Music: vernacular of the soul


Monday, September 19, 2011

ive been going through youtube vids all afternoon and im seriously contemplating doing the big chop again.
I feel like i need a damn change
and cutting my hair is a heck of a lot easier than losing those extra 20 lbs
we'll see
either that or ima start rockin some gangsta ass long poetic justice braids

Ima be headed to the bowery poetry club tomorrow night for 8pm if anyone's down

ive been tryna write but my head's not in it right now

To be honest, im sorta fuckin depressed
please dont give me no bullshit about how it could be worse
I know that
lemme wallow in this self pity shit right now because that's where i need to be

tho it would help if you wanted to tell me the shit u got goin wrong in ur damn life
or buy me a drink

im bout to go listen to some Luther