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Monday, September 8, 2008


*moment of silence for my fam down in Haiti*
i cant even say anything on that right now
ill get to it later

finally uploaded the rest of the pics

so it was the best bud's bday on saturday and she wanted to go to this Michael Jackson tribute party crap

*insert side eye here*
(She's the bigest friggin MJ fan in case u couldn't tell)

it's the heifa's day
what could i do?
All of us except for Gritty met up at her house then
we headed out to TGIFriday's to catch a bite
I forgot to take a pic of the food but best be sure i tore that shit up

Then we headed off to the damn trainstation headed towards the city for said Michael Jackson Tribute Party (Of course Barry Gordy mysteriously canceled. Yall know that shit was a ploy to get folk to come)

We met up with Gritty at Columbus Circle and walked our merry asses to the spot
First off i was tight that i had to pay 30 dollars to get in
but again
what the hell was i gon do?
I handed that guap over all the while watching my life savings slip away

Andrani got her book signed by Aphrodite Jones

author of All She Wanted which was later adapted into the film Boys Don't Cry

If u havent seen it, check it out

(i remember watching that in the Rainbow Club for the first time in highschool. Did i tell yall that i was in a GSLBT club? It was entertaining to say the least. Ill recount the stories someday)

Horrible karaoke was to follow
at which point i was contemplating running into oncoming traffic
until this bootleg Jack Black look-alike came to save the day

i Seriously underestimated that white boy
he could blow
had a chick contemplating throwing some undies on stage

Did you know that Floetry wrote Butterflies for Michael Jackson?

There was also a fake Michael Jackson impersonator
Oh man
i wish i'd taken a pic
he looked a tore up mess
and this boy had the nerve to not be able to dance

but the whole time the busted impersonator was performing on stage (replete with 5 minute costume changes that had me rolling my damn eyes and gritting my teeth)
Gritty was putting it down on the dance floor

Yall remember that 30 dollar entrance fee?
tell me why these bastards had the nerve to have food laid out but u had to pay for drinks?
these sonsofbitches
3 dollar bottle of water my ass

We left there some hours later and headed to the fountain where we proceeded to take off our shoes and frolic in the water like the fools we were

All in all it was a fun night
coulda been better
but sometimes the crappiest times definitely can make for the the most entertaining

ps: yall do realize that there was no way in hell i was gon do all this shit then answer all yall questions too right?
ull know bout it when i postem
that will be all

32 public opinion:

The F$%K it List said...

Love the pic post!

GIRL I didn't know you were in BK, my bad! Don't worry we will all be getting together in Oct when the ATL crew gets up here.

Super Dave Van Buren said...

damn you were actually smiling in one of those pics.

I'm glad the Thriller Jacket had a logic explanation.

(¯`·._.·[***Fresh&Fab***]·._.·´¯) said...

fantastic pics

Opinionated Diva said...

LMAO @ that Thriller jacket.

Hope your family is OK.

Eb the Celeb said...

OMG... there were smiles in there... and I mean real smiles by you with teeth and everything... that right there is better than all the jackson shenanigans.... loves it!

E. Christian Wallace said...

Good stuff. Aside from the entrance fee, and that Thriller jacket is crazy. I gotta get one.

RealHustla said...

No matter how you try to make it sound, I think you actually had fun, LOL.

However, like I commented at those other pics, I'm still very confused.

Kandi Black said...

this is too much for my damn soul...looks like u had fun tho...and u looked hot! (no homo...well maybe a

Freaky Deaky said...

$30?! I wouldn't pay that even if Michael was my family.

You take nice pictures. Like the outfit too.

dessex said...

i can't get over the michael jackson jacket

arychtexas said...

I never seen you smile in a picture or make funny faces so i'm guessin you had a blast with your friends! DITTO DESSEX...

Mizrepresent said...

My prayers for your family in Haiti, i have some ex-family members and keep them in my prayers as well. Beautiful pics lady, as always.

12kyle said...

i see the michael jackson jacket...where's the glove. lol

Rashan Jamal said...

I seem to remember someone saying if they didnt post the pictures AND the questions, we could kick her in the head? You ready???

Looks like a good time. I could see myself having lots of fun there talking about people. LOL

Roddykat said...

Don't know what up with the fam, hon, but, my thoughts are with you & them. That said...

You don't seem depressed to me. You better not be.

Glad you had fun despite the grip you had to cough up. Sounds like HIGHlarity. Hey, you and Fi kinda favor. It's in the eyes. Maybe I missed something.

What the....???? a SMILE! Alright, bring on the LHC. I can now go saying that I've seen it all!

And I'm so glad I got my kick in days ago.

Mel said...

Looks like I've been missing a whole log over here. I need to catch up on my reading!

Maria said...

Don't wanna sound all stalkerific, but I saw your homegirl on the corner of my block and wanted to be all, "Hey girl! You don't know me but I've seen pics of you on the 'net!"


For obvious reasons, I just kept on walking. LOL

Big O said...

And the smile comes out! lol

Pajnstl said...

glad you cleared it up with the "jackson theme party" I certainly was wondering WHY he was wearing the thriller-esque jacket lol

You look cute.

Prayers for the fam :)

The Second Sixty-Eight said...

CALL 911!!! I think I am having a stroke or a heart attack or hallucinations or something! I could have sworn I saw SEVERAL smiles from the person who(shall remain nameless and authors this blog) said we would never see such pictures!!!

Stew said...

i have come to the conclusion that your eyes are stuck in the corner of your head and you have to bring them to the front of your face. (the same way normal people have to TRY and look to the side)

you are very pretty though. and you finally smiled

B-More BAP said...

Looks like you had a ball. Cute shots :-)

Qucifer said...

YAY Fun Pics of a not so spectacular time!!!

Not so yay your fam in Haiti, so many back to back hurricanes!, I feel you , my fam in the D.R has stayed lucky this far but the worry is always there!

karrie b. said...

i wanna ask what kind of weave that is but i dont wanna be triflin.

let me know. it's poppin.


The Flyyest said...

i love your fit!!!! and dudes triller jacket is off the chain... girly is tall and hella skinny... is she a model!!!!

im with KB but imma ask....girl what kinda hair is that....i needs that!!!!!

One Man’s Opinion said...

You make me smile. So many damn pictures. LOL

Jackie E. said...

first of all, love your outfit, then i'm just mad that your boy still has the mj jacket, lol!! and what's up with paying $30 and then still having to pay for drinks. that's pretty lame. reminds me of my halloween experience last year. same price, same no drinks included!! well at least you sound like you had a good time and at the end of the day that's all that matters!

Muze said...

LOVE the jacket he was rocking. and her shirt. you didn't even go with the theme!

... but you did look fabulous. lol.

fun pics. looks like you all had a ball, even if you didn't. lol.

1/3 said...

you always dress so cute to me!!!

I'm mad they threw a MJ party LOL
That impersonator is scary lol

I'm glad you showed your friend support and fun on her bday!!! Nothing like good friends:-)

dejanae said...

-thnx for the thoughtful comments
-thnx for the compliments
-a side eye to the smart remarks
-the weave is some spanish curl crap i got at the flatbush junction.i dont know the friggin name of the crap
i just know it was

The Second Sixty-Eight said...

Yeah side eye back to ya! What? A brotha can't even get a personalized smart assed comment in return? Just group me in...

dejanae said...

go to hell
personal enough forya?