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Thursday, September 3, 2009

hello. Anybody there?

wat yall been up to?

lemme see
went to a bootleg house party where i proceeded to attract all manner of crackhead
so that 'u r wat u attract' crap... straight bullshit
Told the bastard i was fuckin gay but of course what he heard was "Oh yes. I'd love to fuck you in every position imaginable"
I can't

me: I'm here with my girfriend to have a good time. Leave us alone
him:*in whiny ass bitch voice* don't be like that. You discriminating againt me. Why u discriminating against me?
me: I don't want your ass. Get the fuck away
Him: I know u aint really gay. ur bisexual. i can share
Him: Aren't u a lil too big for her.
(the fuck this nigga just said?!?!?)
wouldnt u rather have the real thing?
I don't care what she does, what she use
i mean a dildo...come on. The real thing is much better . She can't satisfy you
(At this point i'm beyond fuckin pissed but this nigga is still smilin in my face with his dumb self)
I push him the hell away and threaten him with bodily harm
Dude smiles and walks off
I'm thinking: ok it took a while but now he's got the picture the thirsty ass crackhead lookin piece of shit

fastforward to me n the girl walkin out the party

here comes lil fella tryna start up again
follows us from the backyard thru the house and to the trainstation
Marisol-" my girlfriend" aint havin no more of this bullshit and she bout to fight his ass
all 4'8" of her.lmao
her: You don't fuckin understand english dumbass.
leave my girfriend alone.
Him: It don't make no sense. you can't satisfy her
*dude looks at me* It's not natural gal. You can't handle that
MArisol: You dumb fuck. I can satisfy her just fine.
Me and Fiona and Zorina are just dyin
i dont recall what happened next exactly but Zorina called him a lil bitch and that was his cue to flash us
the horror yall
the horror
We had a good laugh that night
the memories

This post wouldve been accompanied by pictures of dude but for the fact that my camera was actin an ass
i might putem up later tho
cuz zorina's friend took pictures of the gremlin

15 public opinion:

The Jaded NYer said...


He flashed his junk?? smh... I can't with these dudes...

Urban Thought said...

Why? Why?

No means no. Go away. Leave the ladies alone, if they don't want to be bothered with you.

I think people leave out the house with false impressions of themselves. They think they're hot when they're not.

Glad you set dude straight. Even if it took him a while to get it. And he probably still doesn't understand.

(vixenchick) said...

ugh! gross! dude was way outta line.

another hair post, please!



Rashan Jamal said...

I'll respectfully ask you not to post those photos. Thanks...

Do you ever meet anyone that piques your curiousity or only gremlins?

Jackie E. said...

This story is too funny....and what's sad is, I could really just picture the whole scenario. SMH!!! At least you had a laugh at the end:-)

Sting said...

Hey Lady,

Just saying hi.

The Second Sixty-Eight said...


You made this up, right? Please tell me you made this up!

Good thing y'all didn't throw no water on his ass! You know them gremlins respawn in water!

But Marisol though?

Keli said...

Girl, what else do you expect from a bootleg house party?

dejanae said...

jaded nyer:
ha wish i was
yess chile
he sure did

i dont even understand this phenomenon
i need a way to combat it

i'll try to have a hair post up for u sometime next week
i said try

so now i gotta add
i do but they look n kim or look and look n dont say shit
i am not that fuckin evil
i musta did some bad shit in a past life

u had to be there to grasp the full hilarity

hey back atya :)
wat u been up to?

i wish i was son
marisol's a

i was hoping for a sexy island bastard, thats wat

clnmike said...

Lol, damn you attract some nuts for real.

Demon Hunter said...

LOL. Too funny. I've had to get rid of gremlins in my day too. Oh, wait, I still have to when my hubby's not around.

YAZMAR said...

Funny Shit...But D, tell me what you know about Olu? lol That dudes album still go hard...

Stew said...

Good times...

dopelikelouboutins said...

*waves hi* long time no speak, I totally thought u had stopped blogging til I saw someone retweet something u said on twitter!

jess said...


I love ny.