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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

a bitch has needs

no im not talkin bout sexy time but now that im on the subject,

a bitch needs that shit too

when i get that feeling i want sexual healing
sexual healing
oh baby

i got this virgin thing on lock and seems like its gonna be that way a while yet
slim pickings n shit

aww it's just too bad ur dumb as fuck cuz that ass would be so perfect to hold onto while.....

aww thats sad. ur tryna be funny and it's not working

and dont think it's possible to be any drier and this look on my face is signalling u to shut the fuck up but u cant read that shit either and

im gone

oh well

where was i?

no no

shopping. yeah thats it
i need to go shopping

got some new shoes
wanna see?


the heels are a good six inches and me being the height whore that i am...i could not refuse

*insert maniacal laughter*

6'4" here i come
for real yall im a 6' tall amazon trapped in this 5'10" body and it's fuckin killin me
2 blasted inches


oooh chile lemme find someone sexy who still towers over me(okay maybe not towers.literary license yall)when i got them shits on

i need to figure out what to rock with them
im not sure if they pass muster enough to be my bornday shoes yet
offer outfit suggestions
especially yall fashion savvy broads and bros

got a few bootleg pieces of jewelry too

that will be all

countdown to the most important day of the year commencing now
(july 23 for yall who don't know)

6 public opinion:

Keli said...

I would not dare touch them because I will look like a hot air ballon...but I bet you could rock a harem pant with a tank top and a belt to accent the waistline...

I can see that with those shoes. Maybe even throw some yellow in the mix somewhere. I think you got the 'tude to pull it off.

So now you know you have to post pics of the outfit you pic to wear with the shoes.

There is nothing better than buying a pair of shoes to dress around...well maybe sex, but right now, it's easier for me to cop a new pair of shoes.

LusciousRon said...

A new pair of shoes works all the time. Those are fab. Wish I could cop them myself. A short dress works all the time.

Sha Boogie said...

Those shoes are crazy bad!!!! I'm 5'10..5'11 when I feel like it, lol Nothing gives me a better high that towering over people in some bad @ss heels.

karrie b. said...

ur shoe/accessory game STAY proper. work them shoes miss hona.

im not dude shoppin, but i aint turnin em away either...dig?

dejanae said...

luscious ron: short dress sounds l;ike a good idea but i still havent figured my outfit out yet

sha boog:
i know
its fuckin fabulous
lookin down on heads n shit

i dig
i dig

Neal said...

The chap is completely right, and there's no skepticism.
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