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Monday, October 29, 2012

Because you leave me no choice

Think I met the love of my life last night. Sure he was a 5'5", gay, Asian dude, but I swear the stars aligned when we danced

A friend once described my dancing as watching soul train, a raunchy music video and stomp the yard all in one
I'll take it

I like to dance
I love to dance

I dance because music leaves me no other choice

It is rarely pretty
Often scary
Veers to the ridiculous more times than I can count
My soul
It Smiles, when I move to the music

4 public opinion:

Miss Rachel M. said... one else needs to understand the things that move you and makes your heart smile!

Dance away!!

Desy said...

How can that be coming from a Haitian Goddess? Has Komba not been infused in your soul since before birth... I must rectify this asap! Glad to know you express it no matter what it looks like though :-)

What is it about gay men that leave us so in love... smh... love it none the less ;-)

Reggie said...

Dancing is not my friend. I have that disease that some of us of color suffer rhythm.

dejanae said...

Rachel: true true. Lol.

Des: sonnnnnnm me and gay Dancer guys are just kindred spirits.

Reggie: ouch. Don't think there's a cure for that but you know what? Dance like a rhythm less fool anyway