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Thursday, June 19, 2008


yeah i know
i been gon a minute
ive been contemplating my damn life
i am so not where i thought i'd be by now
i dont know what the hell i wanna do with my life
i'm broke-ish
i done fell off my gym game (tho i have been keeping up with the fake running)
my creativity comes in spurts that seem to be few and far between
i am a punk ass bitch who needs to stop being so damn scared all the time
I could stand to be a lil nicer
I need to finally learn to play these three instruments i have sitting in my damn room
I need to get out of the U.S. for a few months or something
I'm single.thatd be fine if i wasnt worried that it's a permanent condition
i miss dancing. i wanna take up classes. ...but im broke-ish
same goes for those martial art classes i've been swearing i'd take
dont front. yall know id be a hot ninja
Me and the moms are doing better but....sigh
im beginning to think that civil is the best we can do
Me and the pops are cool as always but he's still tryna leave me to go live it up in Haiti
ima be devastated
Are any of u psychic?
cuz if u are just let me know what's in store

do u ever just wanna skip to the good shit?

sounds like some pick-me-up shopping is in order

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Kandi Black said...

man, i feel where ur coming from...

and i aint just going through some of those same emotions...

and im no ms.cleo, by no means...but i can assure you that everything is gonna be just fine...just wait and see... :)

The Second Sixty-Eight said...

Watch it girl. All that damn sighing may make you hyperventilate.

I might actually pay to see you as a hot ninja! But you gotta do the big hair though!

And don't feel TOO bad about being in a place you hadn't intended. I think it is far more common than you might imagine. Just keep moving in the right direction...

Roddykat said...

(*Sigh*) 'bout time you posted. (*Sigh*)

But on the real though, everybody feel like that at some point. I'm kinda there myself. However, you could skip to the good parts, you wouldn't be able to appreciate them. That's what the slow/bad times help with. That's my Cliche of the day.

Don't worry so, you'll do you. There's just not too many worthy at the moment.


Homer is My Co-pilot said...

The best advice I've gotten when I've felt like that is "Keep Moving Forward" meaning you can't go back so all you can do is go forward. Find what brings you joy and work towards that. instead of shopping sign up for that dance class.

oddly enough I got that keep moving forward advice from a Disney movie lol.

12kyle said...

hang in there!!! tough times don't last...tough people do.

Urban Thought said...

We've all been there.

Civil isn't such a bad thing. It is far better than not talking at all.

I think you'd make a sexy ass ninja.

Single gets a bad rap. Long Term/Short Term... I find it to be the most freedom possible.

You'll be OK.

ms.uncensored said...

oh trust girl i've been wanting to skip to the good parts since i was 5. the pick-me-up shopping is always a good idea. for the moment of course. and then afterwards u look at ya bank account and it hurts. sigh. i feel ya pain boo.

Charles said...

I need to go shopping too...

I always want to skip to the good shit...I need a fast forward button.

1/3 of what I used to be said...

I think we all go thru times when we feel like everything is going wrong at the same time. Things will look up. They always do:-)

Freaky Deaky said...

I don't think a lot of people are where they planned to be at this point in their lives.

Creativity is a bitch. The Muse comes and goes as she pleases.

The world needs more hot ninjas. Hot ninjas in fetish clothes are even hotter. I'm just saying...

If you keep sighing the perverts are going to stare at your chest.

Have a good weekend.

Desy said...

do u ever just wanna skip to the good shit?


I want to VISIT haiti with pops- but no moving... and i don't think he's about that move either...

i miss dance also...maybe i'll get it together when i graduate and have a few cents to drop here and there

Stew said...

this may sound a little crazy, but i have never wanted to "skip to the good shit" i am starting to like the little struggles that i go though because it makes "the good shit" all that much better.

i am not a psychic, nor do i know you (like that), but i do know that shit tends to work out for those of us who keep fighting. its ok to contemplate you life, but just remember to keep fighting.

the "GOOD SHIT" will come one day.

Sha Boogie said...

I so dig you on 'skipping to the good part' but going through the storm gets you to the rainbow...

The Jaded NYer said...

I'll tell you what will get you to the good shit- don't do the shopping and use that money towards some of the stuff you said you just wanted to get done.

it's still spending money but it'll also get you that much closer to being a sexy ninja!!

The Flyyest said...

hang in there sister!!!!

YESSSS go shopping!!!!!

Kieya said...

you just gotta do it homie...not the shopping...the other stuff. and then things'll start to fall into place

lea78 said...

damn deja, ain't been through in a minute. just stopping through to say hi. hope you can find what you looking for lil sis. peace and love

A journey to find me said...

I've been at the same place you are right now sooooo many times.

It may seem hard now but it will get better.

You strike me as strong young lady. You'll get through it.

Keep your head above water! You'll be fine!

Roddykat said...

Deja! I've got the perfect remedy for you. A tag! All is explained here:

Anonymous said...

I would love to skip to the good part but we all go through moments of unclarity for a reason. Like someone said just keep moving in the right direction and everything will eventually work itself out.

mp1 v.8.0 said...

Get better. Dont like seeing all these sighs. It's killing continuity

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

welcome back poet extra ordinaire

Maria said...

girl, we've all been in the doldrums. I'm just glad you're brave enough to air it all out on here!

stay fabulous, mama! :)

Cool Kidd Cann said...

I'm psychic! I can only predict my future, though... so... yah... moving along... skipping to the good shit isn't fun, because the entertainment and finding of self worth is usually in the bad shit first

Anonymous said...

what doyoutoo have a birthday coming up??? cause that's when I get in them bitchy-sad-ish-extra-contemplative-ass moods!

Don't get all down on my, be a trouper!!

Nicole said...

What's in store? You being just fine, that's what. Doesn't matter if you're not where you wanted to be by now, as long as you're where God needs you to be.

M. Raye Turner (aka L-Boogie) said...

"punk ass bitch who needs to stop being so damn scared all the time"

not my warrior princess - shake that shit off!!! i feel you about skipping to the good part, i think that desire in us is the set-up/okey-doke in life.

may i recommend that you listen to DMX I'm Slippin (the dirty version). I hope it pep you up cause if you are like me, we need to save some money!!!

One Luv!

Anonymous said...

Stop being scared Di,
see wasn't that simple?
You better read all those self-help books I picked up but never did jack-maybe you'd better apply it.
Seriously, you're full of talent and you're not going to be single forever. When I find out the answers to the rest, I'll let you know!-Chanell