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Sunday, July 6, 2008

its 10 o'clock, do u know where ur children are?

so my moms called at 11 something the other day but i wasnt home
She gon call me the next afternoon and ask me where i was at
why she gon bring up that damn do u know where ur children are commercial?
im grown dammit
she be killin me

short guys love me
they dont seem to understand that the feelings arent mutual
im talkin bout on some midget status mofos
fuck u tryna talk to me for?
ur head dont even reach my titty man
step back

speakin of titties
Me Andrani and Fiona went to go see Hancock (come on. u know i had to. my man Will's in it)
we were waitin on the train when these two Russian chicks came onto the platform
Onea the chicks had a low cut blouse that had the girls on display
i aint hatin
but son
these white dudes
for real tho
u just gon stare at them huh?
aint never seen tig ole bitties before huh?
oh really
ur mouth had to be open like that
so u gon move to the seats directly across from ole chick so u can get a full frontal view
oh now u wanna move to the side so u can talk ur nastiness while catchin an eyeful in ur peripheral huh?

fuck naw man
dont look my way
no fuckin shame
get ur eyes off me dammit

uh so why'd i end up cursin his ass right before i got off the train
rude ass motherfucker

ive had two sex dreams this week
what does it mean when ur sexin an alien named Viagra?

promised bootleg shopping pics comin right up

oh tis july
my birthday month
i am accepting gifts
however my consience will not allow me to accept anything with a monetary value of over a million dollars
do with that as u will

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Roddykat said...

I can sum it up like this:

ive had two sex dreams this week
what does it mean when ur sexin an alien named Viagra?
- Don't know why you're hating on short dude. Don't you ever just have a time where you just want a little D**k? Oh wait, you've answered that with your dreams. It means that you're gonna meet a short dude with a pogo stick between him and it'll be on.

Either that or need to turn off the TV BEFORE you go to sleep.

I'm a little rusty with my dream interpretation skills, but sounds about right.

Roddykat said...

Oh, and that's might big of your conscious to allow such a paltry figure. :)

i.can't.complain. said...

u know u have the hardest shoe game in the blog-world, right?

what'd u think of hancock?

"u should sue mcdonalds cuz they fucked u up..."

lmao @ will.

your moms was just checking on u, babe.


Maria said...

on the real. we gotta go shopping together. like, soon.

The Jaded NYer said...

glad you cursed out those dudes; that shit annoys me so much!

and those black shoes are the HOTNESS. what size are you and where do you live? lol

can't blame your mom for worrying. that's what we do best :)

ms.uncensored said...

ohhh emm gee. your picks
are like awesomeness.
yes, it's been a while, but
i think i might have seen u on flatbush the other day.
walking with sweatpants and a tee on
if it wasn't u, the resemblance
was unfuckingcanny. lol


You are toooo cute for that last comment...let me borrow those silver joints on Sunday...I will have them back by Tuesday..LOL

Happy B-day Month

karrie b. said...

bitchhhhhhhhhhh! i want it alllllllllllllll!


Eb the Celeb said...

OMG... shorts guys be following me around too... and I hate it... if I have on flip flips and we're eye to eye then there is a serious problem...

and what are the plans for the bday month missy?

Opinionated Diva said...

lol @ your mom. My mom does that too...they can't help it.

Re: dude on the train. What a pig?!

You be doing some serious shopping girlie!

One Eighteen said...
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One Eighteen said...

LOL man i feel you on all that. but you know its all a business and what sells is always going to get more airplay


Mizrepresent said...

What up girl? See, i ain't lying i would be just like your mom calling your azz till you answer...i do it with my own...i don't care, mothers have no shame, that ish went out the window during birth with all of me exposed. I so love your random posts gurl, thanks for always stopping by to show love... and you should run a boutique the way you be showing off the goods...holla!

Desy said...

i am lovin your shoe taste... *salivating a bit*

alien called viagra huh? indication of future endeavors (aka- dating an ooolder man)

i love how you gave me your throught process throughout the entire train ride... that's wassup

12kyle said...

can't really picture you with a midget. lmao

nice shoes!

what am i gonna get you for your bday?? hmmm. i dunno when your bday is. haaaaaa

Kieya said...

LOVE the shoes
"ur head don't even reach my titty man"


actually had a kinda similar titty story this weekend w/my best friend. this woman had hers all greased up & out....but they looked weird. and my best friend & i couldn't help but stare cuz they looked.....weird! lol

BlaHHH said...

lol @ your mom

& 4 some reason that happens 2 me 2! I cant stand short guys coming up to me, that bothers me lol

DiamondsR4eva said...

Short guys? Ew
You need to be 6' and up to ride this ride, 5'10" if you just are that dude

I LOVE that blue bag I might have to steal it

Womp @ ur mom, she bout to put you on the back of a milk carton 'Have you seen Dejanade?' lol

Anonymous said...

Sweet Jesus In Jammies! the accessories??!!! Bitch!! OMG

and this:

"short guys love me
they dont seem to understand that the feelings arent mutual
im talkin bout on some midget status mofos
fuck u tryna talk to me for?
ur head dont even reach my titty man
step back"

Why must it always be them and not the 6'1 unmarried, fine man-crowd?? why? noooo it's always lusty ass fucking Midget boy trying some untoward shit!

Urban Thought said...

You say a million is your limit what is the lowest amount you will accept?

Anonymous said...

July hosts some good birthdays, self included=)

I see you really got your shop on. That's what's up!

Keli said...

An Alien named Viagra…

Ummm, you don’t want my take on this…not trying to corrupt ya mind, ha.

You can send that yellow clutch my way…thanks!

dessex said...

it seems like everybody has a b day in july.

what does it mean when ur sexin an alien named Viagra?

Thats too funny

arychtexas said...

HANCOCK was a beast 2 thumbs ups! that dude on the train had stalker creditials stay away from peepers like that!

One Man’s Opinion said...

Damn, shop-a-holic. Damn!
Shame on you for cussing people out, young lady. LOL

I got to tell you, I am not that guy that oggles women, but I have seen women with some unbelievable bitties, that you can't help but stare, especially if they are displayed in such a way. The reality is that you can't help but look.

Hell, I have ansered calls were woman might as well have just had those babies out in the open. You have to fight your eyes to keep them from drifting down. So, why you hating. It is not being perverted. Hell, my private part was extraordinarily long and fat and I wore some pants that showed off it's majesty, you telling me you wouldn't take a gander? Honestly?

The Second Sixty-Eight said...

"I've had two sex dreams this week
what does it mean when ur sexin an alien named Viagra?"

It means that I am gonna need you to go and get you some! I ain't gonna touch that Viagra thing though...

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

nice feet lol

“A nigga likee me don’t play hate I just stay awake….DEAD PREZ

Stew said...

i find it amazing that girls are still amazed by the stuff that guys do. you really should be used to it by now.

dejanae said...

i think ur second option is the one
i need to turn off the damn tv
i so friggin nice

thnx hon
somea them one-liners had me dyin
she needs to chck on me a lil less

just let a chick know
ill probably be broke so ill watch u get some crap

u know
ha. thnx
she's just too damn much with it

it probly was me
y u aint say hello?
dont do that again

its a deal
what am i getting outta this arrangement?
thnx ho n

well u cant have it
*sticks out tongue*

noot a good look at all
no real plans
im low maintainence remember?

opinionated diva:
u think so? nah. im aight with


thnx hon
u gon give me money for the startup costs?

thnx chick
i dont think (how much older we friggin talkin bout?)

me neither man. me neither
july23 sucka
get to present procuring

kieya: just sayin
yall was wrong. shoulda looked on the sly

i dont know what it is
but i wanna figure it out so i can get me some repellant

u can try *bares teeth*
smh.u know

it always be the ones u dont friggin want

urban thought:
cheap bastard much?
what is he cheapest amount u'd accept?

as long as u sending some funds my way first
folk always wanting something for nothing

but im special tho
hey. i just dream it up. i dont understand it

i try to

honestly i dont go shopping that much. just make up for lost time when i do
id gander but i wouldnt be all obvious and shit
pointing and staring aint a good look



nah man
these dudes was on a whole nother level

ms.uncensored said...

lol. i was on the 41. u should've seen me likea fuckin fool tryna get ya attention. u know, tryna place myself in a position where we could lock eyes and have a homo staredown then, smile in recognizance. lol.

yeah. im dumb

dejanae said...

u r

Queen of My Castle said...

I think those silver shoes gave me an orgasm! LOL

guerreiranigeriana said... bought all that stuff?!!!!...your taste is the shoes and bags!!!...and i'm not really a shoe and bag girl like that...

...some guys are such disgusting, uncouth losers it disgusts me!!!...

...when exactly is your birthday?...happy birthday if i have missed it...