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Friday, November 14, 2008

Random Tandem Lines

reverse evolution
tryna bring the past back on counterclockwise revolutions, they say that love brings absolution
so I guess there's no solution to the plight that plagues her the
ills that face her cuz it was a night of stolen innocence and hate that made her
and since she can recall her mother has despised her,
evidence of past crimes so she tried to deny her
into her heart was forbidden, No entrance but on a good day a smile as pittance


when i was young couldnt quite understand how people played different roles
asked why my man from star trek was reading from the rainbow


I sat there tryna string words together,
to no avail.
Them pearls of wisdom
kept falling from my hands
clumsy fingers tryna cling to them and make sense of the unthinkable


its like this
inferiority complex
like staring at east village condos from roach infested projects. He couldnt find hope so his spirit never
fine tuned it
victim of the system never had noone to miss him
never knew his roots so how could he
ever lose it?
it being his past. he says it
be in the past so he swallows them memories back tryna stop the heart attack but an aspirin just wont cut it


it was

her soul beckoning to him across the room
can you feel me ?
it said
and just like that he turned his head
as if his spirit could sense her
as if .....
with one glance he could tempt her

that he did


thought he was the shit til they came and defecated on him


every day i can imagine
spending one more eternity
multiplied eternally
in your embrace"
"like every moment past is one less moment we have to share
so i wanna make them last"
as he proceeds to


used to soften the blow of a fist to the chest
thud not loud enough to mask the sound of her
spirit breaking

cuz love is just a word sometimes


see he
knew i was having trouble being we
cuz all i ever knew was


see the
only things i pimp are the lines that i pen
like posthumous musings of greats come back to write again
and like headless horsemen come back to ride again


elliciting out of body experiences
where you take me on flights of fancy
make me want to paint an image with words of how
i would love for your very essence
to run through me like the Nile
love forging on its banks like civilizations
how if only i could delve into you like the depths of an ocean under dark skies
scour the shelves of your mind

seeking to find all things that will bind us in space


black was the hand i was dealt
race aint a card that i play
cuz that extra melanin i possess aint no joke
when it got folk dragged behind the beds of pickup trucks
and i aint on no 'that was thirty years ago' shit
cuz somehow people still find it funny to
use our struggles as slapstick
when you still gotta worry bout being bashed with a nightsick
and for sure betta put them hands up quick but not too quick, 'fore that trigger click


No hiding he says
eyes piercing my soul
and two shallow breaths later
two rising and falls of my chest
no secrets
i know i said the words
my mouth moving to form them
the rush of blood to my ears prevented me from hearing them
so i smiled that shaky smile i do when i'm nervous
and prayed that i could let go


memories of
steel-tipped boots
grounding your face into the dirt
as the cries of the inhumane plague your sanity
grains of rock dig into
sun-kissed flesh
marring the beauty that God did create
threat of death looming low overhead like a noose
ring of rope
destroyer of hope
or so they think
reaching for you like a lasso
determined to snare souls
round them up like cattle
their own special branding
bodies dragged behind beds of pick-up trucks
badges and ink-black sky offer all the cover needed
disfigured, marred beauty
head, neck
found miles from mangled torso
can't quite make out how handsome he used to be
my boy James


never was the type to inspire poetry
seems wat they found in other girls could never see in she
treasure hidden
like sunken ships under stormy seas
expedition deemed hazardous
so no need for retrieval team


u helped me to see
that from within
u saw that glow
like neon lights emitting
glow of light through fog
while sitting
u came and rested ur body next to me
that park bench where u tested me
and i tested you
like fall and SAT's i questioned you


Days passed
four sunsets
she sits in his room rocking back and forth
gathers all the pictures from his shelf
as the screams continue in her heart
Her only son
life cut short
was told, nothing we can do for him now
so as she sits on his bed
surrounded by his clothes
remembering the day everything lost color
only black present
a searing pain that only a mother could know


they made a nigger out of you
and you watched as they made a bitch out of her
sad thing is you let them though
then took up the anthem as your own


If only for one night
can i guide you inside of me
have you travel the depths of my body
explore my heart
my mind
and take a tour of my soul
i don't need guarantees
but pray that when the journey's over
i can let you go
and somehow
walk away



look past the lies my mouth tells
search my eyes for that place where

i figure ima be kovorkian
hand them death cooled over quick


gunshot blasts so common
drugs and alcohol be the remedies to calmem


summertime and the living is easy
let me spit the truth
summertime and the living is hard
sure the fish are jumping but the cotton is high so im in the fields back bent to breaking
body for the taking but they sure won't get my soul
Some say they can't understand my faith and how in these circumstances i manage to seem like im whole
i say cuz i
know my chariot's coming forth to carry me home


she said
she loved him
and her name was Lyric
he said
i aint want no conversation
but she thought they were makin love cuz the moves,
they mimicked
and she swore he could touch her soul and like waters wade in it
cuz she was sleepin with dogs so she got ensnared like a
runaway slave caught


love is in the air
i aint tryna catch nothing

competition can't see me like that 'blue magic'
100 percent pure got them foamin at the mouth like a crack addict waiting outside Betty Ford tryna beat that drug habit
flooding the streets like the second coming of God
episode two switched it up so it's...
Diana's Ark and guess i'd be remiss if i aint warnem before i scornem

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Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

now thats what im talking about

that was really mutplied eternities

bravo sister

Pocahontaz said... are wayy to talented..good ish!

AlooFar said...

Very creative, as usual!

1/3 said...

I love how all the pics relate to the poems underneath. Im blown away by your talent dej:-)

Charles said...

This is really first I wasn't following at all...then I thought, these are like poetic captions. Loving it.


Sha Boogie said...

'love is in the air..aint trying to catch nothing'.

WOW! Loves it --perfect pic!

clnmike said...

That was a lot to process, good job.

Roddykat said...

Damn, Deja, You throwing words out like you got stacks of chairs for ammo. Love it! I especially loved these lines:

"that park bench where u tested me
and i tested you
like fall and SAT's i questioned you"

And the "if only for one night" joint. Da bidness!

A couple other aught me on another level. I'll let you figure out which ones. :)

Ciao, Bella!

Brothers Blog said...

I was loving the words and adding the pictures just made it even more captivating. Great work.

Pajnstl said...

I like when you do this kind of post. The pictures speak a thousand words

CapCity said...

I. LOVE. THISSSS. SIDE of YOU, my Blog-sistah! When U gonna publish in book form, so we can sell yours at the next NYC Blog event? Cuz this here - is priceless!! *Bowing 2 u, Dejanae* ;-)

RealHustla said...

It was too much for me

I couldn't finish.

dessex said...

wow everybody has already said it all. This was very impressive.

dejanae said...

thnx for the feedback folks
it's appreciated

B.Price said...

VERY refreshing....very.

dejanae said...

gracias man

MysTery said...

Didn't read all of them but dang sista! Good job *snaps* lol

Anonymous said...

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