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Saturday, August 1, 2009


have some of my junior's cheeecake

masturbate at your open door,visible to all passersby and think its ok

put ur hand in my hair without my fuckin permission !!!!!!!
i swear
id think that was common sense but no
and every
fuckin night i went out
3 consecutive days
some melanine challenged dude either touched or attempted to touch my fro
this aint no petting zoo

call me 5 days after my birthday n try to hold a "normal" conversation as if ur ass aint wrong
mother dearest
oh yeah
she still aint said happy birthday
who wants to switch moms with me

act an ass and expect me not to tell you bout yourself
ignorant coworkers are a trip
u dont like black folk
(even tho ur black)
white folk,
(even tho u say you have 2 gay friends but the thought of thinking of them having sex repulses you and u think gay folk are disgusting
well bitch why the fuck u tryna picture urself in their damn bedrooms then)
interracial relationships

i aint got the time
the bitch is just all kinds of confused

i tried to post some pics from the bday weekend but my pc is being uncooperative
dont worry
a lil "enhanced interrogation" should do the trick

hung with the cuzzo
burlesque show
taking pics of/with random folk who amused me

pics will be up sometime in the near future

its not too late to send a damn gift

a new computer would be nice

15 public opinion:

Keli said...

Do what?! with your door open...
y'all wild'n out in the NYC!

Come check out the new spot...

Sting said...

Happy belated birthday.

clnmike said...

Stop playing, is that dude real?

Muze said...

ewwww at masturbating in the open doorway. nasty.

i HATE when people touch my hair without asking. you could have just been masturbating in your open doorway for all i know. get the eff outmyhairyo!

aw mom. you gotta do better than that. *hugs*

i'm glad you had fun. sounds like an interesting time.

and THAT PIC under your playlist is the effing DOPENESS. i wanna be like you when i don't grow up. lol.

hope all is well hun.

yours truly said...

masturbating in the open? really? wow. craziness.

hope you had a great birthday.

Demon Hunter said...

Did someone really masturbate in an open doorway? Uh, he could go to jail.

Anyway, I need a computer too.

Oh, and a friend of mine is giving away books. Check my blog. ;-)

dejanae said...

yep that shit
i was beyond disgusted

muchas gracias :)

hell fuckin yes
saw it with my own 2 eyes that i later wanted to gouge out

im saying
wateva happened to fuckin peronal space


yours truly:
i always come across the freaks
thnx hon

demon hunter:
he mos definitely did

pick one up for me when u get urs

free books? *runs to ur blog*

LusciousRon said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Hmmn

Jackie E. said...

Happy Belated! This was definitely an intriguing post. Loved it!

Mizrepresent said...

Happy belated birthday girl...u are so crazy...but Miz loves u anyway!

jess said...

Long time no visit - you did NOT wear those shoes on your birthday. I would have raped you. Gently though.

Should have seen my eyes when that guy just started reaching for your hair. HAHAHA! Ahhh.

I hope those birthday pictures never come up.

Hello whore. Love you much. Hanging out soon? Gonna talk this time? We are two polar opposites passing in the night. Let's schedule a sit-down in the park before the weather gets cold.

M. Raye Turner (aka L-Boogie) said...

hey lovely! its been to long I pray all is well with'cha!
One luv -
Raye (aka L-Boogie)

-Q. said...

What you call that?
A "Flash Jack" - thats horrible..

I get the petting zoo bit, but the brotha gotta be melanine challeneged?

dejanae said...

thnx hon

hey chick
its been a minute
wat u been up to?

u aint all there ur damn self

ur a friggin idiot
lets do lunch

im alive
its all good

Hey take that up with God
he just

Felicia|DaLipstickBandit said...

oh em gee...i haaaaaaaaaaaaaate when people touch my hair...

it is my crowning glory motha effer