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Friday, April 25, 2008

red light green light 1 2 3

You know how folk do that whole "knock on wood" shit when they say something at the same time or whatever?
(yeah i just got done doing some bootleg research and apparently ive been doing it all wrong. It's supposed to be some superstitious crap to ward off doom. oh well)
That is so not the bizness
If you really wanna be cool like me
u say
That's what me and my brothers do
When we say shit at the same time or finish each others thoughts we scream psychic link then do some bootleg handshake
it's cool dammit

if aliens do exist....

i wanna get abducted
Thatd be some cool shit
I wanna be abducted by the friendly ones tho
no anal probes please
no alien embryo implantation
Just straight chillin
intergalactic blunt smokin.haha
come back to earth with a few souvenirs
im tryna be rich bitch
give me some advanced technology so i can get that Bill Gates money

I despise seein everybody and their resurrected grandmama wearing the same hideous shit
some trends are not for everybody
Im just sayin
If it's ugly
It's fuckin ugly
Don't do it

Am i the only one who tries to see if they've spontaneously developed the power of telekinesis?

Every once in a while i'll try to focus all my energy on a smaller object and see if the crap will move
Hasn't happened yet

i hit folk when im laughin really hard

it's either that or i shove them
I cant help it
Dont go tryna fight me cuz i gave u a small push off the chair
You knew of that possibility when u sat ur ass next to me

I aint birth no damn babies
there really is no need to call me ma or any such variation of that word
Especially if u tryna holla
a pet peeve of mine i guess
it probably has less to do with the word itself but more to do with the guys that employ it
They've all been crackhead actin or crackhead lookin

Speakin of crackheads
I'll admit that i do go out lookin like i'm hooked on the white stuff sometimes
I aint tryna impress nobody when i'm headed to the gym
or the grocery store
or the pizza shop
or the 99 cent store
or school
yeah i guess i look like a crackhead pretty often

It's a good weeding out tactic tho
let a fine man holla when i'm lookin my worst
has happened a few times
After i be walkin wit a bit more pep in my step
actually i dont do pep
I just be thinkin i must be some hot
be like "you aint seen nothing yet
just you catch me when im all dolled up"

Betta to be caught out there lookin like you should be in a treatment center than to be dressed to the nines all the time

The only way to go from there is down
im just sayin

no need to come to school like ur at a damn fashion show
You are not gon get discovered in ur 9 am Woman's lit class
give the 5 inch heels a fuckin break

apparently i cause people's gaydar to malfunction or something

and last but certainly not least on my list of disdains
This ni66a right here

i can't stand this yellow piece of crap
If only for the fact that he's a sponge that lives under the sea but looks like the friggin sponge that lives under my kitchen sink

And to yall grown folk wit spongebob anything
shame on you

61 public opinion:

mp1 v.8.0 said...

I like Spongebob. Are you saying I should be ashamed? I think it's just as weird as you trying to do the telekinesis thing, but I'ma let you do you and withhild further comment.

psychic link??? sounds like a tv show, ma.

Uzezi said...

telekinesis? does it work? i wouldn't mind such powers.

u r so down to earth.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

now u know good and well they would bring yo azz back with the quickness lol

Anonymous said...

Telekinesis wouldn't work for me b/c I don't know how to focus all my energy on one thing.

I've birthed a child and if you aren't my child, don't call me ma. I hate that. Men, that is not cute!

My college was like a fashion show. I never seen so many girls going to an 8am glass with stilettos on.

My son loves Spongbob. I loathe that damn cartoon. He's a damn sponge.

Freaky Deaky said...

I've tried the TK thing every so often and so far telekinesis is out of my grasp. Oh well. I'd rather have mind control powers anyway.

I have never seen the appeal of SpongeBob, especially amongst adults. I've heard it was popular with stoners but since I don't smoke it does nothing but annoy me. I have seen some hot chicks wearing some itty bitty SpongeBob camisoles and panties. It didn't bother me so much. LOL

soumynona said...

LOL, you talkin bout them crackheads was too funny.
btw, aint no nice aliens so get ready for a probing if you abducted (smiles)

Desy said...

sb is only for those 'high' moments supposedly... whatever... i think boondocks is far better

aliens? really deja...? and yet u don't like talkin to

that kinda reminds me of the opening monologue for 'baby boy'... his place =crib, his friends= boys, his lady =ma...

how u be scramblin gaydar?

no- telekenesis is a necessary skill that we all need to acquire...

Urban Thought said...

You're right... Let them see you looking like shit... This way they catch you at your worst.

Pajnstl said...

lol @ galactic blunt smoking!

I have to hit shove or touch when im laughing. hell i hit shove and touch when i'm talking

Demon Hunter said...

Funny, especially the Sponge Bob :*)

Still_Pocahontaz said...

I can't even front I have been caught watching Spongebob a time or two with the kids.

I feel you on lookin a lil crackish..I do that often..I gotta man tho' so I aint trippin to say the least

Canon Adonis said...

Telekinesis... sounds pretty cool... must try...

I holla at the dirtiest, sleeveless-black-t-shirt-wearin, no-deodorant-rockin, no-bra-rockin, more-chinhair-than-me-havin chicks... but only if they have pearly white teeth and are articulate to perfection

spongebob gets poked in all holes by patrick and squidward...

Ma, you a real wild shorty for this post, ma.

Philly's Andrea said...

i have this horrible habit of hitting people too when in laughter. Shit, I think I pinch and push too.

Don't know where it came from. So glad to see that I'm not a lone.

Roddykat said...

Telekinesis, huh? First thing you need to know: There is no spoon. Just sayin'. I'd rather have teleportation, really. Much more useful. You can smack somebody and pop away without them seeing you.

And you want to meet blunt smoking aliens looking like Whoodadunit (as my sis would say). Tell them I said what up. They do have movies on this sort of thing, you know.

i.can't.complain. said...

i heart spongebob

except when my daughter has me watch 4 hr marathons of the bastard

lol @ u and your crackhead moments.

we all have those :-)

and i will NEVER give up the heels at 9am

hell if it werent for the heels and lip gloss....

id be a constant crackhead impersonator.


BloggersDelight said...

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soupasexy said...

i know i def dont want to go with the aliens.i feel u on the sponge bob tho, grown folks have no business with that.

Mel said...

I guess shame is upon me. I have 3 pairs of boxers and 2 tshirts. Ah well. I proudly rock my shame :-D

And if I see any aliens I'll be sure to tell them to swing your way.

Lou said...

...smh, right after I clicked the comment joint I spaced out...and I'm not high. I don't even remember what you wrote

*goes to chatbox*

oh yeah...abduction...does it just have to be aliens? never mind.

DollFace said...

High heels at 9am? LMAO That was so me in college! Crazy...but trust I was not alone.

Eb the Celeb said...

you are crazy for saying you wanna getting abducted by aliens...

nice or not... leave me

you know you crazy for saying you go out sometimes looking like a crakhead... lmao... but thats real

and I never got into that spongebob crap either

Jinta said...

if you get abducted, be prepared for some serious probing.

hahaha. i might even be in the ship that carries out the abduction. watch how you go...

CapCity said...

:-( Too bad we missed each other yesterday. We'll have to do another meet up for NYers only - specially when Eb gets back. Hope u enjoyed your bootleg choir practice! LOL!

dejanae said...

u should indeed be ashamed
atleast telekinesis involves greater brain power
u aint cute with that bootleg ma u threw in there

@hasnt worked yet

dang man
even the aliens go get sick of me?

thats what im sayin

glad to know i aint the only one
dont let the itty bitty underthings lure u in man
it's a conspiracy


and how would u know there aint no nice aliens

lol.boondocks huh?
i dont know.apparently i give off the gay vibe or something

dang man.i didnt say shit. i said crackhead lol
there is a method to my madness

im sayin
thatd be some cool shit

i really do not like that ugly lil character

smh.but atleast u got the kids as an excuse

good to know

we should form a club

i figure i'd start with baby steps
ill be sure to pass on the message
want me to stop by ur spot on my intergalactic journeys?
could pick u up

u gon get sick of them heels when you need knee surgery at 40

good look

come alien abduction would be fun
i said the nice ones

blissful are the ignorant
good lookin out

u need help
nothin a stay at a psych facility wont fix
ha@ur abduction comment

im gon assume u got over

dont front
alien abductions and goin out like a crackhead is the thing to do

not even funny
no probes

for sure
sounds like a good idea
i wouldnt really say enjoyed
it was

12kyle said...

"Y'all act like crack is soooo bad!"-Tyrone Biggums

Damn I miss Dave Chappelle's show!

Keli said...

You're it!

Mizrepresent said...

Dang, i don't even know where to start here, lol! But i hear ya about not being dressed for the nines all the time...i just don't care sometimes, whatever, the mall has turned into a damn fashion show, i felt and and looked like the homeless in my sweats and t-shirt, but when i seen so many fine men there...i thought the next time i visit this mall i better be dressed up.

I just had a dream about being moving things around. I so love that telekenis stuff.

Sponge Bob, i remember watching that with my son...used to make me laugh, but then again i kept thinking, SB is gay.

karrie b. said...

u set-trippin for hating sponge bob girlfriend.


allienicole said...

yo...i'm def an alien.

they're comin to get yo ass soon enough.

don't tell em i told ya.

Nicole said...

We did "pinch, punch, knock on wood."

"Am i the only one who tries to see if they've spontaneously developed the power of telekinesis?"

Ah, yes Deja, I think you've got a lock on that one.

And how can you not like Sponge Bob? (I ask as I hide the Squarepants t-shirt I bought for $2.00 at a garage sale)

Anonymous said...

LMBO @ "This Little Nigga Right Here"....Spongebob! LOL! HAHAHAHA...

marky said...

you're so damn funny.

dejanae said...

funny enough
i never caught onto the chapelle show


i think we can agree he's pretty suspect

im always right

fine by me
ima be waitin

thats sad
really it

it's the truth


Anonymous said...

This post has me cracking up like I;m on laughing gas in the comp lab....not cool since Im in plain view of the IT department and they're always looking my way...

1)Spongebob rules chick
2) yes, you've taken my arm out of rotation with your abuse...
3) lol @ walking around like a crackhead and still pulling them-get it D!
4) I do check from time to time to see if I have powers. I dont care if they want to ecperiment or put me in a sideshow-that'll be better than school any day! PAY ME!-Chanell

dejanae said...

listen bastard
u need to friggin remember ur damn password
and get to bloggin

u know im
man chillin with cool aliens. that'd be the life

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