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Friday, September 12, 2008

under construction

Aight folk
i know
i been slackin
you should know better than to believe when i tell yall ima have a post up soon
especially a topic-specific one
come on now
yall know me
im lazy

Got a fake gig as a bootleg receptionist at
a substance abuse and detox facility

tryna decide if im just gonna finish out the psych degree and do the teaching fellows thing or just switch to teaching altogether

I wanna learn to sew
come teach me
Yall know im fly
ima start thinking im the next versace or something
u gotta buy my shit

i went running last night and ive officially decided im too damn old for that mess
how young is too young to have arthritis?

guess what i found hiding behind the dresser
some ancient relic of times past
this piece of crap right here

i think i used it a total of 1 week
ima try this mess again
goal:2 weeks
its like goin thru withdrawal
if i can make it past that hump then i can do it for the long haul

I have two years to get most if not all my shit together
Finish school
get my own spot
yada yada yada

Someone else got engaged
i think these bastards are doin this shit on purpose
I'm convinced it's a plot to remind me of just how single i am
I got four years before my deadline of getting knocked up is here
let's see
learn to design/sew crap
run a marathon
finish school
get a real gig
get my own spot
meet the one
get married
pop out a lil bastard

or i could just do the whole artificial insemination thing and let the rest work itself out

21 public opinion:

Eb the Celeb said...

ha... you found pilates and I just got a new dvd player and when I pulled the old one out of the tv stand I found some billy blanks dvds that had so much dust on them I could barely see

(¯`·._.·[***Fresh&Fab***]·._.·´¯) said...

exercise is just crazy, for me anyway..i go to the gym once a month,lol

and they are still collecting that darn membership fee,

i miss ure random posts lol

Ms Sula said...

Four years? That's enough time to do it all... especially when you're Dejanae...:)

And bootleg congrats on the bootleg job! ;)

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

fake gig
bootleg reciptionist

well have a great wkend jones

Super Dave Van Buren said...

lol.. A detox receptionist? them calls must be crazy

The Second Sixty-Eight said...

"pop out a lil bastard"
See this is the kinda comment that you make AFTER they learn to talk... Your plan may be flawed...
However 4 years is plenty of time go get that done...

arychtexas said...

Someone else got engaged
i think these bastards are doin this shit on purpose
I'm convinced it's a plot to remind me of just how single i am
I got four years before my deadline of getting knocked up is here

^^^^ lmto jezz man you crazy

yeah i'll be waiting on that new post.

Ruthibelle said...

lmao@how young is too young to have arthritis... girl you're crazy!

Ruthibelle said...

lmao@how young is too young to have arthritis... girl you're crazy!

RealHustla said...

Not trying to rush/scare/freak you out or nothing? But, when it comes to childbirth, youth is on your side.

Pajnstl said...

lol... does your bootleg job come with a bootleg check?!

You show me NYC... I'll show you how to sew (well what i know :p)

(vixenchick) said...

lol at 'pop out a bastard'

Sting said...

You always make me laugh. Love the way u write.

Desy said...

such a nice packaged 'to do' list for the next

DollFace said...

LOL...I have those DVDs too!

If you enjoy the psychology why not stick with it? You can teach with any degree and even take education classes as electives.

When I found out about brunch, I came over here and left you a comment! But you didn't respond! Next time, I will badger you until I get a response!

Kieya said...

i did pilates once
but that crazy woman & her "core" mess pissed me off lol

Stew said...

good luck with that 4 year plan....and being single is not all that bad, but i guess girls think differently than guys

Roddykat said...

Not sure why you have are giving yourself a "deadline of 4 years, but you have you reasons. I sincerely hop it's not because of turning 30. If so, Imma give you & anybody else this little public service announcement. You are NOT going to magically disappear off the face of the earth on your 30th birthday. 30 is not old nor the end of the world. There are people just starting careers, families, etc well after the age of 30. giving your self a deadline like that or any kind is just a date with disaster should things not happen before then. Things are going to happen when they happen. Be ready when they do & not worry about when they does.

And as long as you are taking care of and learning who Diana is while single, you will be prepared for when dude comes along. Because this is not my space, imma keep it short... :)

I say this with love. Nobody should be putting stock in that 30 is old Bullshit (or any other societal propagated stupidity). Things happen when how they happen.

And know you know...And knowing is half the battle. :)

Mel said...

Your lack of workout sounds like my lack of workout. I've done good the last four days. I went everyday. I took today off b/c my arms are in a lot of pain. Ugh. I will (try to) remind you everyday to do your pilates m'kay? Deal!

And you've been tagged!

rebecca said...

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karrie b. said...

if you do the fashion thing, u have my support homie. ur closet is fierce...