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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Push it to the limit

this man right here just always does it for me
just the sound of his voice
and i think of sinewy muscles
taut skin glistening with beads of sweat
heavy labored breathing

Push it To The Limit

that's my workout joint right
don't judge me bastards

<<<< my game face
So im off the rag and headed back to el gimnasio tomorrow
I got three months to see some major improvements
four pack here i come (yeah i coulda said 6 but seeing as how that six pack been about 6 friggin years in comin, ima set my goals a lil lower.)

Ima attempt to eat cleaner
(my very loose interpretation of clean)

What are some goals yall are workin towards?
What is some crap yall been sitting on that you know u should be getting done?

Monday, April 28, 2008

eenie meenie minie moe

random crap again
thnx to killah kelz

when i was in elementary school me and the lil bro were walking home from school
This middle aged white dude was crouched inside a dark blue van and beckoning for us to come check out these puppies he had

get the hell outta here
I watch 20/20 motherfucker
Me and Starsky looked at each other
then got our lil black asses to running
Wasn't nobody about to get got that day

Just cuz we was dancing does not mean i am now your girlfriend, fuck buddy, or wifey.
Needy ass, attachment-disorder motherfucker
The song is over. You can leave me alone now

Treadmills do not like me
The first time i got on one i almost died

it was moreso death by humiliation than anything else
Of course i tried to laugh it off but i was traumatized
I havent looked at treadmills the same since

I havent combed my hair in a week
Im doing this bootleg protective style challenge that requires i dont comb or brush my hair
especially while dry
No big to do about it
finger styling it is
we'll see how long this lasts
im tryin for a month

Im not averse to cosmetic surgery
a nip here
a tuck there
but come the hell on

Angel Lola Lov
not a good look
i aint mad mad at the big ass
ive seen plenty
i aint even mad at the fact that it's fake

like a bad boob job,
(think Pamela Anderson)

it just doesnt look right

peanut butter on toast dipped in coffee?
Basically the only time i drink coffee

Friday, April 25, 2008

red light green light 1 2 3

You know how folk do that whole "knock on wood" shit when they say something at the same time or whatever?
(yeah i just got done doing some bootleg research and apparently ive been doing it all wrong. It's supposed to be some superstitious crap to ward off doom. oh well)
That is so not the bizness
If you really wanna be cool like me
u say
That's what me and my brothers do
When we say shit at the same time or finish each others thoughts we scream psychic link then do some bootleg handshake
it's cool dammit

if aliens do exist....

i wanna get abducted
Thatd be some cool shit
I wanna be abducted by the friendly ones tho
no anal probes please
no alien embryo implantation
Just straight chillin
intergalactic blunt smokin.haha
come back to earth with a few souvenirs
im tryna be rich bitch
give me some advanced technology so i can get that Bill Gates money

I despise seein everybody and their resurrected grandmama wearing the same hideous shit
some trends are not for everybody
Im just sayin
If it's ugly
It's fuckin ugly
Don't do it

Am i the only one who tries to see if they've spontaneously developed the power of telekinesis?

Every once in a while i'll try to focus all my energy on a smaller object and see if the crap will move
Hasn't happened yet

i hit folk when im laughin really hard

it's either that or i shove them
I cant help it
Dont go tryna fight me cuz i gave u a small push off the chair
You knew of that possibility when u sat ur ass next to me

I aint birth no damn babies
there really is no need to call me ma or any such variation of that word
Especially if u tryna holla
a pet peeve of mine i guess
it probably has less to do with the word itself but more to do with the guys that employ it
They've all been crackhead actin or crackhead lookin

Speakin of crackheads
I'll admit that i do go out lookin like i'm hooked on the white stuff sometimes
I aint tryna impress nobody when i'm headed to the gym
or the grocery store
or the pizza shop
or the 99 cent store
or school
yeah i guess i look like a crackhead pretty often

It's a good weeding out tactic tho
let a fine man holla when i'm lookin my worst
has happened a few times
After i be walkin wit a bit more pep in my step
actually i dont do pep
I just be thinkin i must be some hot
be like "you aint seen nothing yet
just you catch me when im all dolled up"

Betta to be caught out there lookin like you should be in a treatment center than to be dressed to the nines all the time

The only way to go from there is down
im just sayin

no need to come to school like ur at a damn fashion show
You are not gon get discovered in ur 9 am Woman's lit class
give the 5 inch heels a fuckin break

apparently i cause people's gaydar to malfunction or something

and last but certainly not least on my list of disdains
This ni66a right here

i can't stand this yellow piece of crap
If only for the fact that he's a sponge that lives under the sea but looks like the friggin sponge that lives under my kitchen sink

And to yall grown folk wit spongebob anything
shame on you

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

ip dip dog shit you are not it

This is my bootleg version of the tag crap
im not gon tag nobody

here are some random quirks of mine

I hate flats

they're just not aesthetically pleasing to me
have yet to find a pair that speak to me
when they can get flats to look as sexy as stilettos
im all over them
i know they're supposed to be comfortable and shit
i really dont care
unless they're sneaks
im not doin it
ugly, practical pieces of shit
that's what i say
im too fuckin old to be lookin like im headed to an audition for the damn Nutcracker
(yeah i know that made little sense.i dont care)

in junior high
i had to memorize the story Mufaro's beautiful daughters for this library contest thing

turning it into a song helped a lot
i do that with a lot of stuff

I hate mosquitoes

but apparently they love my black ass
i mean that literally
the ass part
i mean i dont understand how i end up getting mosquito bites on my rear end
but sure enough
they always make an appearance

I hate when folk dont remember shit that i do
Then they have the nerve to be lookin at me like i'm crazy
Yall remember that show TWO? starrring ole boy from one life to live

i knew his ass looked familiar
I loved TWO

here's a bootleg synopsis:
What if there was a killer who murdered people for fun and the scariest thing is he looked exactly like you? Gus Maclain, a college professor who teaches literature and English has the perfect life, a loving wife and loyal friends who trust and believe in him. Unfortunately, all of that is ripped away when Gus's wife, Sarah is brutally slain and the evidence points straight to him. Gus tries to maintain his evidence, but the Feds make the charges stick and are transporting him back to be prosecuted for other murders that Gus didn't commit. On the way there, his prison van is hijacked and he is knocked out by a man who looks exactly like him. Turns out that the man who helped Gus is his wicked twin brother Booth Hubbard. When they were babies, Gus and Booth's original parents had died in an accident and Booth was taken in by a kind mother, but had an abusive husband who would beat Booth constantly. Booth learns the truth about Gus living the good life and his intentions are to take control of Gus's life. Unfortunately because of the beatings he received, Booth now has cerebral damage that could claim his life at anytime. With not very long to live, Booth decides to let Gus live his life: the life of a wanted fugitive. Enraged, Gus vows that he will find Booth and avenge Sarah. Now, Gus wandering from town to town in search of clues that will lead him to Booth or that will clear his innocence. But Gus doesn't have much to go by and everywhere he turns he has to dodge the Feds and other law enforcement officials as he struggles to clear his name. Along the way, Gus will encounter many characters in need of his assistance and he must find a way to help the victims, without blowing his own cover

I always find the nerds sexy
except Steve Urkel

couldnt fuckin do it

I talk back to books
I talk back to books more than folk talk back to the tv screen
u should try it sometime

i'm honestly waiting for someone to develop a method of safely removing the uterus
im tryna have that shit sit itself in the damn corner and bleed out before reinsertion
and yes
im currently bleeding like a friggin stuck pig

yeah i didnt follow the exact rules
what ya gon do?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

im baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

sorry folk
took a lil blog hiatus
i aint really got no damn reason



here goes:

Ok yall know me and moms started bootleg speaking again

That weekend i spent at her house was mad awkward but pretty uneventful


I need her to friggin step back for a second

Yeah, yeah
i know i wanted us to be closer and ish but.....
she's annoying the hell outta me now

She calls every damn day
u friggin tell me

all she does is say the same stuff
We aint even nowhere near that close for me to come up with things to say everyday

She needs to give me some dang space
Did i mention that she comes over unannounced
just drops by
all smiling and shit

but of course i cant tell her to take her ass home cuz wasnt nobody tryna have her over

I know i sound ungrateful but

she cant just be takin it from 0-60 like that

I told her i'd visit her church every once in a while
3 or 4 times a year

She thinks that means every other Sunday

For yall that was prayin that me and moms would start talkin
can yall make some slight changes
tamp them prayers down a bit


i might end up killin the woman

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What would you do?

Here are the rules: One person answers the question above them, then asks a question asking what someone would do if ______ happened? Or maybe, what would you do if you ____ a _____ ____ ____ ____?

President Bush: What would you do if you saw some zombies walk into your house?

Condeleezza Rice: I would take out my shot gun, and blast the shit outta them.
What would you do if a man stole your purse/wallet and tried to run away with it?

I'll start. What would you do if you had the abilities of Super Man, but only had 24 hours to live?

so apparently opinionated diva and akanizzle are the only ones who can follow directions
come the hell on

YOU answer the question of the person above you
You come up with your own question


Monday, April 14, 2008

What's the last thing you've seen on television that had u shook? checkin shadows? surveying alleys?

Ok it was years ago
show was Beyond Belief : fact or fiction
Show Summary: Within the course of one hour 5 stories are shown. None of these stories have any logical explanation, and some of them actually occurred. You are left to decide which of these stories, if any are fact, and which are fiction.

There was an episode from this TV series that originally aired back in
1997. This episode is one where this little boy believes there is a monster in
his closet. His older brother, like older brothers are apt to do, teases him about it and One day after school, the older brother and somea his friends threaten to lock lil bro in the closet. Lil bro pulls the ole reverse psychology tip and older brother goes into the closet himself to prove that there were no friggin monsters hidin up in that bitch. Well. Older brother starts screamin bloody murder and the other kids are thinking he's actin a fool just for show
Well they open the closet and lo and behold
Noone's in it
ole boy's clothes were on the floor
They said the cops found scratch marks all over the inside of the closet. They labeled that shit FACT
i said hell to the naw and then i couldn't go to sleep.

I don't think u understand
That crap fucked with my mind

That night i made sure i got up and closed all the closets
for sure did sleep with my face towards the wall
I wanted to be surprised if some demonic shit was gon grap me

A vivid imagination is only good in the friggin daytime
That shit has u messed up when it's the dead of night and there are fifteen million shadows around

I love to be scared tho

and i love the paranormal and science fiction
so of course

The Outer Limits


there was a show too
i definitely caught that

Tales From the Crypt Keeper

Have any phobias?
What's the scariest movie you ever saw?
Do you like to be scared?

Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Jazz Menagerie

I love music
We had all types playing in our house
Half of which i couldn't even
French ballads stayed on rotation
but it was beautiful nonetheless
My dad would play the jazz and classical joints on the weekends

Do you listen to jazz?
What's one of your fave songs?
Which songs remind you of your childhood?
Do you play any instruments?
What's the last concert you went to?

I'm tryna add to my bootleg music collection
recommend some artists/songs
doesn't have to be english by the way
The more obscure the better
as long as it's good ish

Thursday, April 10, 2008

(graphic photos ahead.They're at the very end, so don't scroll down if you're squeamish)

hit this link
Sometimes there are moments when you realize just how much it is you take for granted
I was flipping channels yesterday and came across a documentary on HBO entitled, The Greatest Silence: Rape in The Congo

there really are no words
How bad does a soul have to break for someone to lose their sense of humanity?
How do you explain to a five year old girl that due to her savage rape, she can never have kids?
How can a husband tell his kids that their mother WANTED to be raped?

So many questions
and i have no answers

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead

They showed a wing of the clinic specifically designated for rape trauma victims and........
ages ranging from TWO to women in their EIGHTY'S!!!!!!

The pops, lil bro and i just sat in front of the television
utter disbelief

I know especially as an American, i take so many things as a given
There are so many worries that others have that wouldn't even cross my mind

Out of sight is too often out of mind




Rape of the world-Tracy Chapman

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

trail mixin it

Tell me why my 20 year old cousin did not know that Egypt was in the continent of Africa. I stared at him like: Motherfucker no u did not!!!!!!!!
wonder how many other folk don't know that

Did anyone else watch the Untouchables?

What you know bout Duncan McLeod?

(That's Highlander for you uninformed)
one of the loves of my life


this shit is no holds barred
so ima use the death grip to start
one hand grippin life's balls
the other seizing his heart

Near-death-looking old men in red pimp suits complete with cane have no business tryna talk to me. Apparently they haven't figured this out yet. What the hell ima do with your old dried up ass?

speakin of old dried up ass

Not that it was in my plans or anything but after seeing what these crackheads be doin for a hit....WTF???!!!!

that shit has grown men sneaking into back alleys to give blowjobs for an ounce of powder. That'd scare me straight (no pun intended)FUCK that shit.

still single
i'm fine with that but if i'm writing the same shit 30 years from now .....
it's gon be a problem

I Just Want To Be Close To You-Maxi Priest has been stuck in my head all week

My jam right there

"In passing, also, I would like to say that the first time Adam had a chance he laid the blame on a woman." —Nancy Astor (British Politician)
*giving Adam the side eye*
Aint that the truth

All this Eve was the downfall of Adam mess
ole boy coulda told Eve to go kick rocks

I always wanna dance when i hear this joint
primal beats and stuff

My microphone is actin up
so that momma thing is gon go up tomorrow

Monday, April 7, 2008

Happy Anniversary

This is my hundredth post
cue fireworks

Unfortunately its gon be a bootleg one

refried beans-rhyme revisited type stuff

she said
she loved him
and her name was Lyric
he said
i aint want no conversation
but she thought they were makin love cuz the moves,
they mimicked
and she swore he could touch her soul and like waters wade in it
cuz she was sleepin with dogs so she got ensnared like a
runaway slave caught
and now she's screamin to God
why u aint trouble them waters?
waitin on a response from the lord she rephrased her question
why you aint swing your chariot low to carry me home?
cuz im lost without you
i'm troubled in my mind and my spirit's weary aint got nowhere to go
sure can't... return back home
heard talk of a balm in Gilead
Can it restore my soul?
mend my heart and
render me whole cuz
im shattered and broken
spirit arrested while waiting on that token
of mercy
as they stare and they whisper
Y'all heard bout Lyric?
yeah that fast tailed lil girl got herself with child
Lord they speak on things they do not know and noone
(i saw pa in Church Sunday he looked right thru me
ma? she had sadness in her eyes but
she passed me by ..)
Noone knows but so much conjecture
Lord i aint yet reached that point
cant utter them words
no..."Forgive them Lord for they know not what they do"
I am not yet that strong
I want destruction visited upon their heads like the
like the ten plagues of Egypt
for every man they had the nerve to claim i've slept with
aint it funny how sometimes we find the worst ones in church?
same ones
who'll catch the ghost and
trail tears behind your hearse
be the ones who spread lies that bind with no care of the harm
to heart
or mind
But as she screams in pain
ramshackle cottage her resting place
with her last breath she releases her daughter's name
and prays
for absolution


if i give u my heart, will i get it back broken?
see my insecurities lie just under the surface but roots dig deep
these are not the cursory worries that people have of giving of themselves
i've had hopes shattered too often to dream
don't get me wrong
i'm not searching for pity
a life of regrets doesn't offer much for the soul but i don't think i can afford to take the chances that others do
giving all too much of myself and always seeming to play the recurring role of the fool
so before you offer me platitudes of how you'll never make me cry and how you see the future in my eyes
cut the crap and tell me something real
i only consider it romance if the words are actualized
like dreams never realized and love never materialized
almost doesn't count
never did


I know yall love my assignments
so here goes:
1. What's your fave song off the playlist
2. Listen to atleast one song on my playlist that you haven't heard already
then give an HONEST opinion of it
3. Recommend an Artist or song to me that you think i may not have heard

Im mad i did a 1500 hour utter about the weekend with moms but the sound was inaudible so....
yeah that's for tomorrow

Saturday, April 5, 2008

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I tried

"I used to think she didn't love us
Cause she beat us so much, plus she came home drunk
But every now and then she'd knock on wood, and say
I tried to do the best that I could - and I believe her
Cause she was treated evil out the box
You can't get what you ain't got"

Friday, April 4, 2008

just chill

It's Friday yall


Baby Can't Leave it Alone

Kissing You (not the bootleg beyonce version)

I Know What You're Doing

What's your favorite song to dance to?
Get the sexy mood going?
What song gets you emotional?

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ramblings of a Lunatic

now apparently i aint got no blog clout
cuz when i ask folk to do a task,aint nobody tryna listen
case in point
Now whynahell did noone participate?
u tryna be special?
u wanna be different thats fine
this aint the place to be exercisin ur individuality tho
ya dig?
my spot

my friggin rules


ever been on a diet?
how'd that workout forya?
i started my bootleg healthy eating plan yesterday
I mean when the chinese place knows ur voice and the folk at Mickey d's act like ur family, there's aproblem

Ever saw Candyman?

that movie scared the shit outta me when i first caught it
The year was 1992
The pops,the older-lil bro and i headed to el cine to catch a flick
We hadnt decided on what we wanted to see before we got there
looked up at the movie listings
Dr Giggles
sounds innocent enough right?
family friendly even


all i know is the second they showed that boy cutting his way out his mother's belly,My dad told us to grab our shit and bounce.
We got the hell outta there
My dad wasnt tryna cough up cash for some more tickets so we snuck into a different movie
This time we were sure the movie had to be kosher
How bad could it be?

yeah well
somebody was playin a joke on us that day
We resigned ourselves and stayed and watched it

That night i went home scared of my own damn shadow
but i aint no punk ya hear?
I went to go take a shower before goin to bed
Started talking to myself
"It's just a movie stupid.
do it
you'll see
nothing's gonna happen
on the count of three"

I turned off the bathroom lights

::deep breath::
*rethinks this foolishness*
(i for sure did hesitate before i said it the fifth time. If you ever caught the movie you'll know

(two second pause as i waited for some bootleg Captain hook lookin motherfucker to jump out at me)

I'm here to tell u the story so yall figure out how that went

(yeah the one i left to die on the bathroom
tell me why i was thinkin " motherfucker please
get ur ass ready for school
i aint handin out no oscars"
as he closed his eyes and his head slid further down the length of the side of the tub)

the bastard has this problem with talkin in his sleep
Used to bug the hell outta me
flashbackin it
All four of us
(moms,pops,chris and Starsky)
in a one room apartment
sooooo not the bizness

so yeah
i had to share a bed wit the little bugger
u might be askin: Why wasnt Starsky and Chris sharing

well sleeping next to Chris?
a nightmare

he not only talks in his sleep
he flings his legs on folk
throws his arm across people
rolls OVER folk
grabs all the friggin covers
(So Starsky and Chris would start fighting in the middle of the night. Then my parents got the smart idea to make me endure the torture instead)
did i mention he SLEEPWALKS!?!?!?!?

this freak of nature

Any of you sleepwalk?
talk in your sleep?

The sleep walkin started after he watched the Leprechaun for the first time

The leprechaun?come on now

That ish wasn't even scary
wit his punk ass

Why was this Midgety Mexican dude tryna talk to me?

(yeah i know he's not Mexican
i don't care)

I mean lil man came up to my friggin tittie
what the hell he thought he was gon do?

ever date a female considerably taller than you?
considerably larger than you?
with more muscle tone than you?
ever date someone with bigger feet than you?
ever date someone with less hair than you?

ever date someone considerably shorter than you?
ever date someone considerably smaller than you?
ever date someone who you had more muscle than?
ever date someone with smaller feet than you?
ever date someone with more hair than you?


All The Good Women Are In Jail, Gay, Or taken,
doesnt quite have the same ring does it?
What would be the male equivalent to "all the good men are in jail, taken, or gay "
for you fellas that haven't found the one, Why do you think that is or where do you think you'll find her?

Ever been in an interracial relationship?

How'd that work out?

Tiger Woods said he wasn't actually "black" at all -- he was "Cablinasian."

Woods made his remarks on "Oprah," when he was asked if it bothered him to be called an African-American. "It does," he said. "Growing up, I came up with this name: I'm a 'Cablinasian.'" As in Caucasian-black-Indian-Asian. Woods has a black father (or to be precise, if I am interpreting Woods' reported ancestry correctly, a half-black, one-quarter American Indian, one-quarter white father) and a Thai mother (or, with the same caveat, a half-Thai, half-Chinese mother). "I'm just who I am," Woods told Oprah Winfrey, "whoever you see in front of you."

I hear people saying that Tiger Woods is ashamed of being black
Now I haven't personally examined his psyche or anything, but him calling himself cablinasian shouldn't be that big of a deal if one at all. Why should folk have to, in essence, pick sides ?
What's the issue if he (or anyone else of mixed heritage) acknowledges their lineage? especially if that cultural mix isn't far removed but only one or two generations away?
Why suscribe to the 'if you look black you are black' mentality if it excludes or does not acknowledge your heritage as you see it?
I know a few people who are mixed and look a lot more like one 'racial' group then the other. I don't see that as a reason to raise an eyebrow if they go out of their way to acknowledge the other half of their heritage.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Do yall got love for New York?

This gon be a real bootleg attempt at thankin yall for steppin on thru
thanx folk
'preciate it

Ever watched I love New York?
Ever been to the big apple? howd u like it?
Ever met a celebrity?
been on tv?
Been a guest on a talkshow? been in the audience?
Been to an awards show?

If u were famous
what would you be known for?
would you hire a personal shopper?
what would you drive?
would you make your political views public?
who would they pair you with in the tabloids?
would you have any stalkers?
would you have an entourage?
what other famous people would you hang with?
who would you have on speed dial?
who would hate/ be jealous of you?
who would try to take advantage of you?
where would you live?
would you insure any parts of your body?

rhymes revisited time

(i can hear half of yall leavin already.
u gon have to deal til i get my ass in gear
real post gon be up lata today)

I fail to understand how it is
that you could treat me the way you do
I could never imagine
carrying life inside my womb
for nine months, spirits watched
moon after moon as i grew
How it is you didn't feel the need
to touch me
sing to me lullabyes
even if u thought
i couldn't hear you from inside
I cannot imagine not feeling
excited anew at every discovery
of every new phase
from the ultrasound pictures
staring open-mouthed
to the first kick, stopping midstride
stunned and amazed
Tell me why
why it is u saw fit to walk away
Why i wasn't given the chance
Why you had no words to say
All i want to know is


touch me


touch me in the morning
a prayer she'd say each night as her eyes would close
and her soul would hope
that those who took comfort in her parted thighs
silk mahogany that drove men to ecstasy under cover of night
might just once
take the time to realize that she just
needed to be held

just wanted to know what it would be like
what it would
feel like

to know
someone had stayed
cared enuff to hold her thru the night
and be there to

touch her in the morning

to know the feel of flesh against her own
to awaken to the sun clear on the horizon
and have someone beside her
and not drift out of her life like
every man she's ever known

if you could just
touch her in the morning
cuz she's grown sick and tired of

being alone

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Who killed Kenny?

Guess who went to the gym yesterday?

gladiator status son
we gon do this

I havent been to the gym in a minute
so i was for sure feelin that shit yesterday
bootleg sports conditioning class was kicking my ass

Expounding on the bootleg confessions

I almost Killed Christmarlon


that's the lil bro
he's 7 years younger

see what had happened was....
My mother would wake me up while she was making breakfast and tell me to wake up my brothers and make sure they got ready for school. This bastard never wanted to get his ass up. Mind you, he'd wake up if my moms told him to, but he'd act a damn fool when i'd tell him to get his lazy ass off the bed.
Yo i was kinda evil with it
pinching, slapping him upside the head, punching, kicking him
(i'm not an evil person
yet he wouldn't get his ass off to the friggin bathroom
Then i'd get in trouble when moms would inevitably have to come in the room and do it herself.
cue "Apal na caban la toujours?" (that's my bootleg attempt at writing creole.basically means "Why is he still in bed?")
And of course since the lil bastard would be all accommodating when she woke him up, she assumed that i didnt really try to wake him up
she wasnt witness to the kicks to the ass i gave him. This boy just refused to listen to me. Still doesnt

OK to the incident
Christ was actin a fool that day like usual. Moms woke him up and he went in the bathroom to wash up before school.
Moms was on the phone in the bedroom and i was catchin some Mighty Max on the television in the livingroom. Got bootleg hungry so i was passing thru the hallway to get some grub. I saw the idiot on the floor,his head slumped over, back leaning against the edge of the tub, eyes closed.
I just looked at his black ass and kept it moving to the kitchen. Came out the kitchen with my eggs on toast
looked towards the bathroom
and lil man was still there on the floor
this time he was groaning softly
i looked at him
rolled my eyes
and kept it moving
Mighty Max was still on

not a minute later, I heard a shriek the likes of which i've never heard before or since
Then my moms was calling out my name
"Diana, Diana, vin la. fere vit. Rele 911, rele 911"(bootleg creole again)
"Diana come here quick. call 911!!!Call911!!!"
So of course i ran to the hallway
And i stopped when i saw moms in the bathroom crying and cradling Christmarlon's head in her hand
Then she pulled her hand from behind his head
It was covered in blood
My heart just about stopped
then i got my ass in gear
I ran to the room and called the popo
gave the dispatcher the relevant info
I ve only been scared like that one other time in my life( i'll get to that story later today. maybe)
A few minutes later 4 firefighters came thru the apartment and pulled him unconscious, onto a gurney headed to Kings County hospital
(When I saw them i was like: ummm there aint no fire...where the paramedics at?lol but since they were the closest they responded first)
He sustained serious trauma to the head.Had to get his dome stitched up.Had some internal bleeding blah blah blah
but on the real
They said lil man coulda died if he hadn't gotten to the hospital when he did
Now yall might be saying : "Hold up. Didn't she say she passed by and saw him lying on the ground twice before moms was even screaming?"
but come on
i'm not that evil
I thought he was playing around
He was always fakin like he was sick or exhausted and shit so i assumed this was just another one of his attempts to get on my damn nerves
But maaaaaaaaaan
When i found out shit was serious
You coulda slapped me and i wouldn't have noticed
I felt so guilty that day
i guess i should add this part
He'd slipped and fell on the wet floor and busted his head open against the side of the tub
Why was the floor wet?
Well i had washed my sneaks the day before and hungem to dry

Moral of the story:
Don't cry wolf

and dont leave ur wet sneakers hangin

*came back to add*
there was no lasting damage
except for a bootleg scar on the back of his head
he aiiiiiight

when we get into fights, i tell him
i saw the blood and left him laying there on purpose

he told me to take down that first pic bcuz he looks a mess
i will not
aint noone told him to try and get his llcoolj on. licking his lips and