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Thursday, July 10, 2008


my contemplative look
otherwise known as my 'trying to see into the future look'
notice my lack of eyebrows

so the friggin ac adapter to my laptop died
these pieces of shit
cant they build one that lasts for more than a few months at a time?
or is it just me?
it's probably just me

job hunt not faring so well

a paranoid crackhead tried to start a fight with me
she looked about two minutes near death
apparently she thought i said something bout her mama
not even true
come on now
i dont speak ill of the dead
and i dont want no beef with crazy crackheads
u cant win in a fight with a crackhead
u just cant

i scrurried off like the scared punk ass bitch i was
dont judge me
them crackheads dont play

i usually laugh in the face of danger
unless it involves terrorists or crackheads

There's this dude in my class
he says hi to me too damn much

always smilin at me and shit
tryna ask me questions
pay attention dammit
i am not ur personal tutor
old enough to be my pops and shit
stick to questions on the textbook material only
why the fuck u wanna know where i live for?
u aint comin over

i want some friggin braids
i no have the funds for said braids
well technically i do
just not willing to pay somebody
could do it myself but im lazy as fuck
maybe in a few weeks

got this vintage pencil skirt at some bootleg thrift shop
love the pockets
twas only 5 bucks
dont hate

got this bootleg purse too

25 public opinion:

i.can't.complain. said...

u know what...

ive just about had it w/u and all this super-fantastic gear u be rocking

we have none of that in stank-booty michigan

*putting jealousy aside*

i like the new purse, babe.

and u choice right.

never fight a crackhead

they aint got shit to lose.


i.can't.complain. said...

*u chose right


Roddykat said...

You need an adapter, I've got plenty. Get at me.

There's this dude in my class
he says hi to me too damn much
- Clue up, man! You know he's soft on you. He's just playin' shy brother. And maybe your dreams are starting to come true, did you think of that, miss missy?

Wise choice not fighting a crackhead. They might think you stole something, and then beat you like it.

Keep pushin', the job will come, hon. And go ahead and twist the braids, I wanna see.

That is all.

The Jaded NYer said...

girl you ain't say nothin' but a word! crackheads ain't got sh*t to lose and will fight you to the death!

and LOL @ your classmate... poor thing can't help himself! ;)

12kyle said...

@ dejanae
Crackheads have that hidden strength. lol

Sounds like dude is feelin you. It could be worse. He could say things like

Hey ma
Hey boo
Hey you


Hey shawty


Good post

Stew said...

well depending on how you are doing in the class, it could benefit you to be nice to the guy. it would allow you to slack off a bit because you know he has your back.

why get braids when your hairs is so long?

Super Dave Van Buren said...

I'm mad you can find clothes for $5. Thats some BS.

I'm not mad at your classmate, even old dudes need love... lmao

1/3 said...

LMAO @ you getting a fight with a crackhead. Girl where do you live??? lol

OMGosh it seems like old ass men bother me in my classes too! whats up with that?

I love your vintage finds! That clutch is too cute:-)

ms.uncensored said...

"i usually laugh in the face of danger
unless it involves terrorists or crackheads"

ur hilarious. i cant read this shit at work anymore.

my coworkers keep asking what i'm laughin at....dead ass though.

Rashan Jamal said...

Running from crackheads is probably the smartest thing you could do. She might hawk some hep - c spit at you...

Stop being so mean to that guy. He just wants to get to know you.

Pajnstl said...

lol girl I'm glad you walked away b/c this post couldve been TOTALLY different!!!

Ms. Lovely said...

purse is hot and no you can't fuck w/them think them all weak and frail but they got the strength of 20 crackheads

Mizrepresent said...

I don't blame you...i wouldn't mess with no crackhead neither, or terrorist, or serial killer (my add). Them crackheads will beat the hell out of you with them bones!

Jackie Edwards said...

Lol@ not fighting with a crackhead!

I love the purse...could see you with some jeans, some heels and your purse!

I've never had braids, always thought about it but never quite made the decision to go through with it....

Jadore.Tokeyo said...

i'm in the process of looking for a job as well...i hate job searches.

i need some braids too...i just so damn picky with who puts their hands in my hair. i wish i could do them myself...if i could, i still wouldn't do it though

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

love the bone structure
why braids?

RealHustla said...

This old dude I was tutoring once brought in a picture of his car. I gave him such a look of disgust. I was like 18 and he was 50. I don't know why he was taking Algebra.

That purse, I need to have it.

Minerva Exertion said...

No fighting crackheads.

Old Geezer Dude was trying to holla at pretty lil young thang like you. Needs help with his math.

When I come to NYC, either you hook me up with the bootleg folks or I raid the closet. :)

dejanae said...

come on now.i got more sense than that

send a sistah
oh shut up. thats not a friggin dream come true.thats a nightmare

well he bests try and get the hell out my face

shut ur mouth
and it aint funny man

trust im doin fine and even if i wasnt, he'd be the last one i'd need havin my back
man that shit's a weave bruh
check the avi's with the shorter hair

u could too if u was checkin for it so hush
not from me they dont

girl i was in the trainstation

glad to be of service

i am not being man dammit
im being proactive
stoppin shit before it reaches stalker status


yeah yeah


im just sayin
go heaad and get it done

sigh. they be gettin on my nerves
yeah. im not really feeling the hours its gon take to finish them

just want a change

smh. they should know betta
well u cant have it

lol.will do

Queen of My Castle said...

I'm digging that bag and I heart pencil skirts to no end. You're a woman after mine own heart. LOL

The Second Sixty-Eight said...

You are smarter than the average bear for not taking a crackhead ass whoopin'. The worst part is not getting beat. But everybody knowing about it.

DollFace said...

Yes ma'am. I am hating. Love the purse.

Philly's Andrea said...

Damn I'm so looking for a white pencil skirt to wear to this all white party on Sat. Maybe I should check the thrift stores.


guerreiranigeriana said...

...hey lil mama!!!...its been a minute...sorry...hope you are this pic of you... are too funny...i don't blame you with the crackheads!!!...they are fuckin crazy...and they differ from town to town, city to city...i def don't fuck with them...trying to fight one will have you lookin crazy...good move on running...haha...the purse is def fresh!!!!...

guerreiranigeriana said...

...your playlist is fresh!!!!...