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Monday, December 22, 2008

Rhymes Revisited- One of These Mornings

One Of These Mornings - Moby

you break it, you bought it
so u can
keep the damn pieces
pictures lay shredded on that nightstand next to the bible grandma gave me on our wedding day
and that wedding ring you had engraved with those words u swore you'd cherish til your passing
broken promises resting amid shards of shattered heart, remnants of vows u swung about violently
slammed into the wall with abandon
black dent where the headboard used to hit the burgundy
u brought her here
u fuckin brought her here
and nothing will remove the bitter taste
it lingers in the air
her presence felt

it smells different

what will you remember when darkness finds me?
When all that remains of me is a lingering shadow
When the woman i used to be is left to be conjured up in memories that seem to fade as days pass
and my face can no longer be recalled with any sense of clarity
what will you reach for?
What will you pull thru time to remind you of me and the moments we shared
will my name on the day of my passing bring tears to your eyes
or will it like so many anniversaries that go by,
be rendered

If only for one night
can i guide you inside of me
have you travel the depths of my body
explore my heart
my mind
and take a tour of my soul
i don't need guarantees
but pray that when the journey's over
i can let you go
and somehow
walk away


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Mr.Socialight said...


clnmike said...
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clnmike said...

Hold up did you write this?

Gem said...

I like these. Love your blog!

Muze said...

damn you are sickwitit dej.

that last one... must quote on my blog. thanks. lol.

oh wait... i already did. lol.

dejanae said...

mr socialight:

i caught ur first comment
u hurt my heart son

thnx hon

ooh chile
i saw that
i feel

Anonymous said...

Feliz Navidad to you too Baby Deja!

clnmike said...

Lol, my bad.

Anonymous said...

ya know what I fuckin love? your poetry.