Music: vernacular of the soul


Friday, June 29, 2012

i be alive n stuff's been a long time
shouldna left you
without a few posts to laugh through

aight here goes

I've been working on myself
physically: doing the gym at least 3 times a week(lost 15 lbs woot woot :)
lost 1.5 cup sizes n some much loved ass cuppage :( womp womp)
been expanding my damn horizons bitches
taking dance classes
back to reading a book a week
and writing poetry
taking in plays, shows, concerts (more on that in two seconds)
being more social and open to what the universe has in store (even tho its steady tryna throw sexy midgets my way)

still single and gangsta

....and 0 for 3
i have no game. like none
now i dont do subtle well
(or is it that ive mastered that heifa so well, folk cant even detect it?)
and my flirting is still in that 'elementary school, punch you in the damn arm, cant you see i love you nigga' territory
and when i get frustrated i just be like " so yeah.i like you. call me hoe" or " so yeah hoe. i like you. call me" lol

and i end up staring at the damn phone

and grilling all the damn midget heifas that be walking around with my tall mens
did i mention that the devil steady throwin sexy midgets in my path?
and i refuse to believe me lookin like a damn transvestite
arm in arm with some pretty midget motherfucker is in The Plan


look here universe
i aint finna be no damn 30 yr old virgin
hurry the fuck up!!!!!

i went to see Ledisi and Eric Benet at the Beacon wednesday
and sonnnnnnnn
twas muy excellente!!!

I had on my gangsta open back yellow maxi dress that is my go to sexy casual look ;)
maybe i had on drawers. maybe i didn't
youll never know

went with Jmac (that's one midget im happy to have around cause i wasnt finna go alone.i probably woulda ended up giving the other ticket to some random homeless person to have company)
My boo Eric was lookin quite dapper in his slim fit suit. yum
Tho Jmac kept laughin at his bootleg gyrations
im mad he sounds so pretty tho
Why this negro can hit notes i can't tap with a football field full of voice coaches?
Tamia made a surprise guest appearance (soooo pretty)

Never seen Ledisi live before and mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
i love Eric but
Ledisi. what??!?!?!?
straight killed it man
First she came out in some silver dress that me n Jmac were both plotting to steal
The energy was crazy. Her stage presence was beyond incredible
She was funny,adorable, sexy, and silly all at once
My favorite portion of the concert was the set she did in these metallic blue tights and this gangsta leather jacket (short in back long infront) that ima rob her for if i should ever catch her in these here streets

Me and Jmac were discussing the uncanny
i swear Ledisi's stage persona is me if i could friggin sing
complete with scatting, facial ticks, gangsta walk, and voice changes
Jmac was looking at me like "Bitch, she stole your act"

i'll definitely catch her again

had to leave right away cause Jmac had to get some damn sleep
I tell you it hurt tho, cause i sure did see some sexy chocolate in the lobby
and i put a lil extra in the strut incase any were

Maybe ill see one of them
In the Morning
to love me
love me
love me ee