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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

trail mixin it

My alter-negro is the outspoken, sarcastic, funny, confident side of me
If they could seperate my Stephan and Steve Urkel
I'd revert to some snivelling, quiet, shy, insecure, mass of something
X the snivelling
I don't do that shit
the rest still holds true

dont u hate when u think u cam up with some phrase that apparently already exists?

Public speaking is not really my thing but i will get to dancing like im audition for Flashdance 2

I get hot real easily
so while everybody is walking round with their gloves and scarf. I'm good wit my hoodie or t shirt and open jacket.
What folk need to do is stop lookin at me like i'm crazy or worse
I hate when they act like i done lost leave of my senses
You see me walkin with the hoodie
My jacket is tucked into the strap of my bag
My teeth aint shattering
How in the hell u gon ask me if i wanna borrow ur jacket. Do you think i'm so stupid i couldnt figure out
cold + jacket handy = I can dress my fuckin self
or people who tell me to zip up
Why in the hell are you worried?


Aliens are among us and one of them goes to my gym

so im in the locker room getting changed to get the hell outta there and this new chick is in there getting ready to start her workout. She's hella toned,no stetchmarks in sight, makeupless but her skin is clear as all hell. The pretty motherfucker had me hating. Then the bitch had the nerve to smile at me and say hey like i know her from somewhere. Take your hey somewhere else!!!I aint tryna be your damn friend.Fuckin Alien drone. Next thing you know she gon wanna be workout partners. Fastforward and we chillin and shit. Im bout to sound real shallow, but i'm not tryna be the proverbial ugly friend. Yall know wat i'm talkin bout.

Ima pretty average lookin chick. Nothing that'll make you do a double take or be like " damn son. how'd you land her?" (This is where yall cry out in protest and start thinking: What the hell she talkin bout? chick is fyah.lmao)
If i had to rate myself, I'd say im bout a five. right smack in the middle. You won't go running if you see me coming down the street or nothing but if i was the bootleg love interest in a video you'd be like: "What this chick doing on my screen?" I don't think i'm the shit (but honestly, i'm so cool, i won't discount the possibility)
So when i hear folk commenting on celebrities or other folk talking bout " She looks ugly." or "She justa 'around the way chick' (insert schreeching halt here)
I will never call someone ugly who i know looks a helluva lot betta than me. Some other folk tho, aint got the sense i do. First off you just come across as a hater. Second. What you gon say when someone tells you to look in the damn mirror?
Yeah she coulda chose a betta outfit and she shouldn't have let Shanequalashae do her hair but atleast she don't look like a cross between Gollum and Quasimodo
I'm just sayin...

albophobia -The fear of white people
apodyopsis -The act of mentally undressing someone
abderian -given to incessant or idiotic laughter
use one in a sentence
*let's see who's reading*

Mesmerized by his eyes
the way they follow me when i walk by
When he tells me that I
am the future that he envisioned
When he sees in me the beauty of long forgotten African queens
When he says i took away the sighs
and exclaims at how the span of my thighs
makes him sigh
in relief
that somehow, he gets to come home to me
His support system when he was going thru that grief
When he states that I, in my offering of comfort and solace
offered him the opportunity
Fell in love with his tongue
and no
not the way u may think
I fell in love with his wordplay before his foreplay
entranced by the spells he'd cast
with the words he'd say
things like
"your image is indelibly burned into my mind" as he smiles
seeing me naked for the very first time
held me close as i cried
whispers of "i love u. it'll be alright", when my grandfather died
In his eyes i find the fountain of youth
in his charming way says i get better with each day
"like a bottle of chardonnay?" i ask
no he laughs as he takes me to task
and clasps my hands in his
as his eyes find mine
"more like
every day i can imagine
spending one more eternity
multiplied eternally
in your embrace"
"like every moment past is one less moment we have to share
so i wanna make them last"
as he proceeds to
cherishing every curve
every line
as i stare into his eyes



either yall know everything there is to know about me or yall really dont care
what happened to the questions?
theyll be answered ths weekend

18 public opinion:

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

well may as well join a nudist colney - i hate clothes not being hot

Charles said...

Hey!!! I'm working hard to not let my albophobia get me down!

I'm mad you said ol girl at your gym was an alien droe though. You know you won't be the ugly friend. And I get you though...a lot of people be gassin themselves up like self serve at exxon knowing damn well that they're regular as hell. I don't scale judge people but everyone can't be in the upper echelon all the time. And are we talking natural beauty or the I gotta wake up 5 hours early and paste shit in place kind of beauty?

Super Dave Van Buren said...

So I was reading this blog while doing some apodyopsis and you said you rate yourself as a 5. maybe if you smiled more you would consider yourself a 8... lol

Freaky Deaky said...

Alter-negro. I like that. LOL!

Not like you look like you've been hit in the face with a bag of rocks but your body alone puts you past a 5.

Unless they're really jealous or petty people I don't think it's so much a case of people thinking they look better than certain celebrities. It's more of a revolt against the media blowing their load over certain celebrities and trying to pigeonhole us into their definition of hotness.

Stew said...

I fucked around and saw Tropic Thunder last night and i was overcome by abderian. I had a headache when i left the theater.

girls always hating on other girls for no reason. what is wrong with you folks? the only reason why she looked like that is because she probably OBSESSES over it. If you were as anal ash she is then you would look exactly the same.

Rashan Jamal said...

what are you talking about you are a 5? I'm outraged... I;m sure that dudes engage in apodyopsis with you all the time.

I be reading. LOL

1/3 said...

I try to cure my apodyopsis by looking at an old wrinkled dude. Worked! lol

Anyways lol, I feel you I had speakin in public too!! Like is it necessary. I guess it is lol

LOL I'm sorry if I saw u with a hoodie in the winter i would want u to cover up too. More out of concern tho lol

Oh wow..dejanade please dont ever rate yourself!! You are being way to humble girl and I mean that:-)

The girl at the gym probably wanted to make new friends. All so called pretty girls are not the same. she may be cool.

lovnlife said...

LMAO...not a a cross between Gollum and Quasimodo.

A 5?! Pleeasse Stop!

Love the music!

The Second Sixty-Eight said...

How the heck am I supposed to merge the concepts of idiotic laugher, mental undressing and fearing white people in one sentence? I am a genius but DAMN!

And for shame for hating on the pretty lady! She was at least nice!

A five? A FIVE? Well, it might of up if you smile...

Ruthibelle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ruthibelle said...

my albophobia accutely intensified after the apodyopsis I was subjected to by an abderian caucasian... I'm a stunner like that, I know, lol

James Tubman said...

the cross between steve and stephon urkel

you too young to even know who he is lol

Pajnstl said...

*dead* @ alien girl!!! you are a mess

Keli said...

That was alotta ADD would not allow me to finish it...will have to go back and read the 2nd half later...

Girl...if you feel average then you are average...but I would say that the booty alone makes you at least an 8, lol.

Sting said...

LOL @ the alien at ur gym. Why r u hating on the pretty lady?

As for u being a 5, i would rate u way higher than that.

dejanae said...

u first

i was talkin bout natural beauty

super dave:
smiling goes against evrything i believe in dammit
it's not natural

well thnx
maybe a laundry bag

twas that good?
how bout no
some people are just predisposed to certain

rashan jamal:
good job

she probly was
i dont
nah i bein stupid
i say hi to her now tho

ha thnx hon

if u were truly a genius uda figured it out right?
no smiles are forthcoming

ok then

james tubman:
who u callin young
that was my shit

i am

lmao.then u gotta be atleast a 9 right?

i told u why i was

The Second Sixty-Eight said...

Um NO! Because I didn't wanna figger it out. Besides you wouldn't smile for me for doing it!

Roddykat said...

The Hell IS she talking about. Chick is Fyah! (wait, what?)
- Whatever man, quit trippin'. Love your attitude, though.

apodyopsis -The act of mentally undressing someone
- Guilty (not really, but I do it).

use one in a sentence
-I thought I was the only ONE that did this.

Does anyone really ever know anybody? Half the fun is learning more even when you think you know people. Do care!