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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Well, i am a laid back type of guy

that love to live life to its fullest. I am very passionate, affectionate,understanding, loveable and sexual type of guy. I like going to the movies, dinner, walk on the beach or in the park (depending on the vibe), and romantic weekend getaways made for two. Average built type of guy that is looking for someone to chill with and vibe with . so if u interested in getting to know one another and see where it may lead into. write back and let me know

yall see this bullshit?

cant folk start off with a "hi. how are you doing?" first
these myspace pimps/casanovas need to stop
i dont know you and you talking bout romantic getaways

Could you be any more patronizing?
yeah u

ur near death ass decided that was the best move huh?
might it have anything to do with them democratic defectors?

so you think cuz she got a pussy, women are gonna fall in lock and step?
u aint slick

u do realize she is not pro-choice right?
"said thanks but no thanks to that bridge to nowhere"?
was that before or after she supported it
it's funny watching the republican pundits tryna make her sound like some energy and foreign policy expert

I would love to see how u gonna come at Obama about experience when u got her as no2
ur ancient ass could fall out any day now
Do you really believe for one second that she'd pass muster?
after you spoke to her once before choosing her
u cant
i think you think that your ass is gon live forever

can u please do me a favor and stop bringin up ur pow status every 5 seconds?
thank u
yeah i get it
u got shot down
u served ur country
i aint mad at that
appreciate it actually
but you do realize that you try to interject your pow status into every damn answer you give
i thought u were "reluctant" to discuss it

u wanna actually try lookin like you're alive half the time?
for me
im serious
with that fake ass smile you got plastered on your face

let's not even get into the fact that you sound like a stroke victim
look like one too

must you say "my friend" all the damn friggin time?

so really?
popularity for a presidential candidate is a negative now?
how does that work?
oh i get it
i mean
u cant get folk to come to your shit even if you paid them
u aint no damn maverick when u done moved further right on all the issues that you claimed u had reached across party lines on
u cant even support legislation u friggin authored

have you learned the difference between sunni and shia yet?

ima karate chop this old bag in his neck

if i dont post the pics and answers by friday, u can kick me upside the head

25 public opinion:

Pajnstl said...

not many people can make politics funny! :)

Super Dave Van Buren said...

lol.. you didn't know myspace was a dating site?

Ms. Lovely said...

lmfao @ going off on McLames old ass

and yes Myspace is the new blackplanet..they shoulda neva gave these niggas computers

Freaky Deaky said...

McCain is immortal. He used to babysit Methuselah back in the day. When the nukes are unleashed the only thing that will remain on the planet are cockroaches and John McCain. There can be only one. [cue up the theme to the Highlander TV series.]

Ms. Behaving said...

Look @ things on the bright least dude offered a few uninteresting words...

Hell all I get are d**k shots!! LOL

Stew said...

its going to be very interesting come november

The Love Collective said...

check out mi espacio, the spanish side of things. hil.arioiusl.

Love yer blog. Just showing love.

Caesar Cannon said...

McCain wrecked his whole campaign picking her... as if he wasn't messing up enough already... and if he does win and not make it to the grand age of 234094957239... he wrecks the country by having the first woman president who don't know shit... I don't like to state the obvious... but you know he's only this close to Barack because he's white and has tons of money to pay off the news... what I want to know is... how did he even become eligible for the presidency?

Sha Boogie said...

LOL@ u dissin mcan't and his jump off, HA!

1/3 said...

McCain is a joke and so is his VP. I think I would have thought he was a good candidate if he ran for president like 8 years ago..but like u said he's wayyy to old. but Im so not gonna get into politics. Obama 08!! lol

Rashan Jamal said...

How did you find me eharmony profile? That was supposed to be private!!!

Lemme find out you know a little something about politics! I'm impressed.

Roddykat said...

Lookee you: quoting Maze and getting politcal. Yea, Deja!

And imma kick ya in the head anyway, whether you do it or not.

Love ya!

Keli said...

Honestly I am tired of this entire election...I hate the media, neither side is really talking the issues...


karrie b. said...

those myspace fuckheads slay me.


Desy said...

And that ladies and gentlemen, are how Haitians discuss the political bullshiz...I swear, I had this same convo with my friend (haitian) and she had me rolling with commentary very similar to this...

but don't forget the unwed daughter of the vp that would have been the PLATFORM for McOld if Bbomb had had something like that... I HATE hypocracy...

Desy said...

and the myspace buffoonary... hence the reason why I have YET to join.... I aint got that kinda time

soumynona said...

LMMFAO! I can't stand palin and Mccain either =>
I can see you not feelin any Casaninja type. You already know how to deal, just be patient, pick and choose

(vixenchick) said...

lol at 'ima karate chop this old bag'

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

folk wasnt even a good piolot, getting shot down and shit

Anonymous said...

cool blog, will come back again...take care!

Jackie Edwards said...

please help me to stop laughing out loud for real. your sentiments on mccain pretty much echo mine. you just said it a whole lot better than i would've!

The Second Sixty-Eight said...


And I won't kick ya in the head...

Anonymous said...

can u please do me a favor and stop bringin up ur pow status every 5 seconds?

THANK YOU , it cheapens the whole thing, and really is classic that he thinks everyone is sold over a vagina, just cause he likes his women beauty queens

Anonymous said...

Love the fact that you're going so hard at McCain. Old ass definitely deserves it. He's got a VP that's one old ass heartbeat away from the presidency and he picks to win a campaign rather than pick the best candidate for the country.

And you're right. The fact that he's so openly exploiting his time as a POW makes me really not feel sorry for him at all anymore. And since when did prison time qualify someone to be president. If that's the case, I'm sure we've all got a cuz, homey, or ex-boyfriend who should run for office.

rebecca said...

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