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Monday, September 22, 2008


bypassing the nearest trainstation and walkin 40+ blocks to the next one to
catch that train home makes perfect sense to me
walking and people watching are two of my favorite pasttimes

carville is one sexy motherfucker
if u dont get it, then u dont get it
get out my

dont front
u know he's fly
and that voice
u can just tell he'd be a freak

im still blog single cuz couldnt one motherfucker follow friggin directions
and i cant stand a dumb bitch
so there goes that
yeah i'm talkin bout you

if you're not sure of the meaning of a word, dont use it until u get sure

using a word with seven syllables incorrectly will invariably make you look dumber than using a two syllable word correctly
heed this advice folk

someone needs to cut this rebecca chick
cuz somehow she thought it would be cute to spam my spot
(i absolve myself of any responsibility should some ill actually befall the friggin idiot)

i roll my eyes all the damn time without realizing it
it's not my fault
blame it on all the dumb people i've come into contact with
they did this to me i tell you

political commentary liberally sprinkled with profanity?
sexy as hell
if u aint know, now u do

white porn
melanin challenged folk porn
does not appeal to me one bit
ive tried
i really have

I work with this guy Des.tri of Blondie fame
he's a counselor at the treatment center and he's got a good sense of humor that one
he has forgiven me for not knowing who he was

Can someone please tell my pops that havin a girfriend who's younger than your daughter is not a good look
no really
the ole bag needs to get settled down
Hugh Heffner he is not

i saw this lady on the train today
bleaching ur skin to the point were your face is 15 shades lighter than your hands is most definitey not the bizness

getting mad at folk for shit they did to you in a dream sounds logical to me

I woke up the other day and was mad at my brother but wasnt sure why
then it hit me
he ate my cake that i left in the fridge
me:why'd you eat my damn cake?
him:What are you talkin bout?
me:the friggin cake i had in the fridge
him:i didnt eat any cake. i didnt even see a cake in the fridge
me:i coulda...*walks to kitchen,
realizing that this imaginery cake i thought he ate i had conjured up in my dream the night before
comes back into room scowling
me:u should stop bein a damn thief.
u even stealin shit in my dreams
him:shut the fuck up. thats why i ate your damn cake

I am convinced my mother needs psychological help and i'm equally afraid that i might catch whatever it is she's got
apparently my condition is slower acting tho
she was far loonier than me at my age
or so i've heard

There was a bootleg fashion show at this club that me and Fi went to for Michelle's bday
(i'll get to that tomorrow)
fashion being bootleg victorias secret lingerie knockoffs
*insert side eye here*
half them bitches couldnt walk for shit
all but two i felt like running up to them and forcing a sandwich down their throat or something
Me and this other chick had a little tete a tete about that one
then i head to the bathroom and these other chicks are talkin bout how them models need to go on a diet
*insert screeching halt here*

ill be damned
we couldnt have been lookin at the same girls

35 public opinion:

Super Dave Van Buren said...

Where did you find them pics? The skin whiting one is crazy.

Carville looks like an evil ass dude, but you right he might be a big ass freak. good luck finding out.

You should know men can't follow directions, hell I didn't even reply to the

Anonymous said...

Ummm... Carville? Sexy? I can't get behind that one. My mother and I swear that dude looks like a lizard. As far as him being a freak? Well, lizards are quite talented with their tongues.

You're so right about people misusing big words. Stick with the small words you know.

Keli said...

…Because I sure the hell don’t get it…

I love me some Blondie...but I would not recognize any of the dude's if I rolled up on's all about Debbie Harry.

The Second Sixty-Eight said...

Carville? Really? Is it because he resembles ya favorite vibrator? Or because he looks like he would tie you down and do things to you until you beg him to stop AND keep going. And give you a bootleg ass name while doing it.

LMAO @ you still being blog single... I was just answering the questions. You didn't actually think that you could shortcut the process of getting at me by asking a few questions and requesting a resume did ya? The Blog Wife AND the other Haremites would ruin at least one of your days for that! I don't know what to tell ya about the dudes who couldn't follow instructions!

Ain't it Mo'nique who said "Skinny bitches are evil"? I mean if trying to deny somebody food (or sex) ain't evil, I don't know what is!

Ms. Lovely said...

lmao@ Carville. As strange as it may seem..I get it

smh@ that ambi ad

white no likey. I can barely tolerate "ebony" porn

Demon Hunter said...

I don't get Carville. He's weird looking. LOL.

That skin whitening is weird, but then again, Black folks were encouraged not to "look Black" back in the day. Remember the paper bag test. Ahem.

**exiting stage left**

RealHustla said...

Those pictures just freaked me out. Ughhhh.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you hit on a lot of things-you're back!?
The skin bleaching-told you it was crazy, I cant believe they ran an ad like that. That ish DOES NOT look good.

Carville-Some things I can understand like Mr. B.....not this....not even if I'm drunk.
Body Concept is ridiculous.
How was your mom loonier?
And yes I've waken up in love with guys I never cared about before just because my dreams fashioned out some kind of romance. I'm mad you went far enough to accuse him of eating your cake-I dont think I've gone that far.


(vixenchick) said...

lol at you and your bro

Freaky Deaky said...

I don't really care for the White folk's porn either. They annoy me on a few levels.

Emaciated chicks in lingerie is not hot at all. They may be good for anatomy classes but that's about it. Yuck!

If I had kids they'd be damned lucky if I didn't date any of their friends let alone someone younger. I'm going to embrace my dirty old man and gleefully let my perverseness take me where it will. Well, as long as I don't end up in jail. I don't do jail.

Anonymous said...

Miss Deja....what up girl...
Yea clear people porn don't do a damn for whatsoever
bleaching creames is for the birds too...
Check out the new shit over at

(¯`·._.·[***Fresh&Fab***]·._.·´¯) said...

girl u have so much topics, ive forgotten which ones im commenting on, i must say thats one of teh reasons, i enjoy ure blog.

(goes and checks back) yh that rebecca came to my spot too, a mess. I need to block her a**

yh, i saw that tyra banks episode about the whole skin bleaching thing, so fucking riduculous, why people will be ashamed of their own skin and feel the need to bleach it, black people aswell, so of the women even went as far as to but bleach for floors on her face. SMH

ure dad is the man, let him be lol

12kyle said...

Nice to see a pic of Carville without his head stuck up Hilary's ass!

Lmao @ your pops! It's not a good look but still funny

Darius T. Williams said...

You're sooo right about people who don't use words correctly - I mean, you're so right. Did I mention how right you were?

that's all!

ShonaVixen said... and ur bro are really funny!!!
and that Ambi ad is so sad, and yet there are still people using those creams...smh

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

i will heed the advice
and u and James would make a lovely couple

Don said...

Did you see the newsclip where Carville snapped on the GOP supporter because she was spinning Obama's words? That was some funny ish.

Tripping on someone who did something f*cked up in a dream? That's deep.

I hope those model chicks don't really go out like that. Some are too thin, so maybe they do.

Too funny @ what you said about Rebecca. I almost included her as an Dislike. She got heart, though.

Ms Sula said...

I so get the Carville appeal. I guess it's the smart sexy swagger. :)

I am always mad at folks because of dreams, and I thought I was crazy. Glad we share this idiosyncracy. :)

Don't be mad at your daddy because he can pull and you can't. Go get your own... :P (but on the real, I do feel you though)

I can't even speak on the skin lightning craziness. I know women back home who have died on surgery tables because their skin was too destroyed to be able to stitch it back up. Insanity, I tell ya.

Rashan Jamal said...

I don't get the Carville thing, but then again, I'm not supposed to get it.

LOL @ getting mad about a dream.

People watching is great. I don't know if its 40 blocks great, but I like it.

People still want to be light skinned? I thought that was out of style. LOL

Jackie E. said...

Somehow someway, I get the Carville thing...

Love to people watch too..

I saw this girl at home in The Bahamas who bleached her face with perm. yeah, like optimum care or something like that....crazy!!!

My pet peeve is the misuse of big or small words, cause people really think they're saying something too when they do it, lol....

Stew said...

family guy did something funny about carville. u should look it up.

i follow directions...didn't i???

i can't do white porn either. i dont know why

Urban Thought said...

LOL... pale porn? Is it really so bad? I wouldn't really know. I don't watch it. But I'll take your word for it.

Can't get over these skinny chicks. I'd take them out for a meal just to make sure they kept the food down.

Roddykat said...

LOL @ Yaz's Clear people's porn.
Ok, so now you're trying to be Carvelle's Chocolate fantasy? Gotta be what it is. :) Why you didn't jump on the runway & show 'em how it's done? Scared azz! And if you gonna run up on models with a sandwhich, have a camera on you. I wanna see that ish! And if your eyes roll out your damned head, it's your own fault. :)

Getting mad at folks in your dreams is wrong...unless they did something before hand & you have reason to believe they are going to do it again. That's what the dream is telling you (ida know that for sure).

I got a word for you abour Rebecca: Moderation. Handle it, Roy! Handle it!Handle it!

Now, excuse me while I fumigate my wisdom on the Courtroom...exponentially. :p

Pajnstl said...

I roll my eyes all day too... stupid people make me do it. lol

DiamondsR4eva said...

So that pic at the bottom.....way past disturbing

Kieya said...

*insert serious side eye*
i ain't even gonna touch that

you roll your eyes cuz you sassy
apparently i do that shit too
coupled with ill facial expressions

i.can't.complain. said...

white porn is ok with me

as long as they're doing it in public

what kinda maniac walks 40+ blocks?

that's why your body is so perfect



James Tubman said...

you really are an equal opportunity kind of gal arent you

more power to you my sister

and im really not a big fan of white porn myself

even though i wish black people would make porn with more intricate plots

as soon as you pop in the dvd the fuckin lol

come on

wheres the pizza man skit

the plumber skit

we gotta be more creative

dejanae said...


DollFace said...

NYC is the best place for people watching because these fools are cRaZy!!!!!

You must have vivid dreams to wake up and confuse them with reality.

And Carville? No ma'am :)

Jadore.Tokeyo said...

it seems like people who bleach are becoming so mainstream.
they're everywhere. on t.v, on the news....not cool...

LMAO at the cake

i think i have crazy-ish tendencies

and about that last picture....i've been there. look for that post coming soon...can i steal that pic??

swag_ambassador said...

no joke you jus seem like the eye rollin type.. like I could say somethin funny to you, and youd roll ya eyes at me..

I'd accept it tho.. shit, your dejanae..

Chay said...

using a word with seven syllables incorrectly will invariably make you look dumber than using a two syllable word correctly
heed this advice folk<----thats the best thing i read all day

FlyyGurl said...

porn actually isnt that bad....all races. lol! but uh, yeah i had NO CLUE that ambi really worked like that! wow...

FlyyGurl said...

porn actually isnt that bad....all races. lol! but uh, yeah i had NO CLUE that ambi really worked like that! wow...