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Monday, October 22, 2012

So...went on my first date in (insert embarrassingly long period of time here)
* met him when I had my flats on. Forgot that until we met up and I was rocking six Inch heels (cue fear of looking transvestitish) ugh. Very happy the midget negro could dance. I hate when men cant fucking dance. Just something about a man who can move well that triggers the most delicious of lustful thoughts (that of course My punk ass didn't act on) He tried to lean in for one of those bootleg movie kisses but I just pretended I ain't see shit. Ten minutes later he went in for a second attempt. I just leaned in seductively,rubbed his head and whispered in his ear "nice try bruh" I'm an ass
I was not Provided the book on game nor did I purchase the damn pamphlet. I was my fucking everyday self (which is probably why I can't get a man. Lol)
So let's see. I let loose one of the most Unsexy belches at dinner (yes belching can be sexy), I challenged him to a dance battle where I proceeded to look possessed as possessed can be ( eyes rolled into the back of my head for most of that time), apparently matching him drink for drink was a sign that I was an alcoholic, and I tripped and did the most awkward slow fall you ever did see in your life. I'll expand later

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