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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

i am not a friggin liar

i coulda sworn i posted the pics and question shit before i went to sleep
of course since blogger wants to be a bitch, that aint happen
and of course since i have no luck it didnt even save the crap


*turning into she-hulk and throwing a tantrum*

im back
frustrated but no worse for the wear

yall know im too lazy to do all that shit right now
i will attempt to have it up within the next 2 days

bootleg youtube vid post:

17 public opinion:

Qucifer said...

Bwwahaha you wrong for this

Kayos said...


Big O said...

The song was so fitting lol

Stew said...

i do not think i have every heard that song

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

glad u back poetess

Pajnstl said...

a mess... quit trying to blame blogger. you know blogger NEVER acts the fool. lol

(vixenchick) said...

blogger sux sometimes.sorry bout you losing your post.

Ms Sula said...

Dej, I don't believe you... You need more people.

Up with the pics already, woman!


Rashan Jamal said...

Sure it was blogger's fault..friggin' liar! LOL

Don said...

ha. i can still listen to the jukebox.

DollFace said...

Hey girlie! Good luck with the job search.

Are you coming to the brunch on the 6th?

12kyle said...

blogger sucks sometimes

dejanae said...

no i aint dammit

what can i say?

big o:
aint it tho?

u can thank me now

sure thing

then ima blame u

i know

i aint got no witnesses tho

how dare u malign my character dammit

glad u see the cup as half full

what brunch?

yes sir
ima give it a good karate chop to the neck

Roddykat said...

That's one my favorite Luther Joints!

And uh, I got your post. Good stuff. If you want to see it again, I want $1037.78 in Nickels & Dimes. I don't them traced, man! :)

Lemme stop before you really think I took it.

dejanae said...


Don said...

it's raining like a mofo and we're sitting around eating some pizza and baked chicken and i'm like, 'let me hit up dejanae's blog and just let the jukebox play.'

great idea, i know.

Roddykat said...

You only say that because you love me, hon. :) Back at ya!