's sad really
ummm. hope u feel warmer?lol
u know that's ur ex.lmao

i aint know that pullin out the boobs was what was hot in the streets

It really is man
education is key

i for sure hope that's not a woman
if it is, life was for sure cruel to her
well u aint posted in 1500 years. get a move on

im tryin to get the mic running
think ima just buy a new one today

aint nobody forced ole boy to partake in the fruit

ur mama got good taste
bruh iont even wanta know whats goin on in that crackhead's head

for sure thinks it looks cute
that thing needs prayer

im scared of u. whatnahell @ slicin random ish
cougarness. i might try that out.

who cares bout the actin?
pleaaaase. ole boy was

for sure is
im mad at the dude all nonchalant in the background

never be surprised at what can be found via the net

apparently he/she aint tryna listen
yep. carpe scrotum. pass it

i know i'd stop and stare
it may be rude, but so is scaring me with that mess

MsPuddin said...

glad to hear you will never do crack...yeah I don't know where a lot of places are either. The last time I took geology was in like the fifth grade...

dejanae said...

we'll be geographically challenged together
but i aint hangin wit u if u dont know that egypyt is in africa

Mizrepresent said...

Whenever, whatever, wherever, is my joint for real. So give it a high ^5.

Check out some Raheem Davaughn, loving his mood. I also like the kinda new Jaheim, don't know if i spelled the name right, but you get where i'm comin from.

dejanae said...

Yep i think u got it right
good stuff

guerreiranigeriana said...

don't be mad cause you didn't get the memo that stated that egypt was leaving the country africa to be its own sovereign nation...just like cleopatra was white and the greeks are the creators of math and the sciences...remember my post about angola?...

...damn, damn, damn at the motherfuckin crackhead!!!...damn...damn...damn!!!...well, there go my plans to become a crackhead...and i really was planning on becoming one...

mp1 v.8.0 said...

Lady Astor was the biz

You mean to tell me that Egypt's not in Africa??? Someone should definitely tell the media. Ms. Sula already aired her opinion about this Egypt fiasco

dejanae said...

yep what they're tryna pass off as history is so distorted

yeah i caught that

Anonymous said...


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