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Saturday, May 16, 2009

unfinished business

shit im workin on at the moment
lines from unfinished poems and such

it wasnt just that freshman fifteen
see what they called pregnancy, she called a parasitic infection

it might just be that my selective memory wont allow me to call forth the bad times but
i miss you

he said it like he loved me and i listened like i believed him

my mother never loved me and this she made quite clear
straight up said, "Bitch. i never wanted you"
and well
i guess her honesty was refreshing
no need for second quessing
can't miss what you never had, right?

if i wanted you back,
i wouldv'e told you i wanted you back
but since the words didnt come out my mouth
boy u better figure it out

thats just the way our love was
it took me 5 years to quit you
spent approximately 3 of those 5 years crying every other day
had a bald spot for each one of those years that had me stressing
see apparently my body had sense enough to reject you even if my mind didn't

"i could love you if you let me"
simple words he whispered right before he left me and it fuckin hurt
like truth often does
see he went the way of double dutch and training bras

im fly
and tho it has absolutely nothing to do with the span of my thighs
i wont lie.
them shits have a power all their own
have fell men 200 plus pounds grown

blah blah blah
wats new folk?
no really
i wanna know

12 public opinion:

Stew said...

if you are looking for a challenge, you should try to find a way to string them all together into one cohesive poem. i think it would be cool because you have a bunch of different topic.

or maybe it would get to be too jumbled. just a thought.

dejanae said...

and itll stay as a thought
tryna get me to do more work
hard enough tryna get one together
side eye to u

She W0rd Hustlez said...

Hm, I agree with Stew. I think you should piece it all together in one poem. I love the lines read thus far. Real shit. You don't seem to sugarcoat, I like that.

Keli said...

You better get to work...

Forge said...

This is just wrong. What the hell. After I got into the middle I had to go back to the top to re-read the beginning of this post. Sure 'nough, I wasn't slow, these were unfinished words to peoms left undead. They are very intriging though. I was thinking, wow and you left me wanting more.

-One Man's Opinion. Peace.

Mizrepresent said...

I don't know if you were spittin real or fantasy, but whateva it was...i loved it...dayum gurl, that was real!

okay, so u have just been adopted, cuz Miz loves you!

Mo said...

you should write them on postcards...and leave them around new york city

Rich Fitzgerald said...

I think they have a power all of their own. It may not have been cohesive but it felt complete.

Anonymous said...

I like Stew's suggestion. It would be hot if you could turn those bits into one piece. There was a poem I found a couple years back where a poet from Florida did it as a challenge; I'll look for it and link you.

Harriet said...

i'm with stew (and late with it, too!).

how have you been, dej? hit me back when you get a chance!

Harriet said...

Girl, i put the wrong link. Here is the correct one.

Demon Hunter said...

Hey Dejanae,
Where you been? I got married in March and now I'm back on the net, writing and whatnot. Stop by when you get a chance. :-)