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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Did this negro just.......

I stood there, bottom lip inches from the floor, purple thong in hand, lookin confused as all hell

Did this negro just proposition me?
*looking around to make sure he wasn't talkin to someone else"
The hell!?!?!?!
Not that i've never been propositioned before mind you (if you look halfway to female, some dude has tried to holla), but i refused to believe it
First off i'm pretty sure dude was born before the invention of the steam engine (one of your great grandpappys has probably tried to holla, thats not where the confusion comes in)
Second of all, Ain't your ass gay gay???!?!
He must've read my mind because the next words that came out his mouth were "I'm not gay"
I stood there trying to wrap my head around it
Mind you this negro looked like Paul Mooney and Little Richard had a the year of our Lord 1503

I started thinking about all the times i went to the laundromat and he'd be smiling at me and kissing my hand and switching his skinny jean encased little butt past me
and he had the nerve to be straight

I felt bamboozled yall
I felt like he used my secret wish of a flamboyant gay fairy godmother against me
like a devious secret weapon

Blast it all to hell
is nothing sacred anymore?!?!?!?

5 public opinion:

RealHustla said...

How in the world did you extract yourself from that interaction?

dejanae said...

i did what any gangsta would do.Pretended i was flattered n decided that im frequenting any other laundromat but that one.Did i mention he owns it?lol

Mizrepresent said...

lmao...too, too funny.

Reggie said...

Nah ain't nothing sacred.

There is one thing that holds true; old men like young women just as much as young men like young woman.

dejanae said...

miz:smh.u had to b there

Reggie: i get that part.story as old as ....old
It's just the sneak attack part that got me