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Friday, January 15, 2010


both my uncles and aunts and their kids on my dad's side are ok
Spoke to my cousin via skype
Told her she looked a damn mess
She said, and i quote, "I've been through an earthquake.Wats your excuse?"
Bitch got jokes

Their houses are damged pretty badly and theyre staying at a different location
My dad's house that he was going to retire to suffered some damage as well
but it's still standing
My aunt's place of work basically fell down around them but she made it out
I'm so grateful for all ur prayers
I was hoping for the best but honestly i was imagining the worst

Still havent heard from my mom's side of the family yet
My uncle went into Port-au-Prince on business and we havent heard anything
We've been trying to get in contact with friends and family
Askin folk if they can check on others and stuff
The road conditions arent that great in the best of times so.....

I'm gonna just keep hoping for good news
Praying that Haiti can get thru this
If it's one thing i know the Haitian people are, it's resilient and proud (yeah that was 2 things.sue me)

the first, and the only, successful slave revolt in the history of the world.
(no pact with the devil needed. Pat Robertson needs to sit his ole ass down somewhere. quoting the devil and shit like he got access to HELL TV transcripts)

We got the heart man
just need a helping hand

Now get off ur asses and do something
I'm watching you

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Anonymous said...

Tell it!!!!

Muze said...


so glad to hear that you've heard word from some family. still keeping you in my prayers.

and pat... i said the same thing. like, were you there? sitchoass down. ugh.

decadentpeach said...

I hope you hear from your fam members soon! Im going to do something as soon as I get paid :-D

dejanae said...

thnx folk
all my fam are accounted for
im very grateful

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to hear your fam's doing okay! If I were already a nurse, I'd be in Haiti right now! Instead, I'm sending good vibes 24/7.

Qucifer said...

OOHH Honey i'm so glad to hear that you have heard some good news!..I've been thinking a lot about ya!

AlooFar said...

Hi blogger, happy new year.

dejanae said...

thnks guys:)

Anonymous said...

Ok, glad you heard from the rest of your family and they're good. I'm not going to address "Hell TV" lol