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Monday, November 3, 2008

vampires egyptians and witches oh my and a ghoul too?

shrieking like a banshee cuz i aint got no damn sense

for the record
my mouth didnt stay open like that the whole damn
it was kinda necessary tho
otherwise i just came off as some slutty amazon warrior or something

i really need for folk to understand that Halloween is not an excuse to say any ole shit that pops into ur head just cuz ur dressed like someone else

nor is it an excuse to just up and touch folk u dont know
especially if that person is me
let's just say

it doesnt bode well

There was this white dude dressed in some bootleg costume with a blowup doll giving him a blowjob
suffice it to say he was looking at me a lil too eagerly and had the nerve to look down at it then look at me talkin bout he doesn't mind getting bitten

How bout no
right after i laughed in his face

speaking of blowjobs
on my way back home, some gay chick on the trainplatform was calling some other female all kinds of bitch talkin bout yes she's gay and so what and how she heard the dumb hoe and how she needs to suck her nonexistant dick and shit like that
twas quite amusing
Then she got into a spat with her girlfriend talkin bout "don't touch me"
then i guess they made up by the time the train hit the platform
but i guess they didnt make up enough for this big butch chick to stop lookin my damn way just before she asked some dude on the train to also suck her imaginery dick cuz apparently he kept looking at her too


u gon turn ur ass all the way around in ur seat to stare huh
can a chick get a bit of privacy when she's removing her pants?

so it wasnt as cold outside as i thought it would be
so yeah
i see no problem with removing my sweats on the damn train
i mean
it aint like i aint had no shorts underneath
he still shoulda atleast pretended like he couldnt see shit
ole nosy bastard
can someone please tell him to stop smiling over here like i'm putting on a damn show for his entertainment
thank you

U best go vote tomorrow before i bite you
or if u like that shit
i'll bite you if u go out and vote
u'll like it i promise

just something to think about

im dead serious too
even the homeless crackheads know what's up
now how sad would it be to say u got passed over for a homeless crackhead
not a good look right?
dont make me do it

19 public opinion:

clnmike said...

Lol, looking good.

The Goddess said...

Lmao, Sounds like a very entertaining day. I'm loving your hair. Folk just act a fool on halloween. All the more reason for me to keep my butt in the house.

Anonymous said...

Long time no chat Deja. You are a star even in costume. Hope all is well with you.

Super Dave Van Buren said...

trains are the best place to meet people. Even people you don't want to know.. lol

Maria said...

y'all look great!

when I got to "smh", I'm nodding my head, all impressed with myself, going, "now I know what that means! thanks, D!" LOL

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...


I would have loved to be there and enjoy the fuckery.

Shavon said...

Are you threatening to bite people with them plastic teeth? lol!

wonder.woman said...

looks like sooo much fun.

NYAmicas said...

You didnt tell me about blowup doll dude, lmao

NYAmicas said...

You didnt tell me about blowup doll dude, lmao

Stew said...

ok....waiting for my bite.

anytime would be great. i will be at my house. just call when you are on your way

Eb the Celeb said...

that better have been juice in that jug... lol

Freaky Deaky said...

Um no. Anytime a chick strips in public it's a man's prerogative to look. A smarter man or a more experienced pervert would've taken pictures because pictures really do last longer. LOL!

You say slutty Amazon warrior like it's a bad thing. Your costume was hot.

I voted, I'd like my bite now. Thanks.

Sandman said...

LOL @ Imaginary dicks

I could picture a commercial........"Hello, I'm Morgan Freeman. Every year, 40,000 Americans are killed by choking on imaginary dicks. Won't you please donate today and help save another victim?"

Just came across your blog. Good shit. Keep it up.

One Man’s Opinion said...

Damn, you girls were hella hot for the hallo-weenie.

Roddykat said...

Umm, for the record, you might want to choose your words carefully. Some people might like to get bitten, plastic teeth or not. Just sayin'

Just a P-S-A from little ole M-E.


dejanae said...


it was
maybe i shoulda stayed my ass home too

im good
how u doin?

no thnx to that

ooh thx chile
glad to be of service

u shoulda been there
maybe next time ull hightail ur ass out here

umm yeah
is that a problem?

it might've been

i had to save something for the blog

it's done
did u feel it yet?
go check ur neck

it was

u've been bitten
see the marks?
keep in mind that theyre fast healing

thats some psa
thnx man

werent we tho?

i offered them folk an option

Kieya said...

a. thats one tall egyptian
b. what the hell was in that old ass bottle

i wanted to come home for halloween but had to work the next morning :-(

dejanae said...

she aint that tall

twas apple juice

too bad