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Friday, August 15, 2008

RANDEM TANDEM-unanswered questions

it was

her soul beckoning to him across the room
can you feel me ? it said
and just like that he turned his head
as if his spirit could sense her
as if .....
with one glance he could tempt her

that he did

cuz she felt the pull, the attraction
and tho she didn't believe in love at first sight she definitely could imagine
date one: poetry reading then drinks
where they would discuss their favorite authors,
reminisce on common memories
lost in
of a shared yet singular experience

year two:anniversary dinner
dim lights and daises
cuz he'd know she hated roses since.......

since she hated roses
never really knew why

10 years later
3 kids
Isaiah, Charisma
and Malachi cuz she's always loved that name

"excuse me,is this seat taken?"
and just like that
daydream broken
or maybe
it was just beginning

Or maybe i wake the hell up and realize i'm not the lead character in a romance novel. I think people may be a bit unrealistic in what they expect of others sometimes. In real life, i've never had an immediate connection with someone off of a look. I don't buy into that love at first sight crap. NOT FRIGGIN POSSIBLE. That aint love playa, that's lust, interest, what have you. but it aint love. Next: honestly, he probably wouldn't remember that i hate roses. He'd just step through with them and i'd give him the wtf face and he'd be all like "watd i do?". Dumb motherfucker i told you two years ago i hated roses. puahahahaha
That poetry reading and drinks thing sounds hella sexy to me.
I do love those names: Charisma. Isaiah. Malachi
I know i say i want 10 kids (if finances allow) but i figure 3 of my own is enough plus throw in some foster and adoptive kids and i'm good to go.
Now lemme see what dude is gon try and tell me i can't have my 10 kids. Nuccah please i told you that on day 1 and now that we married you tryna renege on the deal. Get outta here. NO 4real. GET OUT.Oh u aint tryna hear me. OKAY THEN. Malachi, Charisma, Isaiah. grab ur bags. We takin a trip. Daddy's actin a damn fool today.


And it just keeps getting better
im not pregnant
but this i already friggin knew
My body did not have to expel anything dammit
i gotta be the unlucky bitch whose period lasts a whole friggin week

my camera is actin a fool and hiding from me so no hair pics
it looks the same as those side pics nyway
use ur imagination

What will it take for a man to get you to have sex with him?
There are a coupla scenarios that could lead to me having to lay it down on someone (this assuming my sex life is as good as it plays out in my

1.billionaire approaches me with an offer of atleast 1.3 billion dollars
He must sign a legally binding confidentiality agreement complete with nondisclosure clause
and pay for my revirgination surgery

2.a)He has to be particularly adept at hypnosis. Now ive heard of folk getting hypnotized by the dick.Ima harder chick to
b)He has to have mind control powers

3.The fate of the world hangs in the balance and for some reason or another i have to be the friggin sacrificial virgin. Ima suggest that they go after Desy first tho.

4.The lord himself(and no he cant send Jesus as his messenger)has to come down and compel me to give up the drawers

ok lemme stop being stupid

yall know im tryna do that whole wait til marriage thing
i can hear folk hissing and snickering already
stop it
dont underestimate me son
i have a knack for ruining the mood when it suits me

Now being tres realistic here. even if i dont wait til that 'til death do us part', i am not fuckin with anybody i cannot see myself having a kid with. Thats my criteria. If i cant see you being the father of my child, i am not climbing atop the dick.

Shit happens. Im not tryna get stuck with a dumb motherfucker cuz a condom up and broke on me
If i was a dude, im pretty sure i'd be thinkin the same way

Why do you ask so many questions of your readers?
I havent asked questions in a minute.hmmm.gotta get on that.
Im nosey. Thats why. good enough?

If Hillary wins the nomination would you stay home from the polls in the general election?
Ha. Thats how long it took me to get to answering this shit. Them primaries been done.If she had won, ida still cast that ballot

How much traveling have you done?
Meh. not much. Only ever been to Haiti and Canada basically.
I gotta work on that.

Is there any place you'd like to go that you haven't been to?
I wanna head to Egypt and check out some heiroglyphics up close and personal
hit up an archeological dig or something. Get my In[Diana] Jones on.

Is there any place that you have been that you'd like to go back to to?
Canada i guess. I went for a wedding. Didnt do much sight seeing

Where did the name Dejanade come from from?
Its a combination of my first and last name + the lemonade ending

What's the craziest search term(s) that brings people to your site?
i guess it would have to be gangbang
some freak got sorely disappointed when he came to my site
hey, atleast he made it known that it was a good read nonetheless.

I used to swear i could levitate

My folk tried to tell me that i was confusing my dreams with reality
im not quite convinced


18 public opinion:

Roddykat said...

You know I got you on the questions. I'll be back. The rest... I'll be back.

Qucifer said...

Heffa take my post and answer then questions THAT would be something fun!

and no you can't levitate, your badonkadonk Is NOT playing them games

Super Dave Van Buren said...

I was disturbed by that pic of the cartoon chick with the bloody monsters coming from her juice box... lol

(vixenchick) said...

What's your favorite song?

arychtexas said...

What do you feel is the most treasured part of your body? this gurl just told me how her Aunt waited 40 yrs to find the perfect guy. She got married and gave her virg to him and they are happy and she paying his way out of debt....

Ruthibelle said...

lol@ the real life 40yo virgin paying huzzy's way outa debt... sooo not hapnin!

Ms Sula said...
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Ms Sula said...

You know what? Hang in there about the virginity... You have to stay strong on your beliefs.

I have a good friend who is 30 yrs and is getting married next year. She's brilliant and a virgin... Her fiance understands and is proud of her. So it's def doable...

As far as the question goes... What must you absolutely have in a guy for him to become a potential boyfriend?

Ms. Lovely said...

wow..i had no idea you were a virgin. That's wsup!

Ok question: What's one thing you've done in your life that you regret?

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

i hate breaking day dreams up especially mine

Pajnstl said...

lmao Dej I love you girl You are TRULY a mess...

Roddykat said...

Last question:

Why has thou forsaken me? :)

One Man’s Opinion said...

I really enjoyed how you painted this great, fairy tale and then just blew it all to bits with reality. Good job.

Desy said...

hahaha! rollin at this quote 'Im not tryna get stuck with a dumb motherfucker cuz a condom up and broke on me'

I can't say i've ever thought about it that way... but i just might

Maria said...

on the real, I'ma be mad if you don't submit something to the campus zine this year. your poetry is always on point.

but yeah: question... why are you waiting for marriage to lose your virginity? seriously. I'm not tryna be rude: the concept really perplexes me.

soumynona said...

I heart these two statements:
"Now ive heard of folk getting hypnotized by the dick.Ima harder chick to crack"

3.The fate of the world hangs in the balance and for some reason or another i have to be the friggin sacrificial virgin. Ima suggest that they go after Desy first tho.

That kuma sutra pic was mad sexy tho - stay strong and focused

Kayos said...

How you gonna break up your own daydream? Girl! People will call my name until I finish my dream. Not a minute before.


Questions. Qwestuns. Kwestyns. I'm nosey too. I ain't gonna lie. But it's all n how you ask them.

I don't have much for ya but if you ever wanna know sumthin bout me, you know how to get back at me.

AlooFar said...

It amazes me how you put your words together.