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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

one down, 15 million more to go

Im supposed to be doing some bootleg volunteering with some highschool kids n this poetry thing tonight
yay me for actually getting this crap started
yall know i procrastinate like a mother
Ill let yall know if them kids embarass the shit outta me

heres hoping i dont get shanked

ill update tonight or tommorow

5 public opinion:

Robin Monique said...

High school kids are crazy these days. So hoping you don't get shanked is a damn good idea. LOL. Good luck with the kiddies tonight.

Urban Thought said...

Good luck... HS kids these days are too grown for their own good. But I wish you the best. Great to see someone giving back.

Charles said...

Sooo...what happened??



Rashan Jamal said...

Why don't you wanna get shanked? Have you ever been shanked? It might change your life. LOL

Good luck with volunteering. Try not to teach them to curse people out all the time like you do. LOL

dejanae said...

i made it out

arent they tho?
im tryin

see above :)

u get shanked n tell me how it works out for u

how'd u know?
i only let loose with one "shit"
cuz they don't know me like that
had me confused with someone else at first
I think they got the message