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Thursday, December 24, 2009




Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Don't Stop til u get enough

I still dont have a life so you'll have to put up with the mundane til exciting shit comes along


nada goin on in that front
I still always manage to find the crackheaded fellas anywhere i go
Went out with some friends last Saturday
This Middle Eastern dude who kept referring to me as 'big girl' *side eye*
no concept of personal space
tryna dance all up on me
thought he was the lovechild of Janet Jackson and Usher. dancing like a friggin idiot all night
swore he was doin some hot shit
no hon
u just look like ur having an epileptic seizure
a very enjoyable epileptic seizure, but an epileptic seizure nonetheless

I've been stuck
it kinda hurts
I need to get my mojo back
until then here's some rhymes revisited stuff:
reverse evolution
tryna bring the past back on counterclockwise revolutions, they say that love brings absolution
so I guess there's no solution to the plight that plagues her the
ills that face her
cuz it was a night of stolen innocence and hate that made her
and since she can recall her mother has despised her,
evidence of past crimes so she tried to deny her
into her heart was forbidden,
No entrance but on a good day a smile as pittance

Yall know my girl Sade's comin out with new stuff

Gonna cop it cuz come the hell on

I need to go shopping
I saw these nice knee high boots i wanted while i was chillin down in the Bronx last week
tan and brown and pure flyness so
yeah im gonna gettem tomorrow probably
need some over-the-knee boots too
pics will be forthcoming

in the meantime here are some pics of some shoes and crap i picked up last week

that will be all

Monday, November 23, 2009

ask and u shall receive (even if it's a few centuries late)

October 27, 2009 4:03 AM
Blogger Rashan Jamal said...

Why don't you have a life? Does that count as a real question? Wait, does that count as a second question?

I don't have a real question... just get back to blogging. That is all.

I dont have a social life cuz apparently some higher power doesnt think i deserve one. I must say tho, that ive been goin out a lot more recently
Indeed it does count as a second one smartass

October 27, 2009 9:08 PM
Blogger Desy said...

blogging doesn't always have to be about what's going on in your real life- make something up and tag it as a

what's been the most shifting experience you've ever gone through that you felt change the trajectory of your life?
Moving to Lancaster pennsylvania after highschool
Fucked my whole life
I didnt wanna move there but i didnt really have a damn choice
got all depressed and shit
lost two years of my life to that Godforsaken place
October 28, 2009 5:58 PM
Blogger Don said...

How much wood could a woodchuck, chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
*screw face*

Nah, seriously: What is it about a pouring rain that leads to great sleep?
Uh. You would ask this dumb ass
who knows maybe the sound reminds you of being in ur mom's womb
that makes no sense *shrugs*
the hell should i know?

October 29, 2009 6:06 AM
Blogger clnmike said...

Why is it when you take pics of your self you never look straight ahead but at the camera?
Becuz it steals lil bits of my soul if i look at it head on and
come closer
*whispers* im not particularly photogenic
profile shots seem to work better for me
November 3, 2009 1:12 AM
Blogger Mizrepresent said...

What do you really want to do in your life? What are your goals? lol, i know sounds like i'm interviewing...hey, you said ask away.
Oh Lord
this is why i cant have people askin me questions
folk wanna start vetting me like i'm running for vice president

finish school
find job i like (wanna work with at risk youth)
travel a lot
buy a damn house (yall know thats where folk's wealth be at right?)
find a damn man
make him impregnate me
have a shitload of kids (only 3 mine, the rest adopted/foster)
grow old and die

Sunday, October 25, 2009

just ask

don't presume to know me
if u have a question
just ask

most things are more than the sum of their parts
too many people busy doin simple addition and they wonder why they come up lacking

i havent blogged in a minute cuz i have no life and im sure u dont want me to ramble on about crap that u could care less about
thats what my twitter account is

seeing as how i have nothing enlightening to say right now
ask me a damn question and put me out of my misery

Saturday, September 19, 2009


K: i actually saw that before it was a sight to see
dejanae411 : were u scurrrrred?
dejanae411 : lol
K: naw it was a picture but this girl was wearing those stripper shoes and she had to bend completely over to get in the door it was crazy

dejanae411 : haha
dejanae411 : i think i saw that one
K: lol then you can only date basketball players but on the upside you could actually get the condo for your birthday
dejanae411 : fuck u
dejanae411 : with a 5 foot pole
dejanae411 : lol
K: lmao
K: hahahah
K M: yeah yeah
dejanae411 : i'll just sleep my way to the top like every other successful woman
K: lmao
K: who did oprah sleep with?
dejanae411 jean: the devil

K: lol
dejanae411 : she had to
dejanae411 : shes got too damn much
it's not natural
K: thats funny
dejanae411 : it's the truth
dejanae411 : i got it on video
K: the oprah satan porn?
dejanae411 : u know u wanna see it
K: i don't want to burn my eyeballs out i'm good
dejanae411 jean: u lie!!!

K: lol
K: i'm gonna let you finish but i just wanted to say that beyonce had the best...

dejanae411 : lollll
dejanae411 : the jackasses
K: i've been saying i'm gonna let you finish all week its still funny
dejanae411 : uh
dejanae411 : u might wanna let it go
dejanae411 : lol
K: lol i'm real happy for you
K: hahaha
K: ok i'm done i'm done
dejanae411 : die
K: i'm dying to walk up to somebody on the street having a conversation and do that
K: jokes
K: sigh ok i'm good i'm good
dejanae411 : u sure?
dejanae411 : u need a minute?
K: yeah i'm done

dejanae411 : smh
dejanae411 : im lookin for employment cuz like i mentioned earlier...
dejanae411 : i might be out of a job soon

dejanae411 : i need a drink
M: of?
dejanae411 : anything
dejanae411 : lol
dejanae411 : when ur sad u aint picky
M: i feel like some hot chocolate
dejanae411 : yuck
dejanae411 : never liked that crap
M: gasp
M: werd?
dejanae411 : to big bird
M: snap
M: but its hot and chocolate how can you go wrong

dejanae411 : becuz it sends a signal to my brain that tells my stomach to get it the hell out as fast as possible

dejanae411 : lol
M: lol you don't like chocolate?
dejanae411 : i like regular all american chocolate not that liberal hot chocolate namby pamby shit
M: lmao
M: my chocolate has real american values
dejanae411 : suuuure
dejanae411 : ur hot chocolate probably endorses the killing of millions of unborn marshmellow babies every year

M: yeah i have no snappy reply for that one lol
dejanae411 : of course u dont
dejanae411 : im special
dejanae411 : lol

K M: yo whats up with the blog updates you got me reading again and then poof it stops
dejanae411 : i's lazy
dejanae411 : sigh
dejanae411 : n boring
dejanae411 : lol
K M: lol
K M: smh
K M: i like the party blog that was funny
K M: and i like all the fashion stuff
K M: shrugs
dejanae411 : that night was hilarious
dejanae411 : wish i had video
K M: i know it was funny just looking at the pics
dejanae411 jean: hey if anything interesting happens tonight, ill post it
dejanae411 jean: tho i did get propositioned by a pimp 2 days ago
K M: whaaaa?
K M: its the shoes girl
K M: lol
dejanae411 : shut the hell up
dejanae411 : i was working
dejanae411 : lol
K M: lol so what happened
dejanae411 jean: no that that type of work
K M: see this is blog worthy
dejanae411 : i was too lazy to type shit
dejanae411 : i was speaking to registered democrats just reminding them it was the primaries
K M: and you say your boring this is exactly what i come to the blog for
dejanae411 : n lazy
dejanae411 : remember that
dejanae411 : LAZY

dejanae411 : L
dejanae411 : A
dejanae411 : Z
dejanae411 : Y
dejanae411 : lol
K M: lol
dejanae411 : so he's like he's the pimp on the block
dejanae411 : im like " really? u might wanna look into another line of work
dejanae411 : he laughs
dejanae411 : tells me im pretty
dejanae411 : extra long side eye
dejanae411 : i tell him wat im doin n hand him a flyer about the primaries
dejanae411 : he tells me he could get the whole block to go out n vote
dejanae411 : im like: that nice its important to get their voices heard yada yada yada
dejanae411 : then he basically says he'll do it if i become one of his hoes
dejanae411 : sigh
dejanae411 : i couldnt take it
K M: jokes
dejanae411 jean: so ofcourse i laughed in his face
K M: thats rude as hell
dejanae411 : why'd he have the nerve to look offended
dejanae411 : lmao
dejanae411 : i cant with stupid people
dejanae411 :
K M: lol
K M: well at least you know that a pimp thinks you look good
K M: shrugs
K M: silver lining?
dejanae411 : uh no
dejanae411 : they take anything
dejanae411 : thats not a compliment
dejanae411 : i saw somea his hoes

dejanae411 : lol
K M: lmao
K M: ok thats even funnier write this out girl
dejanae411 : i might
dejanae411 : folk think i be making this shit up
K M: that story has jokes for days in it
dejanae411 : i swear
dejanae411 : the idiots find me
K M: and he sounds like a fool
dejanae411 : u dont know that half
K M: lol
K M: damn
dejanae411 : n he wasnt the only pimp i met that day

K M: this happens every day?
dejanae411 : lol
dejanae411 : no
dejanae411 : just that day
dejanae411 : i came across 2
dejanae411 : this older one
K M: oh i was about to say where the heck are they sending you
dejanae411 : i was looking for a specific guy
dejanae411 : asked folk on the step if he lived there
dejanae411 : they pointed to this guy in some car
dejanae411 : told me b careful. he's a pimp
dejanae411 : i laughed. they didnt
dejanae411 jean: lol
K M: lol
K M: damn
K M: they worried you going to ask for a job wth
dejanae411 : lol
dejanae411 : the pimp didnt wanna vote anyway

K M: i don't find that shocking at all
dejanae411 : neither did i
dejanae411 : but i tried

Thursday, September 3, 2009

hello. Anybody there?

wat yall been up to?

lemme see
went to a bootleg house party where i proceeded to attract all manner of crackhead
so that 'u r wat u attract' crap... straight bullshit
Told the bastard i was fuckin gay but of course what he heard was "Oh yes. I'd love to fuck you in every position imaginable"
I can't

me: I'm here with my girfriend to have a good time. Leave us alone
him:*in whiny ass bitch voice* don't be like that. You discriminating againt me. Why u discriminating against me?
me: I don't want your ass. Get the fuck away
Him: I know u aint really gay. ur bisexual. i can share
Him: Aren't u a lil too big for her.
(the fuck this nigga just said?!?!?)
wouldnt u rather have the real thing?
I don't care what she does, what she use
i mean a dildo...come on. The real thing is much better . She can't satisfy you
(At this point i'm beyond fuckin pissed but this nigga is still smilin in my face with his dumb self)
I push him the hell away and threaten him with bodily harm
Dude smiles and walks off
I'm thinking: ok it took a while but now he's got the picture the thirsty ass crackhead lookin piece of shit

fastforward to me n the girl walkin out the party

here comes lil fella tryna start up again
follows us from the backyard thru the house and to the trainstation
Marisol-" my girlfriend" aint havin no more of this bullshit and she bout to fight his ass
all 4'8" of her.lmao
her: You don't fuckin understand english dumbass.
leave my girfriend alone.
Him: It don't make no sense. you can't satisfy her
*dude looks at me* It's not natural gal. You can't handle that
MArisol: You dumb fuck. I can satisfy her just fine.
Me and Fiona and Zorina are just dyin
i dont recall what happened next exactly but Zorina called him a lil bitch and that was his cue to flash us
the horror yall
the horror
We had a good laugh that night
the memories

This post wouldve been accompanied by pictures of dude but for the fact that my camera was actin an ass
i might putem up later tho
cuz zorina's friend took pictures of the gremlin

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

pictionary-caption by numbers

"oooh. How soon can we get to your place?" u really need any more proof that Eb likes to molest youngins
She know damn good n well she should be playin doctor with kids her own age

dudes face when he thought jaded was gon give him the time of day (right before he started talkin to her tat. smh. don't ask.)

his face after she shut his ass DOOOOWN
poor delusional guy
lookin like "you see this bullshit? i used all my best lines and she still won't give me the digits"
It was kinda Jaded's fault tho
he couldnt withstand the cleavage n tat combo
They were callin him

look at her
all evil n shit
*cue music*
How could you be so heartless?
How could you be so,
Cold as the winter wind when it breeze yo


Anthony: Hold on now Joy. all i want is five minutes girl
Eb: yeah Joy. Don't b like that. I promised my boy i'd bring him some girls for his birthday

no comment

yall cougars should start a support group

"I wanna be like her when i grow up"

on the real i think thats what she was sayin in her head
chick was from Cali n mad hype to be in the NYC
heard she's supposed to do a music video
hope they call her back cuz she seems like the type to be devastated if they dont
Especially since she mentioned it every other sentence
jaded, dej, and a guest appearance by side eye

this is her happy face

they actually look sober
(a rarity)

pick 3 and caption away
ill do it tomorrow (did it)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

objects in mirror are closer than they appear


say congrats to my buddy Maria

doesnt he look just like me?

me n my dad got in a minor accident on saturday
this cabbie backed into the car and tried to claim it was cuz we were moving too fast
uh dumb motherfucker
we were not moving at all
we were parked

Saturday, August 1, 2009


have some of my junior's cheeecake

masturbate at your open door,visible to all passersby and think its ok

put ur hand in my hair without my fuckin permission !!!!!!!
i swear
id think that was common sense but no
and every
fuckin night i went out
3 consecutive days
some melanine challenged dude either touched or attempted to touch my fro
this aint no petting zoo

call me 5 days after my birthday n try to hold a "normal" conversation as if ur ass aint wrong
mother dearest
oh yeah
she still aint said happy birthday
who wants to switch moms with me

act an ass and expect me not to tell you bout yourself
ignorant coworkers are a trip
u dont like black folk
(even tho ur black)
white folk,
(even tho u say you have 2 gay friends but the thought of thinking of them having sex repulses you and u think gay folk are disgusting
well bitch why the fuck u tryna picture urself in their damn bedrooms then)
interracial relationships

i aint got the time
the bitch is just all kinds of confused

i tried to post some pics from the bday weekend but my pc is being uncooperative
dont worry
a lil "enhanced interrogation" should do the trick

hung with the cuzzo
burlesque show
taking pics of/with random folk who amused me

pics will be up sometime in the near future

its not too late to send a damn gift

a new computer would be nice

Thursday, July 23, 2009

On this day July 23

24 years ago
I entered the world
and all was well

lil dej

lil bigger dej

big dej

Happy Bornday to me
Happy bornday to me
Happy borndday to me ee
haapy bornday to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

where's my damn gifts?
they better be on their way