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Monday, November 10, 2008

pictionary:why gremlins dont dance

i don't know whose mama this is
but if she belongs to you
explain to her that wasnt nobody tryna take a picture of her
thank you

the face she made when some gremlin lookin motherfucker begged her to dance
she said yes of course
too damn nice i tell you
i woulda posted a picture of dude but the bastard erased the photo evidence

this here looks strangely like some synchronized shit

don't know why this heiffer is playin shy

he was cute
stocky too
but short
the camera wanted to act a bitch so the pic came out blurry
every damn time i tried to take a pic where u could see his damn face

maybe he was a ghost or something


they said im always dressed like somebody's teacher
well shit atleast acknowledge that im a fly ass one

she's 6 feet tall by the way
the bastard
its no damn fair
im supposed to be the tallest

"Yeah spot a man of freedom for a fact aah-aah uh-hum
Poison you ready Ron I'm ready
You ready Dave I'm ready Slick are you
Oh yeah break it down"
*stops walking towards the bathroom*
i of course proceeded to break it down
it was about five throwback jams later when i remembered that my bladder was near to exploding

I might have a lil too much fun dancing by myself
*stops dancing and looks around*
where is everybody?

random thoughts of the night:

you dont need to be grinding on me to the point where i can tell if ur circumsized or not

you need to not be tryna talk to me if you got kids my age

whoa there playa
u coulda atleast asked for my name before u start talking bout me heading over to ur place

if you dont think ur fly
nobody else will
but it jus seems that the ugliest dudes got the highest self esteem
just sayin

Are you really tryna hold a conversation by screaming over the music?
a lil common sense please

I see you
You see me
You like what you see
I like what i see
So why u just starin over here
*5 minutes later*
took ur ass long enough to ask a sistah to dance

Somebody needs to come get their momma off the dancefloor
and bring her shoes while u at it
she seems to have lost the ones she came with

Why is she still dancing with that gremlin lookin lil fella?
i gotta go save her ass again

Can you please go perform ur simulated sex acts somewhere else please
like the bathroom
i need to rest my damn feet and u just taking up space for no damn reason

Does she look like the damn president of the Make A Wish Foundation?
why should she give a damn that it's ur slow cousin's birthday?
She said she's not tryna dance with him

22 public opinion:

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks like you ladies had a wonderful time...good look :)

Super Dave Van Buren said...

lol... you sound like my kinda "smart ass remarks" girl

The Goddess said...

Looks like so much fun. 6ft, dang she can stand to give me a few inches. I'm ALWAYS the shortest. :(

Urban Thought said...

Do you say these things out loud for folk to hear? I hope you do cause they are funny as hell.

Ugly people should have high self-esteem and a bomb of a personality... Not to mention, no mirrors in the house to remind them of how ugly they are. Then again, let them be reminded so they can keep themselves in check and on point with everything else... seeing that they lack visual stimulation.

Where was this spot you hit? Did I miss it in the post?

dessex said...

One of yo girls was lookin like she did not want to dance with ole boy lol

Darius T. Williams said...

LOL - hilarious that somebody's mama was in the picture - lol!

Kieya said...

LOL i'm so made someone's grandma jumped int he picture lol

great outfit.

clnmike said...

Lol, nothing wrong with mama getting down.

Pocahontaz said...

the pic with the random lady in the background..PRICELESS!!..

Kandi Black said...

looks like yall had a kick azz time, u shoulda tried harder to get a pic of the gremlin...i wanted to see...and i am hella jealous of your shape...give it to me! lol

12kyle said...

lmao @ grinding too hard that his fault for grinding or your fault for backin it up? lol

Bloggal said...

looks like good times chick. love the corset you were rockin.

Pajnstl said...

lol You're one flyy ass teacher :)
love the corset!

Stew said...

my mom is a teacher and she has never went to work dressed like that. i think the people who say that are talking about the teachers that be on the porno..."you gotta do something for me if you want that A"

it seems as if you are getting more and more mean. what's up with that??

Queen of My Castle said...

LMFAO @ your random thoughts. Dead at the last one. I felt guilty for laughing at it, though.

Your outfit was all kinds of hawtness!!!!!

dejanae said...

beautifully conjured up:
we did

super dave:
good to know

the goddess:
i know right
just go steal if off her for me

urban thought:
im not tryna get hurt

she warmed up to him soon enough

i dont know what the hell she was thinking

she musta thought she was a celebrity or something
thnx hon

u go sit in a corner
thank u

nosey ass folk

kandi black:
i promise to capture another gremlin on film next time
thnx xhick

what kinda girl do u take me for

thnx hon
it was

aint i though

looking or sounding?

dont feel guilty
thnx.i try

Freaky Deaky said...

There should be more pictures of you and the corset. That's hot. Boo @ the camera person.

That old chick is mean looking. She looks like she could be in prison for sexually assaulting a dude three times her size. I'm scared.

dejanae said...

i was the camera person
hence the few pics of me and that was cuz some dreaded fella did us the favor of being the bootleg photographer


NYAmicas said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Why was I not invited?

CocaColaCutie said...

lmao @ the make a wish foundation comment...lawd! i'm gonna hafta steal that!

Roddykat said...

*SMH* Some teacher you are. And there most def wasn't any that looked like you, Hon.

And hadn't you heard? Gremlins don't like bright light, bright light!

dejanae said...

oh shut the hell up
get ur ass back down to the bk

thatll be 100 dollars please
per use

i did forget