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Monday, July 13, 2009

pregnant pause

with pauses
ankles swollen under the weight of unsung melody and yet-to-be born metaphor,
she's tired
stretchmarked to make room for sweet simile and alliteration
itll be over soon

(cant wait to get over this writer's block. need to induce labor stat)

Why the fuck is everyone poppin out kids?
messin up the whole flow
ur wide ass cant go nowhere
more like wont
lazy bastard
so what ur back hurts?
get over it
ur ankles swollen?
boo hoo bitch
walk it off

why u want a lil parasitic alien baby anyway?
they fuckin feed off u n shit
punchin u i the intestines n shit
stay still bastard
damn parasites
dont like what im sayin?

*secretly longs for a bus load of smartass kids*
yall know Dej loves the chillrins

i was at work the other day and we were doing petition signing to get this dude on the ballot so he can run for city council
went to speak to one of the folks on my walk sheet
lemme tell you right now
i love old folk
i do
well mosta them
n i know somea them like to talk but lord
this old bag kept me at the door forever
i shoulda known shit was up while i was climbing her front steps
the younger girl that was coming down looked like she just got let from a prison camp, she looked so relieved to be headed in the opposite direction
Now i go up the stairs
do my shtick
ask the ancient relic if she'll sign the petition
simple right?
hell no
she went on and on
she jumped subjects so many damn times i got motion sick
Adam and Eve
teen pregnancy
breast implants
block parties
i needed someone to stop the flow of crap coming from the senile ole bag but she just kept going
and going
fuck it
i contemplated which one of three different Power Ranger moves i could use to send her hurtling down the stairs
but alas
im not writing this from my jail cell
i let her live
im proud of myself

ps: if yall come across a weathered old hag named Marion
make haste in the opposite direction

dont ever say i aint did shit for u

4 public opinion:

Keli said...


that sounds like the elder gentleman that I ran into at the local grocery...we were in a political club together...

All I know is once I broke free, my sister was like...Yes, thank you, please stay away from that man. don't want to be disrespectful...but dayum!

I guess they're lonely...

Mizrepresent said...

OMG, all that pregnant talk and i thought it was you...whew! And please don't hurt Miss Jenkins, oh i mean Marion...dayum you are lethal to mouthy old women...(note to self).

Anonymous said...

Son, why you arent this funny in real life? Screw that shit, if you;re not going to update on the regular I need you to spout goodies such as these when I see ur ass. LMAO---Chanell

karrie b. said...

"ur ankles swollen?
boo hoo bitch
walk it off"