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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Twas all good
a coupla fresh ones
(side eye)
a bootleg class clown or two
(this aint about u playa.this is my damn show)
but all in all
twas great
We watched some def poetry jam clips and wrote some bootleg haikus
i was too hype

we're gonna meet up again this Thursday to get started on the poems they're gonna perform for the open mic and the slam
i already fake bonded with this one chick
i have maternal instincts yall
i gotta actually recite a real poem infront of the lil bastards next week tho
here's to hopin they aint chucking anything in the vicinity of my head

There were a few bootleg rappers too
we'll see how that goes

9 public opinion:

Anonymous said...

That's wassup. Children are our future according to a pre-crack Whitney. LOL.

Seriously though, it's hot that you're dedicating time to helping kids express themselves in a healthy way. Anything to temporarily distract these lil effers from BET and terrorizing each other on the internet.

Keli said...

That's great!

Just being there helps tremendously with this age group...

I too did some "bootleg" spoken word at a black history festival this past weekend, and I have been asked to help a group of HS kids start up a poetry club...what they don't know, is...I am going to make those lil boogers read.

1/3 said...

LOL dejanae loves the kids! sorry thats all i thought. Its great your keeping those little heathens lol I mean children occupied. Ur doing a service to the community LOL j/k

Urban Thought said...

Fake bonded? LOL... more power to you.

Anonymous said...

This is awesome! You getting paid for it? LOL What's the program called?

Ms. Lovely said...

awww..deja luh the keeds are better than me..I cannot deal with the teenagers

Tia's Real Talk said...

That's kewl what you are doing with the kiddos. Sounds like you are at "Coolie High" or a scene from "Lean on Me" Better yet, it sounds like you visited one of the high schools on the south side of the Chi. lol..where is this school?

Anonymous said...

LOL @ fake bonded.

The Second Sixty-Eight said...

Have a happy bootleg day on Thursday then!