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Monday, January 19, 2009

tell me something good

Just been busy with life
lazy with bloggin

I went to a church revival this weekend that Vanessa invited me to
Saturday and Sunday
the services were really good
music was good
the message was one i really needed to hear
i coulda sworn the sermon was written especially for me
i was blessed

Tell me something good

7 public opinion:

Anonymous said...

You're awesome.

I've been wondering where you're at. Glad to hear that things are going...

1/3 said...

yay your back! Ive been on a lil break too. I love sermons like! Hmm makes me wish I went to church more..still working on that lol

Charles said...

Its kinda creeps me out when I hear sermons that sound like they were written specifically for me. Makes me wonder if I really am a heathen. I've been SERIOUSLY slackin with the blogging, so don't even feel bad...

Ms. Lovely said...

yea i can't even front cause i've been slackin on my blog rounds.

clnmike said...

Missed you.

dejanae said...

aww gracias

girl we're all workin on something

who said i felt bad?

ms lovely:
guess it's goin around

aint that nice

spchrist said...

Don't you hate that when it feels like the preacher is speaking to only someone dropped a dime on you and told the preacher ALL YA BIZNESS?