Music: vernacular of the soul


Monday, March 8, 2010

pregnant with pauses

she had no tears left to relinquish for sanity's sake
no anguished screams to exchange for a night's peace
slowly stepped over into abyss
lost to the world, she smiles
Here nothing exists to remind her of him
or what he did
and what she was

pregnant with pauses (or some variation of that)is gonna be a series of bootleg writings to get me out of this writers block rut
They probably wont be complete or very good
but i gotta start somewhere

wish me luck

ps:hair post goes up when i find my cam
Will probably weave it up tuesday and continue this damn weave as protective style challenge

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Workplace professionalism

i should probably be a lot more professional at the work place

I call my supervisor "fake llcoolj green mile lookin motherfuckin hoe"(To be fair
he is always lickin his lips when he's talkin to the ladies and he is a husky 6'5")
or "Shug"when im bein lazy (Shug as in Shug Avery not Knight cuz he likes to dress in drag on the weekends...okay maybe he doesnt do that but i tell him he should)

my coworker, an old bag who is always inappropriate but who i cant get mad at cuz he's old as hell n funny with his skeezy old man routine,"project hoe"
This old bag has almost no standards
He said so himself
if its walkin n looks like it could have been female at any point in time, he'll stick his dick in it
(I made him promise me tomorrow that he'll do one of his pole dances while on the train ride from work.Did i mention that he used to be a stripper back in his heyday. I think he told me his stage name was "SMOKE") ILL GET VIDEO N POST IT IF HE DOES

my other coworker, This thick jewish girl who wears tight pants all the time. "yeast infection skank or skankasaur" dependin on the day
she tells mad innapropriate but hilariously funny stories about her sex life
Usually starts off with "Wanna hear somethin funny"
She pretends to get bashful for about two seconds after which she proceeds to tell me about the time she broke her boyfriend's dick
or the time when she was twenty and she went to a hotel with some entertainment lawyer and some 35 year old woman that picked her up in the bar
She's great at parties by the way

This older British guy i call my husband unless he's gettin on my nerves at which point he's "the baby daddy who im threatenin to divorce and kidnap our kids and live off the grid somewhere he'll never track us down" i try not to get mad at him too often cuz that shit is a mouthful. He's this painfully thin British dude who loves horror films and can be quite patronizin and rude at times. That's why i love his sarcastic flat ass. doesnt hurt that he calls me "farmer slut" either (don't ask)

the fro is back

u wanna run your fingers thru touch it dont ya?