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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

ip dip dog shit you are not it

This is my bootleg version of the tag crap
im not gon tag nobody

here are some random quirks of mine

I hate flats

they're just not aesthetically pleasing to me
have yet to find a pair that speak to me
when they can get flats to look as sexy as stilettos
im all over them
i know they're supposed to be comfortable and shit
i really dont care
unless they're sneaks
im not doin it
ugly, practical pieces of shit
that's what i say
im too fuckin old to be lookin like im headed to an audition for the damn Nutcracker
(yeah i know that made little sense.i dont care)

in junior high
i had to memorize the story Mufaro's beautiful daughters for this library contest thing

turning it into a song helped a lot
i do that with a lot of stuff

I hate mosquitoes

but apparently they love my black ass
i mean that literally
the ass part
i mean i dont understand how i end up getting mosquito bites on my rear end
but sure enough
they always make an appearance

I hate when folk dont remember shit that i do
Then they have the nerve to be lookin at me like i'm crazy
Yall remember that show TWO? starrring ole boy from one life to live

i knew his ass looked familiar
I loved TWO

here's a bootleg synopsis:
What if there was a killer who murdered people for fun and the scariest thing is he looked exactly like you? Gus Maclain, a college professor who teaches literature and English has the perfect life, a loving wife and loyal friends who trust and believe in him. Unfortunately, all of that is ripped away when Gus's wife, Sarah is brutally slain and the evidence points straight to him. Gus tries to maintain his evidence, but the Feds make the charges stick and are transporting him back to be prosecuted for other murders that Gus didn't commit. On the way there, his prison van is hijacked and he is knocked out by a man who looks exactly like him. Turns out that the man who helped Gus is his wicked twin brother Booth Hubbard. When they were babies, Gus and Booth's original parents had died in an accident and Booth was taken in by a kind mother, but had an abusive husband who would beat Booth constantly. Booth learns the truth about Gus living the good life and his intentions are to take control of Gus's life. Unfortunately because of the beatings he received, Booth now has cerebral damage that could claim his life at anytime. With not very long to live, Booth decides to let Gus live his life: the life of a wanted fugitive. Enraged, Gus vows that he will find Booth and avenge Sarah. Now, Gus wandering from town to town in search of clues that will lead him to Booth or that will clear his innocence. But Gus doesn't have much to go by and everywhere he turns he has to dodge the Feds and other law enforcement officials as he struggles to clear his name. Along the way, Gus will encounter many characters in need of his assistance and he must find a way to help the victims, without blowing his own cover

I always find the nerds sexy
except Steve Urkel

couldnt fuckin do it

I talk back to books
I talk back to books more than folk talk back to the tv screen
u should try it sometime

i'm honestly waiting for someone to develop a method of safely removing the uterus
im tryna have that shit sit itself in the damn corner and bleed out before reinsertion
and yes
im currently bleeding like a friggin stuck pig

yeah i didnt follow the exact rules
what ya gon do?

113 public opinion:

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

bootleg tag
like boot leg liqua
me likes

Opinionated Diva said...

Well...I was coming over to tell you I tagged ya, but someone beat me to it!

Oh well!

You are not normal for that uterus comment. *shrudding*

I talk back to books too...and abuse them when I'm really mad!

A journey to find me said...

Flats are the business! But I would love to learn to walk in stilettos. I think I'm too flat footed or something lol.

I love Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters! It was one of my favorite books growing up!

I feel u on the whole uterus out of the body thing. I swear I had the same thought a week ago.

I didn't follow the rules either to this tag thing. That damn 1/3 lol.

CapCity said...

Gurl, I 'on't know what da Hayl u talkin' 'bout! just git cho crazy opinionated azz to junior's cheesecake by 4pm on this sat. so we can have a quick Blog-Meet/photo Op! LOL! Where yo' shades cuz u know u don't really wanna be seen wit my ol' azz! LOL!

I can't wait to meet U, li'l Bits of Dejanade!!! Hugz;-).

Rashan Jamal said...

*Totally ignoring the uterus comment*

I don't remember two even a little bit.

You be walking around all assed out? How them mosquitos get you there?

I'm a nerd...I'm just saying. LOL

marky said...

I'm puttin that sexy pic of you on my blog. nice fro nice tummy.

The Flyyest said...

boot leg tag...LMAO!!!!

flats are cooh...but i love me some heels!!!!!

dont remember TWO


mosquitos scare me.....i love sxcratching the bumps tho.....scratching an its jus relaxes me!!!

allienicole said... black ass..literally

hahahhhahaa. ur too silly

One Man’s Opinion said...

I didn't tag anybody else either. I know that book. I can't believe you had to remember the whole thing. What was the point?

Nicole said...

You're a mess! I'm with you on the uterus thing, but the opposite on flats. I move like a stallion, always in a rush. So, assuming I don't fall over when I'm in heels, I wear them down quickly. Plus my hips have a natural sway, so when I'm in heels, I look like I should be street walking (that's per my mama and an ex). But I wear them anyway - they definitely make the legs look better.

I talk back to books, too. Have had to curse a few out.

theBULLY said... that what it is? Mosquito bites got your ass all swol up and nice?

Shiiiiiittttt, we need more ass biting mosquitoes if that there is the END result.

Anonymous said...

I can't even watch that show where that stupid ass Urkel character is on cause just seeing him makes me want to slap the shit out of him and the few snippets where I've herad him talk makes me just switch the remote in a fury..... Flat shoes suck so bad, I hate when I have to wear them, just almost as much as I abhor wearing sneakers

Anonymous said...

ha... well i dont have the traffic to be tagged or anything so imnot doing it, but very entertaining. and yes, i changed my page so it is now

Marleaux said...

Yeah, I love me some flats, a bit of a moccasin girl myself. But yeah, you said, looks like I’m going to the Nutcracker or maybe a PTA meeting with my mocs and slacks sometimes.

The fleas love me. My byf says I have that sweet blood. But they get me on the tt’s. It’s the weirdest thing. But your misquotes must be Black. I think mine are White, lol.

LMAO at “couldn’t fucking do it” Yeah, you not the only one. He’s one of the most successful tv stars, but I’m sure his poster wasn’t hanging on any teenage walls.

I wish the uterus had a hold button. Where you could come back and turn it back on just when you needed it...

!*!*!*!*!Fresh and Fab!*!*!*!*! said...

you had to put ure bootleg twist to it dont ya...

i dont understand exactly how you ak back to books :/ lol

Charles said...

Nerds are sexy?? Then I must be at the top of the list. If I were a girl, I wouldn't rock flats either...I'd still rock the sneakers

Eb the Celeb said...

OK... you brought me too far back with Mufasa's beautiful daughters. I used to love that book in elementary school.

And stop trying to front like when urkle turned into Stefon Arkel that you wasnt trying to holla. Everyone was in love with Jaleel White

Desy said...

ummmm- removal of uterus?...deja... you kill me

wha? Steve U. was so sexy..of course, when he turned into Stefan Ur-kel...omgosh... i drooled for days when I saw that

people always remember things i don't... and i couldn't care less about it... especially when it comes to my dad asking me if I remember that obscure person I probably met once in my lifetime who had the daughter that he had told me about twice who was now getting; insanity in the haitian circle...just insanity

Anonymous said...

big ass=equals mosquito attraction!
Chanell cuz I cant log into blogger.

Muze said...


i talk to books all the time.

blogs too. lol.

jaleel white is looking kinda scrumptious these days though. lol.

that show Two looks like it's on some other stuff. interesting ...

lol @ mosquitoes loving your ass.


DiamondsR4eva said...

you've been tagged:

Demon Hunter said...

I hate flats, but I have to wear them to work. :*) I wathced Family Matters and watched Urkel. The oldest brother on the show (Eddie, I think) was uglier than Urkel, :*)

Ms Sula said...

You should have a PMS series! You are too funny when you're bleeding!

Yeah, I talk back to books... Actually, I talk back to everything: the radio, tv, products on the shelf at Walmart, you name it, I talk back to it :)... No wonder, folks look at me crazy!

And I know you and I can't hang out, because we both love the nerds AND the same men... So cheah, stay in BK Honey!

Funny post!

Anonymous said...

I'm not with the tagging crap which is why I'm protesting it!

I talk back to books too. Much fun. Too bad nobody listens though.

1/3 of what I used to be said...

LOL you sooo suck for not following the rules!

I love flats! I cant walk in stilletos so its a cute alternative to me.

I Used to love that book! Have you seen the audio/movie version of it. Really made me love it:-)

LMAO Do you eat bananas or wear alot of perfume in the summer? They are attracted to that for some reason. I'm mad they target your butt tho ! LOL 2 funny.

Urkel was soo not cute I agree! I like nerds too but he didnt make the list. U ever watch reruns of family matters? Its soo phoney but I loved that show!

Me 2! Books make you feel like you're in the story..especially the good ones

LMAO! You are 2 funny with PMS. I sooo feel you tho. I pop pills like no ones buisness when I'm on my period. TMI? lol

Still_Pocahontaz said...

LMAO at the book comment

I love flats, but since you put it that way DAMN I feel retarded...LOL

mp1 v.8.0 said...

So I'm not the only one that gets the mosquito bites on my ass. The fact that it happens to you doesn't make me feel more normal though.

Admit know u were crushin on Urk.

idk... said...

love the bootleg tag... I broke some rules too... I think everybody and they momma got tagged to I said eff it and didn't tag no one...

I looovvee Flats... I can't walk in heels for ish! Haven't really tried either...

when you find out a safe way of removing the uterus drop me a e-mail and send me the number to your doctor!

The Jaded NYer said...

Girl- heed the warning of someone who STAYED wearing heels and platforms and whatnot... your knees and back WILL turn on you, and you won't be happy, and it will happen when you are still too young to be complaining about your knees and back!

And yeah, I'm gonna co-sign on the uterus deal, but I'd settle for removal of my right fallopian tube, in case you know somebody...

guerreiranigeriana said...

you are damn hilarious!!!!...i do feel you on the uterus removal during periods, although my cramps and pms have been better over the years...i think the sex helps...hehe...:)...

...i'm like ms. sula...i talk back to everything...was in the store today talking back to the magazines...the lady was looking at me like i was i just started speaking in portuguese so she couldn't understand what i was saying...haha...

...urkel is sooooo not cute...he went to ucla while i was there and saw him out a few times...he seemed to be trying tooo hard to prove he wasn't a nerd...didn't matter...that fool's just not cute!!!... clue about @ mosquitos and your ass...they loved my arms and legs...

...i loved that mufaro's book!!!! third grade teacher gave it to me...i used to read it everyday...why did you have to memorize it?...and you better watch your mouth about flats!!!!!

Roddykat said...

What the HAzell!!?!?!

What did they ever do to you? Books have feelings too, you know? And I hope you thank them for the trips to whereversville. Make them feel appreciated...

You do seem to (even more) interesting at these times of the month. It's all good. Slightly twisted, but all good. That may explain that phantom comment. :)

Mizrepresent said...

Too funny on the uterus bleeding out...I could use that too!

dejanae said...

like bootleg liqua

opinionated diva:
dont abuse the
and i am too normal

yeah i loved the book too
i dont like

i should be there
*crosses fingers*
hugs back

u cant ignore a comment u make reference to.
man i dont know. i be dressed man. they just some compound infiltrating bastards

woot woot
thnx man
im honored

i love to scratch them
but then i get them awful marks.arrrr

i try

it was some library contest where whoever memorized the book the best got 10 free books or something

i look like i should be street walkin too


Urkel was a damn overexaggerated mess
hey. sneaks are good

u dont need the traffic
just do it
good thing. my eyes havent recovered

lol@ ur mosquitoes being white
yeah that hold button thing sounds better

u just talk to
say "no this bitch did not"

hey. nerds are some sexy sumabitches

umm sorry hon
that fake upgrade they did on ole boy didnt do shit for me

girl. my dad does the same thing to me
i just say "see. thats why i dont like haitian immigrants".lol


i'll be generous and leave Jaleel to you then

aint that what i just did?

demon hunter:
no he wasnt
how dare u

how bout
and u stay ur ass where u are
ill stay over

lol@u protesting tags
you'll get got eventually

hey i did the important part
nah. i never saw the movie version
lol. i dont do bananas or too much perfume


and no

im sayin.practically evrybody done did it
ill do that
but u gotta pay me for the referral

i only wear heels on the weekends basically
sorry cant help u on the fallopian tube removal

sex helps?
damn. im assed out


we should start a petition

James Tubman said...

poor urkel

he'll never rebound from that role

Roddykat said...

And by the way, you're basically telling me that Two was a bootleg Fugitive/Incredible Hulk mix, right?

dejanae said...

james tubman:
he'll always be steve urkel to me

Where does the Incredible Hulk come in?

Roddykat said...

Ida know. Just added that in there. Although, the twin brother could take the role of the Hulk, going around messing shit up for dude.

dejanae said...

uh huh
if u say so

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