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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cool Runnings

You havent heard talk of the gym for a minute cuz my lazy ass aint been goin
hence the pounds i put on
i did go bootleg running along the brooklyn bridge today so i'm makin my comeback
just workin on the self improvement

nyone in the brooklyn area wanna do a fake running partner crap?
im serious
no need to apply if u are fuckin overqualified
i dont need folk makin me look bad
nah im playin
but for real tho
hit a sistah up

Saturday, December 27, 2008

sweet transvestites pictionary

The transvestite phase is over
What will our superheroes do for the sequel?

Monday, December 22, 2008

Rhymes Revisited- One of These Mornings

One Of These Mornings - Moby

you break it, you bought it
so u can
keep the damn pieces
pictures lay shredded on that nightstand next to the bible grandma gave me on our wedding day
and that wedding ring you had engraved with those words u swore you'd cherish til your passing
broken promises resting amid shards of shattered heart, remnants of vows u swung about violently
slammed into the wall with abandon
black dent where the headboard used to hit the burgundy
u brought her here
u fuckin brought her here
and nothing will remove the bitter taste
it lingers in the air
her presence felt

it smells different

what will you remember when darkness finds me?
When all that remains of me is a lingering shadow
When the woman i used to be is left to be conjured up in memories that seem to fade as days pass
and my face can no longer be recalled with any sense of clarity
what will you reach for?
What will you pull thru time to remind you of me and the moments we shared
will my name on the day of my passing bring tears to your eyes
or will it like so many anniversaries that go by,
be rendered

If only for one night
can i guide you inside of me
have you travel the depths of my body
explore my heart
my mind
and take a tour of my soul
i don't need guarantees
but pray that when the journey's over
i can let you go
and somehow
walk away


Thursday, December 18, 2008

You know what i fuckin love?

these shits right here
aren't they the best?
whoever invented pop up books....i love u man

i saw this guy reading them to his kids on the train
whoo chile
sexy as fuck
full lips and shit

anyway where was i?
uh yeah
the first thing i noticed was the popup book
It wasnt onea those fake ones either
the bullshit ones that dont hard hardly pop out nothing
this one was some gigantic piece of crap
like if lookin at a book could give u an orgasm, ida came multiple times in a matter of seconds
if ...
ill stop now

nyway my eyes followed from the big ass cornucopia of popup goodness to the strong brown hand that was holding the book open and trailed a ways up to some chocolaty goodness and i kinda said fuck the damn book
looked around to see if anyone saw what the hell i saw cuz he was fiiiiiiine
and if im sayin it
folk know its true
i dont give compliments easy
ull have better luck hopin ima volunteer to let u pull out my damn teeth with pliers

so of course my mind goes wandering cuz when ur sex starved anything will call up a friggin porno scene
so anyone know of any pornos involving filfs and pop up books?
i guess ima have to come up with something

Christmas is nary a day away
hint hint

Some teacher got fired for tellin her class Santa aint real
are u fuckin serious?
who's dumb lil child aint know Santa is some cooked up bullshit?
a mess

(this lil boy aint fooled for shit.i like him)
these were friggin 7 year olds
we got 7 year olds having sex nowadays
fuck that anyway
that's beside the point
How u gon fire a bitch for tellin the damn truth ?!?!?!?!?

im too done

I was always the lil kid talkin back to grown folk askin them questions
annoying as all hell
i want a kid just like me
Them gullible ones kill me

I ruin everything with logic
always reading too much into cartoons and shit
getting mad at characters

Yall remember Goonies right?
u better

I wanted to talk about something random. The ending to Goonies has always bothered me. I mean, I know all that was important to them was that they didn't have to move away, so the jewels in the marble bag was apparently enough to cover all that. I mean, they look like shit you can buy at Claire's Boutique, but whatever, we have to assume they're real. Anyway, before even assessing exactly how much they're worth, they're tearing up the contract as if we know for a fact that it will cover ALL the property. ALL OF IT - where each and every one of those families live. And then there are the other issues of practicality. They're supposed to move in like a day, but hardly anything is packed up. And if they're moving in a day, don't they have plans already to live somewhere else? Have not every single one of those families signed leases or mortgages for new homes? Can they even just get out of that so easily? They've probably got new jobs all lined up, signed up for new schools. I mean, can you just cancel all of that because of a marble bag full of rubies and emeralds?

But what ALWAYS bothered me, even when I was little and seeing the movie for the first time, was how they just watch that pirate ship drift off. No one is sailing it, it's just a whole lot of skeletons and gold. Great, they get to stay in the boondocks, or whatever it's called and however it's spelled, but don't they want to live in style? I mean, we already know that Mikey and Bran's family need a new screen door. "Oh, we have our piece of shit home back. Why go after that SHIP FULL of BILLIONS OF DOLLARS WORTH OF UP-FOR-GRABS TREASURE!!!??" Come on! They just sit on a rock and admire the damn thing. At least Chunk needs that cash. They're bringing in Sloth - where's he going to sleep, how can they afford to feed him? I'd be running into that water and swimming until my arms fell off. Go get the coast guard or SOMETHING! It's dangerous for one - that ship can crash into a dock or something and kill people. But let me stress again - it's ALL THAT MONEY!!! They searched forever for that damn treasure. They almost died like 500 times. Shouldn't they be going after it? UGH, it made me so mad.


A buddy of mine wrote that

thats exactly what i do
i analyze shit and get mad but
Im still a fuckin Goonie til i die
ya dig?

oh i want this shirt too

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

blah blah blah

so i thought i was hot stuff the last post
now im feelin like some dowdy piece of shit
well not really
i aint that far gone but
it's really frustrating when dude you're feelin is so fuckin oblivious to signals u be tryna throw
i mean it could be that i dont do subtle too well
but dammit
yeah yeah
some of yall are thinkin "why not just tell dude how u feel?"
well im deathly afraid of rejection man
Even with that i might give it a go if i felt that he might feel the same way
shit is this niccah is too damn friendly
i cant fuckin tell if the rapport we share is some unique shit or something he's got goin with everybody and their resurrected grandmama
and blah blah blah
ill wait for some definitive proof
or some circumstantial evidence
all im sayin is this unrequited love
well more like lust
actually i guess lustful like is more appropriate
alls im sayin is this shit is for the birds
(aside:Where the hell did that saying come from?)

and in other news
i still must be sending out signals for all the cracked out crazies to come find me wherever the hell i may be
especially if they wanna wander the damn subway system
and im fuckin trapped in a subway car
and theyre professing their damn love all loud and shit
and im ignoring his crazy ass
but he's planning our friggin wedding day
and pickin out names for our future kids
and folk are staring
and i wanna bust a bitch upside his head but i wont even attempt anything because crazy people tend to be strong
and im not stupid

are you serious?
are you really serious?
Try that shit on some bitch with low self-esteem
For real tho
for yall fellas who got sense
and happen to have friends who come at chicks like they have none
let them know the way it should be done

for their safety

comin at folk like they walkin the damn strip or shit
unless im wandering the streets in black booty shorts
red fishnets
hooker boots
AND happen to come over to ur car and lean in the passenger side window talkin bout:
"Wanna have some fun baby?"
followed by
"How much you got?"
dont even think about it

Monday, December 8, 2008


If i turn myself on does that make me a narcissist or a lesbian?
i know ur like "i came for this shit?"
im just feelin myself today
sorry no pics
my camera is on strike
use ur imagination


a real post will be up tomorrow
i got some catching up to do

*goes back to admiring myself*