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Thursday, April 7, 2011

random tandem

remember when chicks in videos were ur average round the way cute chick

i miss that

obvious ass product placement annoys the fuck outta me

be a little more discreet

his name,
i can't recall at the moment
his ass,
will live on in infamy

Guy at the gym who i've only seen that once and who has yet to return
save me

I need friends who aren't tryna pimp me out to every Tyrone, Derrick, and Hakim who shows any bit of interest in me

I'm quite appreciative of the fact that my friends consist of many a
Just makes me appear that much more statuesque

too bad for them tho
my boobs are inevitably in one of those bitches faces or... who the hell am i kidding??

i don't care

working on bootleg crap

id like to think im unique
but it wouldnt take but 4 seconds to profile me.
like my issues are fuckin profound

they might be

but they're also despicably common
and i'm one for boasting "im special"
words to fortify spirit that begged for some protein supplements.

She'll remain stoic in the face of jeers,
but cry tears of frustration over lost shoes
cuz even inanimate objects tend to fail her too

no suitor to climb a ladder that never rested outside her window sill
devoured trashy romance novels and Cosby show reruns like love began somewhere between yellowed pages and tv hugs

looked around to see if anyone could hear her heart beating eratically
Envisioning of passionate kisses somehow more lewd than any pornographic scene she'd stumble upon those late nights tryna figure what love would be like

5 public opinion:

Victoria said...

You're a great writer D.

Mizrepresent said...

What up Dejanae! Welcome back...this was good :)

Reggie said...

I'd forgotten just how much I used to really love that LL Cool J song.

蘆洲買屋 said...

hooray, your writings on theater and writing much missed!

J. said...

Flows effortlessly like some cool stream of consciousness.