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Thursday, August 21, 2008

oooh chile

this ass shot is not gratuitous i assure you. tho i am not adverse to that either. ur supposed to notice the buttons
i thought they were cute

yeah yeah
im weaved up again
i was just friggin lazy and the best bud's bday is saturday so....

say hi to Andrani

went into the city for a friggin interview and to turn in some resumes

was walkin along 34 th street and the Tyra Banks show was conducting some bootleg passerby interviews and they asked me if i wanted to participate

sorry.i had places to go folk to go see about a damn job.
yeah i know yall mad
yall coulda checked for me on the

I think i did well
i mean come on
im friggin fabulous right?
I was my usual personable self
They betta call me back is all im sayin

Saw this fiiiiine lookin man while me and Fi
this chick

were walking the mean nyc streets.
He was lookin all scrumdiddlyumptious and shit
not quite tall, dark, and handsome
he was more of the melanin challenged black folk variety
but ooh chile
he had dreads
an ass
*fanning myself*
nona that flat shit
that rent-a-cop had me thinkin some things.
had a sistah wanting to

He is not to be confused with the John McCain lookin motherfucker who was tryna proposition me

nor is he to be confused with the hispanic dude who thought it would be aight for him to come up to a sistah and grab her arm talkin bout "this gon be my wifey right here"

no bitch ass motherfucker
u dont know me

Lucky for his midget ass he had time to scurry off through the foot traffic before i could tell him about himself

and oh
i just about almost busted my ass just now tryna do some salsa with my heels on
Blame it on the dance instructor at the gym and this song

She tryna have me break my neck

34 public opinion:

One Man’s Opinion said...

Carlos Santina...still making music that counts, after all these years.

You know everyone was looking at your ass...What buttons. LOL

Yeah, I hope you get the job since you missed your op to be discovered. LOL You got way too much going on in one day. So, What I need you to do is go on the Wendy Williams show and ask a question. Where that outfit. She likes people to dress up for her show.

Ms. Jones said...

FAB outfit!

The Second Sixty-Eight said...

Well, I saw that there WERE buttons. That didn't pass my notice. But I was most definitely looking at ya ass and hips. Yep. Oops. I seem to be doing it again!

Tell her I said Happy Birthday!!!

You know I might actually fall over dead at the next picture of you where you are actually looking AT the camera or (god forbid) smiling.

I wonder if that male fixation you were having is the same one Ms. Behaving was misbehaving for...

mizchif said...

Hmmmm, and in ur other post u had d nerve to talk abt rating urself a 5! U're very not serious. With that figure again. Ok, o!

Very nice outfit, tho.

And Adriana looks very nice herself.

Freaky Deaky said...

Happy birthday to your friend.

RealHustla said...

I wonder if it would be illegal to tazor a person you don't know who grabs your arm. I mean, unless you were unknowingly walking into harm's way, there's no excuse for that type of behavior. Yes, get a stun gun.

Ms. Lovely said...


lol@ that old ass john mccain..I hate that shit

and yes i'm mad you didn't make your debut appearance lol. I can only imagine what they were asking: "Do you think Tyra is the most fabulous, fantastic, fierce person on the planet???" Her self absorbed ass

Jadore.Tokeyo said...

girl you look fab!!!!

Don said...

gottttt damn!! have a nice body, dejanae. i'm not trying to get fresh with you over a computer either. just being real.

oh, the post...i love your alter-negro - you're right, she's very witty, funny, and sarcastic. i like what she offers.

now let me go and listen to my song right quick.

Don said...

ish, i'm like andre 3000...your *ss could make it thunderstorm. LOL. fuck making it rain.

Pajnstl said...

Ok! I'm LOVING that skirt!
you fill it out quite nicely too :)

dessex said...
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dessex said...

I saw the buttons lol...beautiful

Ms Sula said...

Yeah, I don't know about that 5 crap rating you were talking about.

Loved that outfit A LOT. Go ahead with your pretty self!

Can Van Dam said...

dejanae... you're pretty hawt... if I haven't told you before... and... why didn't you stop for tyra?... awe shucks... naw, cause they could have had a crazy ass topic... and then people that interviewed you could have seen it and said "naw"... "Dejanae... your ass is NOT hired for your ghetto ass bootleg interview on tyra"... lol

James Tubman said...

dag gurl

normally i dont date too many females thats younger than me but


The Second Sixty-Eight said...

Wait. I know the real reason she didn't stop for TV. She would have looked crazy giving the side profile to the camera!

Keli said...

Again...azz like that makes you at least an 8...and the fact that you have style and boobs (do you stuff?m lol) on top of it...come on just wanted to hear us sing your praises...mmm, ain't slick.

I wish you well with the job hunting. Hope the right opportunity comes your way.

Ms. Behaving said...

That skirt is too cute!! You go gurl!!! :-)

arychtexas said...

flip flop mccain is wack....that dress is hot u look nice in it...tyra is wack!

12kyle said...

love your picture posts!

doesn't john mcshame look like he's seconds away from a heart attack?

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

stop that u look good enuff to... let me stop
love the back shot
such great posterior ethics

Stew said...

i have to laugh at every picture you take because you look EXACTLY the same. you ever seen that Bruce Willis movie with the autistic kid who could not look at anyone in the eyes??? ummmm........mercury rising that's it. well the way you look out the corner of you eye reminds me of him.

not to say you look autistic or nothing, but you get the idea.

and on a previous post you were talking about how you did not think you looked all that good, and you dont think you could make anyone do a double take. that's some just have not seen anyone do a double take because you were not looking for it. im pretty sure that you stop traffic where ever you go

karrie b. said...

lol @ you wanting to "shoop it"...

but the hair is fierce

and i'm stealing the effing shoes in ur sleep cuz u play too much.


Rashan Jamal said...

Totally gratuitous, stop frontin' LOL

Hope you get that job!

Maria said...

I love that outfit! :-D

Maria said...

but when are you gonna answer the question I posed about your virginity? huh? :-P

(vixenchick) said...

OMG gurl I love your figure! You're shaped like an hourglass! HOTNESS! : )

dejanae said...

yep.santana is the truth
there were buttons dammit
i hope i get the gig too
and no to goin on the wendy williams show
how bout u go instead

ms jones:
thnx hon

u might be about to fall dead nyway now
i done told u thats my signature look

lol.i dont know bout all that

thnx and thnx

she says thnx

yep.sounds like a good idea

she does seem self absorbed sometimes


lol@ getting fresh
hmmm.interesting compliment

now when u gon make me some shit?

good for

ms sula:
thnx. i want u to post more pics chick

can van dam:
thats why

james tubman:

nah ida just said tell me how fly i am ;)
thnx hon

aww shucks

i concur

he does doesnt he?

posterior ethics huh?
first i heard tell of that

oh hush
i know im fly but i aint that

thnks hon
u can try
ima be waitin with a bat

not totally dammit
see the friggin buttons?lol

thnx chick
by tuesday.i

thnx hon

Roddykat said...

And again I say, quit trippin'.

Couldn't see the buttons for the azz (and I mean that in the most respectful way I can this early in the morning).

Hi Andrani, Hi Fi!

I don't watch Tyra, but had you been on...I would think about it. Go on ahead get on Top Model. You know you got it! And I'd make a conscious effort to watch.

Quit trippin.. oh wait, it was the heels. Dammit man, be careful. I'm not trying to send flowers to the Hospital (don't know what kind anyway).

Santana is the Dude!


Eb the Celeb said...

hella hawt pics missy...

I long for your shape (sigh)

I have no boobs, no ass, no hips... I could never pull off that look... but you rockin it!

dejanae said...

rolls eyes

u can send daisies

thnx hon

Anonymous said...

The Skirt and shoes were AWESOME

I Hate you now, great!

MysTery said...

LOVE the pix! GET IT GIRL!!!