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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

For real tho

you think maybe she has a learning disability?

*country first my ass*

Monday, September 22, 2008


bypassing the nearest trainstation and walkin 40+ blocks to the next one to
catch that train home makes perfect sense to me
walking and people watching are two of my favorite pasttimes

carville is one sexy motherfucker
if u dont get it, then u dont get it
get out my

dont front
u know he's fly
and that voice
u can just tell he'd be a freak

im still blog single cuz couldnt one motherfucker follow friggin directions
and i cant stand a dumb bitch
so there goes that
yeah i'm talkin bout you

if you're not sure of the meaning of a word, dont use it until u get sure

using a word with seven syllables incorrectly will invariably make you look dumber than using a two syllable word correctly
heed this advice folk

someone needs to cut this rebecca chick
cuz somehow she thought it would be cute to spam my spot
(i absolve myself of any responsibility should some ill actually befall the friggin idiot)

i roll my eyes all the damn time without realizing it
it's not my fault
blame it on all the dumb people i've come into contact with
they did this to me i tell you

political commentary liberally sprinkled with profanity?
sexy as hell
if u aint know, now u do

white porn
melanin challenged folk porn
does not appeal to me one bit
ive tried
i really have

I work with this guy Des.tri of Blondie fame
he's a counselor at the treatment center and he's got a good sense of humor that one
he has forgiven me for not knowing who he was

Can someone please tell my pops that havin a girfriend who's younger than your daughter is not a good look
no really
the ole bag needs to get settled down
Hugh Heffner he is not

i saw this lady on the train today
bleaching ur skin to the point were your face is 15 shades lighter than your hands is most definitey not the bizness

getting mad at folk for shit they did to you in a dream sounds logical to me

I woke up the other day and was mad at my brother but wasnt sure why
then it hit me
he ate my cake that i left in the fridge
me:why'd you eat my damn cake?
him:What are you talkin bout?
me:the friggin cake i had in the fridge
him:i didnt eat any cake. i didnt even see a cake in the fridge
me:i coulda...*walks to kitchen,
realizing that this imaginery cake i thought he ate i had conjured up in my dream the night before
comes back into room scowling
me:u should stop bein a damn thief.
u even stealin shit in my dreams
him:shut the fuck up. thats why i ate your damn cake

I am convinced my mother needs psychological help and i'm equally afraid that i might catch whatever it is she's got
apparently my condition is slower acting tho
she was far loonier than me at my age
or so i've heard

There was a bootleg fashion show at this club that me and Fi went to for Michelle's bday
(i'll get to that tomorrow)
fashion being bootleg victorias secret lingerie knockoffs
*insert side eye here*
half them bitches couldnt walk for shit
all but two i felt like running up to them and forcing a sandwich down their throat or something
Me and this other chick had a little tete a tete about that one
then i head to the bathroom and these other chicks are talkin bout how them models need to go on a diet
*insert screeching halt here*

ill be damned
we couldnt have been lookin at the same girls

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

a day in the life

You like chicken?
sure looks like it

fuck you

i'd rather you do it

i couldnt even get mad son
i swear all the ole white dudes in manhattan need to stop tryna talk to me

unless of course they got Bill Gates money

edit:for the record
i was not eating no damn chicken

Saturday, September 13, 2008

you know who you

u must
cuz i sure dont

tis the season
so im in the market for a blog husband/wife
seeing as how folk wanna get married off left and right
i figure the least i can do is get an imaginery relationship goin
If you're interested in the position just answer these four questions
and then list your bootleg qualifications

What would i say to you if you showed up at my door with roses?
What was your first impression of me/this blog and how has it changed?(if at all)
Who was/is your cartoon crush and why?
Are you willing to make me a mixtape? What you puttin on it?

Friday, September 12, 2008

under construction

Aight folk
i know
i been slackin
you should know better than to believe when i tell yall ima have a post up soon
especially a topic-specific one
come on now
yall know me
im lazy

Got a fake gig as a bootleg receptionist at
a substance abuse and detox facility

tryna decide if im just gonna finish out the psych degree and do the teaching fellows thing or just switch to teaching altogether

I wanna learn to sew
come teach me
Yall know im fly
ima start thinking im the next versace or something
u gotta buy my shit

i went running last night and ive officially decided im too damn old for that mess
how young is too young to have arthritis?

guess what i found hiding behind the dresser
some ancient relic of times past
this piece of crap right here

i think i used it a total of 1 week
ima try this mess again
goal:2 weeks
its like goin thru withdrawal
if i can make it past that hump then i can do it for the long haul

I have two years to get most if not all my shit together
Finish school
get my own spot
yada yada yada

Someone else got engaged
i think these bastards are doin this shit on purpose
I'm convinced it's a plot to remind me of just how single i am
I got four years before my deadline of getting knocked up is here
let's see
learn to design/sew crap
run a marathon
finish school
get a real gig
get my own spot
meet the one
get married
pop out a lil bastard

or i could just do the whole artificial insemination thing and let the rest work itself out

Monday, September 8, 2008


*moment of silence for my fam down in Haiti*
i cant even say anything on that right now
ill get to it later

finally uploaded the rest of the pics

so it was the best bud's bday on saturday and she wanted to go to this Michael Jackson tribute party crap

*insert side eye here*
(She's the bigest friggin MJ fan in case u couldn't tell)

it's the heifa's day
what could i do?
All of us except for Gritty met up at her house then
we headed out to TGIFriday's to catch a bite
I forgot to take a pic of the food but best be sure i tore that shit up

Then we headed off to the damn trainstation headed towards the city for said Michael Jackson Tribute Party (Of course Barry Gordy mysteriously canceled. Yall know that shit was a ploy to get folk to come)

We met up with Gritty at Columbus Circle and walked our merry asses to the spot
First off i was tight that i had to pay 30 dollars to get in
but again
what the hell was i gon do?
I handed that guap over all the while watching my life savings slip away

Andrani got her book signed by Aphrodite Jones

author of All She Wanted which was later adapted into the film Boys Don't Cry

If u havent seen it, check it out

(i remember watching that in the Rainbow Club for the first time in highschool. Did i tell yall that i was in a GSLBT club? It was entertaining to say the least. Ill recount the stories someday)

Horrible karaoke was to follow
at which point i was contemplating running into oncoming traffic
until this bootleg Jack Black look-alike came to save the day

i Seriously underestimated that white boy
he could blow
had a chick contemplating throwing some undies on stage

Did you know that Floetry wrote Butterflies for Michael Jackson?

There was also a fake Michael Jackson impersonator
Oh man
i wish i'd taken a pic
he looked a tore up mess
and this boy had the nerve to not be able to dance

but the whole time the busted impersonator was performing on stage (replete with 5 minute costume changes that had me rolling my damn eyes and gritting my teeth)
Gritty was putting it down on the dance floor

Yall remember that 30 dollar entrance fee?
tell me why these bastards had the nerve to have food laid out but u had to pay for drinks?
these sonsofbitches
3 dollar bottle of water my ass

We left there some hours later and headed to the fountain where we proceeded to take off our shoes and frolic in the water like the fools we were

All in all it was a fun night
coulda been better
but sometimes the crappiest times definitely can make for the the most entertaining

ps: yall do realize that there was no way in hell i was gon do all this shit then answer all yall questions too right?
ull know bout it when i postem
that will be all