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Monday, April 13, 2009

Fuck a Swordsmith, Wordsmith is Where It's At

Well actually...
id rather fuck a wordsmith

Words can be sexy as fuck
i fall in love with spoken word artists every 5 seconds
ok days
same difference
i get hot n shit
wanna start doin some stuff

Went to the Soundbites poetry festival
had a great time
Some really great pieces were performed
Issues ranging from child molestation to "accidentally" getting ur foot stuck on some bad little kid's neck

some sick wordplay

im not on Slam level but i wanna be
my damn brain however is actin a constipated ass
we're gonna come to a truce one of these days

I haven't been reading as much as i planned to do at the beginning of the year

Recommend a book
im gonna make a visit to Strands in 2 weeks
head to Barnes n Nobles

immerse myself

Open Mic
this Saturday
come along
u know u want to

5 public opinion:

Keli said...

You might need to stay away from open mic's...but I feel ya...a man that can stimulate me mind and body with his words his hella sexy.

The Jaded NYer said...

10PM on Saturday? I'm no poet, but I'll go and support if you need it :D

Anonymous said...

Crazy that as much as I love writing, I'm not into writers.

But I feel you on the writer's block. Been battling a bit of that myself. They should make a pill for that. Hell, they make pills for everything else.

Anonymous said...

Word. I gotta blog about Soundbites! Lots of stuff started swirling in my brain because of it.

What happened with the open mic? When am I gonna see you perform? I gotta write some new pieces and join you on stage!

dejanae said...

mos def

its been rescheduled for a later

robin:im saying
im still stuck

do that
i got to work on my crap but definitely