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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Insert nonsensical crap here

wat's new?

ive been getting out more?
I dont even really have shit to say
um uh
I got a new bootleg weave

I honestly walked my black ass into the store and took the cheapest/curl-like shit i could get
8.99 a pack baby
dont judge me
I forgot the shit wasnt human hair for a second(i usually get the human one but im doin this protective challenge thing where i keep my hair weaved up or braided for the better part of a year...uh that shit adds up n its a recession hence the 8.99 hair weave. DONT FUCKIN JUDGE ME DAMMIT)
anyway where was i
yeah i forgot it wasnt human hair n my dumbass went and tried to curl it with a curling iron
weaveologist fail
the front crap is all crinkly crackly

its being switched out in a month anyway
no biggie smalls

what else
I'm on a 'eat better so u look good for ur damn birthday' meal plan
This is not a New Years Resolution despite what my brother might tell u
Three comments in the past coupla weeks about the extra poundage (sounds dirty right?)
The first was to the effect that i was eating good(otherwise known as i can see the imprint of the bigmacs struggling to burst free of ur body)- this from my best friend's pops
Some old bag at church who told me i was at the edge of a cliff ready to jump into obesity ocean (well not quite like that but thats wat the fuck i heard)
and the third from the ole haitian immigrant who keeps bringin up long lost Bally memberships in conjunction with boyfriendlessness (cue 10-second long side eye)

i was good today
two salads(with a lot of dressing, but dont even come out ur face n say anything)
2 fruits
a granola bar
orange juice/apple juice/and water drinks of choice
Tomorrow is not even promised so i aint even gonna front like ima be good tomorrow
dont give me that damn look
ill try

i said id fuckin try
its not like i pushed u off ur land and tried to kill ur tree god or nothing
fall back

12 public opinion:

AlooFar said...

Funny pics.

Demon Hunter said...

Girl you are crazy. Too funny. :-D
You look great. Stop letting people tell you crap.

And glad to hear your family is okay in the other post. :-D

Anonymous said...

*dead* at the weave situation. I'm going to try to do the protective styling thing during the week at work. On the weekends though, I'm letting my hair freak flag fly.

Was it oil-based salad dressing or cream-based? Tell the truth.

You still look good so eff the rest. :-)

Dopelikelouboutins said...

Love the pics and WOOHOO on eating healthy, I'm trying to get back into some good habits but my job got me eating well....2morrow it's game time!

dejanae said...

sup man?

demon hunter:
thnx girl
but on the real i been slippin so ima just try to get back on the wagon


rainbowlens: uh both?
lookie here
y u tryna make this shit difficult heifa?
i ate a damn salad
just celebrate it

girl good
i aint in this alone
we gon do this

Mista Jaycee said...

Hey D,
Just checkin in on your digs. Cool pics. Happy New Year and Guess what I started a Yoga Blog to go along with A Choice of Weapons cause you know fighting da evils of smoove jazz, clowns and tight binding underwear is a full time struggle.
Much Love

Mista Jaycee said...

PS and Chocodiles are not a complete healthy food group. I know it's got eggs, milk, sugar, flour (wheat) but alas NO! Eat Healthy.

Charles said...

Whats up Dej!! From those pics up top, you look fine...don't let them haters get in your ear...but its always good to eat healthy though.

Glad to see that you're doing good.

dejanae said...

mista jaycee:

gracias man
could always eat a lil healthier (gag)
how u been?

Anonymous said...

LOL! I love you. And really? You're putting on pounds? You look damn fine from my angle ;)

Anonymous said...

lol @ you putting those pics up,. Why you had to do the one with me in your chesticles though?

dejanae said...

haha thnx

cuz it amused me to no end lol