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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

yada yada yada

im lazy
i will have a real post up for tomorrow ok
dont stone me

i took out el weave
cut my hair
not that u can tell much
aah the wonder of being natural
pics will be available sometime tomorrow

i need to head back to the gym
its been atleast a month
i have been fake running tho
summer's about to be up so honestly i dont really give a fuck on being strict with this exercise routine shit
mid winter is when i go hard

i need to do laundry
i probably wont get to it til tomorrow
i did say i was lazy

Ive changed my major yet again
Ive decided that when i head back itll be early childhood education and africana studies
I am indecisive but better i figure it out now than later
i love the kiddies and i love history so this shit better work


20 public opinion:

dessex said...

do you know how many times I changed my too many times

RealHustla said...

With this new major you can open an after school program that focuses on teaching kids about their history.

Kieya said...

a school teacher with flyass hair lol

Ms. Lovely said...

i'm with the chirren

and you're not the only one who is lazy with the laundry (*hates washing clothes*)

guerreiranigeriana said... are hilarious!!...what job for you?..something that allows you to be brutally honest...i don't really see you working for anyone would need to be your own shit...maybe director of a school or a curriculum consultant...

i.can't.complain. said...

u fiesty as all hell.

and stylish.

and real pretty.

and a great writer.

maybe a fiesty stylist who writes stuff... like how pretty she is.

check and see if they have any openings.


Sting said...

I can totally picture u being an English teacher. You write like u are writing poetry most of the time.

Eb the Celeb said...

***waiting on pics of new do****

Lovebabz said...

Hey Sister,

Going natural is FABULOUS!
How are you?

Freaky Deaky said...

You're going to have a lot of little boys distracted. Be prepared to hear, "I have a cramp in my leg" pretty often. LOL

I think most people change majors at least once. As long as it's early it shouldn't cost you too much additional time or money, so now's the time to do it.

Pajnstl said...

i dont see you working for someone. i see you running your own non profit teaching dance/arts to under priv kids. not sure why.. but its how i see ya

karrie b. said...

i can see you as a social worker somehow.


n0days0ff said...

lol at least you have a major.i was undecided for so long

Desy said...

honestly... scrap college and become a radio personality... you would be AWESOME at it

(vixenchick) said...

I agree with kieya :)

soumynona said...

I so feel Desy! You have a gift home slice!!!!! In the meantime, those two majors go well together. The more we learn about ourselves, the more love we can give to the ones who are oppressed - ps all of BET's viewing audience are oppressed and don't know it =>

dejanae said...

im hopin this is the last

i wanna eventually get into the nonprofit biz actually


ms lovely:
i still aint did it


will do

thatl work too actually

yeah well my camera is hiding from me right now

how bout no

and i would so ask u to help out

considered it
i dont know tho
i might go off on somebody

we'll just see how it all goes

ill give it some thought

fly ass teacher it is

yes sir
i agree on that BET crap

Stew said...

i semi changed my major once. from professional physics to environmental geophysics. does that even count??

dejanae said...


Roddykat said...

Umm, I picure you rollin'. As far as job, analyst. Don't know where. Maybe social analyst.