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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Don't Stop til u get enough

I still dont have a life so you'll have to put up with the mundane til exciting shit comes along


nada goin on in that front
I still always manage to find the crackheaded fellas anywhere i go
Went out with some friends last Saturday
This Middle Eastern dude who kept referring to me as 'big girl' *side eye*
no concept of personal space
tryna dance all up on me
thought he was the lovechild of Janet Jackson and Usher. dancing like a friggin idiot all night
swore he was doin some hot shit
no hon
u just look like ur having an epileptic seizure
a very enjoyable epileptic seizure, but an epileptic seizure nonetheless

I've been stuck
it kinda hurts
I need to get my mojo back
until then here's some rhymes revisited stuff:
reverse evolution
tryna bring the past back on counterclockwise revolutions, they say that love brings absolution
so I guess there's no solution to the plight that plagues her the
ills that face her
cuz it was a night of stolen innocence and hate that made her
and since she can recall her mother has despised her,
evidence of past crimes so she tried to deny her
into her heart was forbidden,
No entrance but on a good day a smile as pittance

Yall know my girl Sade's comin out with new stuff

Gonna cop it cuz come the hell on

I need to go shopping
I saw these nice knee high boots i wanted while i was chillin down in the Bronx last week
tan and brown and pure flyness so
yeah im gonna gettem tomorrow probably
need some over-the-knee boots too
pics will be forthcoming

in the meantime here are some pics of some shoes and crap i picked up last week

that will be all

8 public opinion:

Sting said...

Nice. I see someone likes heels. Can't do them. Well, med school calls for dressing up, so who knows what my future holds. Ha ha, that will be the day.

Is that a table or counter top u took the pictures on? Whatever it is, me likey.

Anonymous said...

I miss seeing your flyness in person! <3

Keli said...

As always, you can go ahead and ship those clutches to the ATX!

"Big Girl?" I guess...

K said...

Ok 4 things first FINALLY YOU UPDATE THE PAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ahem... second the Middle eastern dude sounds like he was jokes LMAO

Sade is the ish i can't wait its about time

finally, the blue ones are hot *shrugs*

Demon Hunter said...

Hey there. :-D Where you been? I have a contest for a book on my blog. And I know you like books. ;-)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

thanks for your share..................................................

MysTery said...

Love the belts and earrings!