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Saturday, October 11, 2008


On Saturday, Oct. 11th from 6pm-9pm

What: Several Authors of Bloggers' Delight, vol. 1: Love & Redemption will host the FINAL celebratory reading & signing of their premiere national tour. There will be food, drinks & several surprises.

Where: Rio II Gallery at 135th street & Riverside Drive
(the upper level of Riverside - not down near Fairway).
583 Riverside Drive, 7th Floor; New York, NY 10031

How (Cost): Simply come, purchase a book &/or give a free-will offering.
A percentage of all proceeds will go to support
the Broadway Housing Community (which hosts the gallery).

Who's coming?

5 public opinion:

Eb the Celeb said...

I will be there... see you in a couple hours missy!

Eb the Celeb said...

and I'm gon get a pic of you smiling this time too or we gon

12kyle said...

i was spirit. lol

i saw the pics on eb's page. you smiled!!!!! haaaaaaa

CapCity said...

THANK U (& your girlz;-) for coming thru to support! U R HILARIOUSLY incog-negro! LOL! BTW, I'm "stealing" some of your photos;-)

karrie b. said...

ur friend in the red kind of reminds me of joy bryant. are you going to eb's halloween party, or am i gonna have to beat that azz?