Music: vernacular of the soul


Thursday, October 7, 2010


hallow's eve steadily approaches
what to be?what to be?
where to go?
got ideas?

ima bootleg the costumes from crap i already have in my damn closet
cuz i am cheap
and its a recession
and i am cheap

i was thinkin bout a bootleg 40's femme fatale
or a bootleg gangsta ass superhero called Mclaren ofcourse

what yall doin?
How old is too old to do Halloween?

Callin females out their name cuz they dont wanna fuck every Tom,Dick, and Tyrone that utters a "hi ma"
Who still does that shit?
dudes who try to holla @ me on flatbush is who
I woulda got gully but um
they was rollin in a pack
and you know how ninjas get when they rollin deep
and those Bruce Lee moves i practice in my head might not work out so well in real life
ya feel me right?
im still gangsta tho

Peer pressure stopped workin on me somewhere around middle school
I wear what i want
say what i want
drink what i want when i want to
and manage to do all this without needing anybody's damn approval or cosign
mindblowing concept huh?
not really but some people havent gotten the hang of it yet

Askin chicks over to the crib on your first "date"
le sigh
Why dudes keep tryna play me
Am I that chick?
Received my third house date invitation yesterday
This from a guy who should definitely know better
The next guy who asks me that, its gonna be a wrap
Ima just be like. if you wanna fuck, just say you wanna fuck cuz this playin house shit on the first date thing will get you nowhere quick
i'd respect you more if you just said you wanna fuck
genuine, grade A, organic, no preservatives talk