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Sunday, August 9, 2009

objects in mirror are closer than they appear


say congrats to my buddy Maria

doesnt he look just like me?

me n my dad got in a minor accident on saturday
this cabbie backed into the car and tried to claim it was cuz we were moving too fast
uh dumb motherfucker
we were not moving at all
we were parked

17 public opinion:

The Jaded NYer said...

you, my friend, are a baaaaaaaaaaad BITCH and you know it... when I grow up, I wanna dress like you! lol

and, um, sure, um, yeah... that baby TOTALLY looks like you *side eye*

Ms. Lovely said...

ok so I wish I had your body and shoe collection right about now!

adorable baby

James Tubman said...

that fro is dy-no-mite

i love it when women arent afraid to display their natural hair

yours truly said...

girl, your physique is just...insane. love the outfits and the fro.

LMAO @ the title post.

Felicia|DaLipstickBandit said...

you are just tooooo sexy! ( homo, lol) know what works for you and that is a cinched waist, heels and lots of

Keli said...

Boo-hiss at the cabby!


watch out with those things...might poke out an, I am not talking about the stilettos...

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

Nice bod!!!

LusciousRon said...

I want your body! Lovely shoes and cute baby.


I gotta ask. Are your boobies natural?

They don't have a fake look, but they do have that perfect look that can come with expensive new ones that are a perfect fit for your body.

Soooooo, yeah, are your titty balls real?

dejanae said...

gracias chica

i know
the resemblance is uncanny

isnt he tho?lol

thnx man

u like that?
i thought i was

clevelands? first i heard of thats
ima start using it now

no eyes were poked out
was good

ima get a swole head
be careful now

ooh thnx

um err
thnx...i think
The clevelands are real/natural

Mista Jaycee said...

Cute Photos! Glad you and your Dad are alright!

Gem said...

The Clevelands...*unconscious*

You are hot to trot though.

jess said...

gorgeous. I want your bod, and your clothes, what the fuck at that power ranger bumble bee Him from powerpuff girls gone sexy looking getup, take it off - now.

dejanae said...

mista jaycee:
ur not the only

gracias chica

jess: i refuse ur crackheadedness
*taking it off*

PhlyyGirl said...

No homo/no stalker, but I want you to know that tis you I will be thinking of when I add these extra 2 miles to my workout regimen.
Thanks *side eye* No realllllllyyyy...
I must say you look like a modern day bad ass pam grier or something. Please stay out of DC til I finish stepping my game up.

mistressmom said...

Rob and I were talking about our friends and when we got to you, I was all, "I want her body. Like, fo real. She's HOTNESS. Have you SEEN her hourglass figure?! DAMN." And Rob, who usually shrugs off my friends and their looks mad nonchalantly, sat up and goes, "Yeeeeaaah... I could see that." I swear he was having fantasies of a threesome, and I can't say I was offended. LOL

Thanks for the shoutout! And for posting pics of baby Riley! (And thanks to everyone who said he's cute!) Can't wait till you see him again!

Barnard said...

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