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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


my computer crashed and me being the genius that i am, i didnt backup anything
i lost all my shit
my music
my writing
my bootleeg poetry
my fake short story
my music
my pictures
i said my music twice didnt i?
well im distraught
im entitled

i blame Sarah Palin
i can do that

i quit my friggin job
yes i did
if there's one thing i cant stand, it's folk messing with my money
im sorry
i kinda expect for my paycheck to be ready when it's payday
i couldnt do it

now everytime i call concerning my last check, she's always in a meeting
Bitch please
When i was working there, ur ass was never that busy

so the hunt is on for a new gig

Halloween is fast approaching
what to be?
what to be?

ANY of yall get dressed up for Halloween?

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Ms. Lovely said...

ugh..I feel your pain sis. My computer crashed last year and I lost EVERYTHANG! still stings

I'm dressing up for the first time in years. Its between a cop or naughty nurs lol

1/3 said...

aww always back up ur stuff!!! computers are so crazy nowdays lol

Im not dressing up...well unless I have a halloween party to go to lol

(vixenchick) said...

i'm dressing twin sister and i are gonna be salt n pepa, lol!



Jackie E. said...

me and my business partner lost almost all of our company stuff when her computer crashed about a month ago!! we lost a lot of our before and after pics (we have an interior design company) that we had yet to add to our website and we really can't just roll back up to people's house talking about can we come back and mess your house up again and then fix it back, lol!!! i have to laugh, otherwise, i'd cry:(

as for halloween, i'm not sure what to do about that yet. i'm waiting for some divine intervention!

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

LOL @ the picture of the pumpkin. I feel your pain with you computer...that has happened to me too many times.

There are three things I don't play about, and thats my intelligence, my family, and my money. I'm a sweet person, but when you mess with one of those three, I'm a bitch, so I understand what you mean.

dejanae said...

ms lovely:
i say cop

i learned that the hard way
girl.u dont need no party to dress up

i wanna see pics

tough breaks
divine intervention for halloween?
thats funny

im sayin
i coulda sworn the paycheck was the whole point of getting a damn job

The Jaded NYer said...

I've had that same mess happen to my computer so I feel you... for the future, get an external drive or one of those USB thingys to back up your more important stuff (music, writing, pics, etc)

Halloween isn't really my thing, so the babies and I will just be watching a pseudo-scary movie surrounded by junk food in the comfort of our own couch.

seSi said...
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seSi said...

My laptop did thesame thing last year but I refused to lose MY LIFE. You can send the hard drive to the manufacturer to have your information recovered. I did it with Dell for $150. It costs $100 to replace your harddrive--instead of getting a new computer.

The pumpkin is H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that D, I've been there. Music I can always re-download, it's my writing and pics that would really piss me off so I occasionally upload to photobucket or put it on my USB thingy.

I think I'm going to be Soulja Girl for Halloween-Youtube it if you havent seen that mess.

Kieya said...

my heart hurts for you
my comp crashed a few years ago
and i lost all my music
i thought someone had shot me.

*dead* @ anony being soulja girl for halloween, i cant handle that lol

i was thinkin the black morticia, with a big ass afro

Roddykat said...

Damn, Deja! Sorry about your PC. Wish I could offer you some assistance. There are places that might be able to recover your stuff, but they cost a grip.

As for your job sitch. Ain't nothin' funny when it comes to the money, for real.

LOL @ blaming Sarah Palin

No dressing up for Halloween. There are scarier things afoot.

FlyyGurl said...

I always fear that happeneing. thankfully,somebody always BREAKS my shit b4 it gets a chance to break gonna b chun li, maybe you should be a video game character too!lol

MysTery said...

Awwwww!!!! Brave lady to quit. You are blessed girl.

Halloween? ehhh iono if I will be dressing up or not.

Have a good one!

Stew said...

makes sense to quit your job when you not getting the money you working for.....

i think everyone is blaming everything on Palin.....makes sense, she's a fuck up

sorry about your computer....i had a scare, but i was able to fix it. maybe i should go ahead and back my stuff up

jjatria said...

you may have already got this from someone else, but seeing as there is no comment saying anything about it... here goes:

recovering the files on your pc is probably possible if not also easy to do. here's a link for you:

best of luck~

JM said...

Recovering your stuff is pretty easy. Just pick a linux liveCD (mepis is a pretty good one) and have it with you. Next time windows crashes, you can just boot the PC off your liveCD, pull the stuff off the HD into an USB stick or external HD and then reboot with your PC restore CD and let it do it´s thing.

JM said...

I forgot to say.
The best of all, this method is free.
It won´t cost you 1000 dls or more (which is what proffesional recovery people charge for recovering your data from an unbootable windows instalation), and you´ll have the PC up and running in 1hr at most (instead of the five to ten days that recovery services usually require).