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Monday, May 2, 2011


My friend found out last year that her mom had cancer
She found out last week that her mother has a few weeks left to live

I can't offer much but
awkward hugs and thoughtful silences
because sometimes you don't want to speak

sweaty palms to clutch when you feel you've not enough strength to see you through even five more minutes of your day
a shoulder to catch falling tears
Inappropriate jokes and boisterous laughs to cut through pain
i listen to a soul lay bare
fears that there's not nearly enough time to apologize for hurtful words

4 public opinion:

MissMonDiva said...

You're absolutely right, sometimes words aren't enough... Your presence matters more! Sounds like you're being a great friend when its needed most.

P.S. God has the final say.

soumynona said...

I feel ya completely. Extremely good piece even tho you wish you didn't have to write it...

dejanae said...

MissMon Diva: he most certainly does. We're prayin on it

soumynona: loss n grief are parts of life but they suck something awful

The F$%K it List said...

I've been dealing with the same issue with a friend of mine and her mother. Cancer SUCKS and it's the hard but those laughs will be remembered, the hugs necessary. Just keep doing what you're doing and ALWAYS keep praying.